Fort Greene

In the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, there is a beautiful neighborhood of Fort Greene. If you’re looking for a peaceful community with fabulous restaurants, rich artistic scene and vibrant social life, Fort Greene is a place for you. Family-friendly, with a strong sense of community, this Brooklyn neighborhood continually attracts newcomers to settle in. But you need to choose the right partner for your move. You want a reliable local mover for this job – and Fort Greene Movers are here to exceed your expectations.

We move in the rhythm of Brooklyn

Moving to Brooklyn demands more skill and knowledge than moving to any other neighborhood. Have you ever tried to work out your way through hectic Brooklyn streets with a fully loaded truck? Don’t push your luck. Rely on our team of expert drivers to handle the challenge. We know the streets of Brooklyn like the back of our hand. Our experts breathe and work in the same neighborhood. Traffic jams, narrow passages, overcrowded streets, you name it – we can handle it all! In addition, you can rest easy knowing that we’re fully licensed and insured. Our drivers deserve your confidence.

A wet snowy street in Brooklyn.
We can navigate the streets of Brooklyn with the skill of a taxi driver


A diversity of our services makes us unique

Whether you’re moving your household, office or a collection of artwork, we can provide you with professional services that fit your needs. Fort Greene movers offer a diversity of services that make us unique in this line of business. We treat every move differently. The range of objects that need to be transported from a house differs in terms of size, sensitivity and structure. Commercial moving is a whole different story. And if you’re looking for top NYC art handlers, our knowledgeable staff is at your service. True art handlers understand the value of art. And we do. It’s delicate and exclusive. This is the way we treat your needs – you deserve exclusivity.

Several artistic photos on a gallery wall.
Art handling is our specialty


House, office or condo – we got you covered

When you’re relocating from a house to another house, it’s easier to park a moving truck in front of the place and bring out the furniture and other household items. However, apartment moving can be demanding in the most unexpected ways. Narrow passages, tricky corners, stairs – some of the pieces in your home can get stuck along the way. Fort Greene movers will not allow this to happen! We know how to navigate the trickiest passages and avoid corners that can damage your furniture for good. As for stairs – we are not intimidated by the fact that you live in a high-rise! If an elevator is no option, our team will find a way to move your belongings in a safe and careful manner down the stairs.

We are your local partner

If you’re moving cross-country, better prepare yourself well in advance. However, if you change your address locally, we’ll take a load off your back. Fort Greene movers are the best local partner you can find. We have years of experience in the moving industry, most of which we have gained in and around the neighborhood. This borough is our home and your relocation is our job. Moreover, it’s our satisfaction. There is nothing more important to us than a smile on the face of our customer.

A mailbox - our Fort Greene movers can help you change your address quickly and efficiently.
We breathe and work in the same neighborhood


We save your time and money

We’re cost-effective in every sense of the word. With all the expenses that burden your everyday life, it’s perfectly normal to strive for affordability. But not at all costs. Fort Greene movers offer affordable services without cutting on the quality and training of staff. We invest heavily into the training and equipment and ask for no extra charge. There are no hidden fees when you move with us. No other local movers in Brooklyn can compare with us.  We save your time, money and nerves. Do not hesitate to call us!

Skill and knowledge – our Fort Greene movers have it all

Our moving specialists can do wonders for you. Our company does not cut on costs when it comes to training and education. You can rest assured knowing that your most precious pieces are handled with all the necessary precaution and care. Fort Greene team of moving experts will pack and load your items into a truck with a precision of a surgeon. The basic precondition of safe transport is proper protection of your belongings. We take this part of our job very seriously. We’ll make sure everything is properly wrapped before the go. We have all the wraps, pads and other packing materials necessary that guarantee proper safeguarding. You make sure you enjoy your cup of coffee in the brand new home.

Commitment to quality

What is it that you’re primarily looking for when hiring a professional moving company? You can organize your local move without taking up professional services. Rent a vehicle, call your friends and pack up your stuff. However, there’s one thing you won’t be able to compensate for – the quality of service. But you can’t expect all moving companies to take the quality of service as seriously as we do. From the very first day of our foundation, we’re committed to the quality of our moving services. A number of satisfied clients are the best indicator that we have reached a level of quality that leaves our competition far behind.

We are at your service

Our customer service is at your disposal for all the questions that spring to your mind. Fort Greene moving specialists will make a flawless plan to organize your local move. Call us as soon as you make up your mind and get a quote right now. We are at your service!

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