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Crown Heights is one of those places you see in movies and automatically want to live in it. And, with good reason, as Crown Heights is rather picturesque. The tree-lined streets give out an idyllic vibe of a place where people are close and friendly with one another. Besides, the location of Crown Heights (which is in the center of the Brooklyn borough) cannot hurt. So, if you were to decide that moving to Crown Heights was the next logical step in your life, the first thing you would do would be to find efficient movers Crown Heights. If the best moving professionals are what you are looking for, you need not look any further. Namely, Dorothy $ Martha Moving NYC is a company with a good reputation and an even better track record. Rest assured we have all the tools for handling your upcoming relocation.

The Brooklyn Bridge at night.
With so many amazing neighborhoods, who wouldn’t want to call Brooklyn their home?

Commercial or residential move to Crown Heights? We give you both!

So far, we have mentioned some of the benefits of living in Crown Heights. However, what you need to know is that this neighborhood is good for business, as well. As the up-and-coming NYC borough, Brooklyn is the perfect place for you to relocate your business, trim your expenses, and still remain situated at a place that offers high quality of life.

Whether you decide to relocate to Crown Heights for business purposes, or simply because you find this neighborhood too charming, Dorothy & Martha Moving has what you need. We have specialized residential, as well as commercial movers. Our moving team is capable and has already proven its worth in the moving industry. Let us demonstrate to you too why we are considered to be among the best moving companies New York has to offer at the moment.

Other services to choose from

We wouldn`t be the best if all we offered were residential and commercial moving. With us, you get a chance to choose and combine other moving services, such as:

So, if you know that you must transport your precious art collection, the choice is obvious. Likewise, if you think you will need a safe place to store your items, for the time being, you know what to do.

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It is up to you to decide which moving services you want to get when hiring movers Crown Heights.

Storage solutions you can get with Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC

Sometimes, finding a moving company that offers both moving and storage services is paramount for the success of your relocation. Simply put, you never know when you might face a problem during your move. Your move-out and move-in date may suddenly become too far apart. For the time when you will have no place of your own, you need to find a space where you can put your furniture. And, that is exactly what we offer. Clean, spacious and, above all else, safe storage units. It doesn`t matter whether you opt for Crown Heights movers or Flatbush moversall of our moving teams offer the same services, no matter the location.

Our movers Crown Heights are affordable

Forget about the days when you had to worry whether you will be able to afford relocation professionals. With us, no such thought will cross your mind. All of our moving teams are affordable, and they come at competitive prices. This is not to say that we are the cheapest movers around. Which, believe it or not, is a good thing, and it works in your favor. Companies that offer low-ball prices are usually fraudulent relocation professionals, that come with their fair share of moving scams. Believe us – moving scams are something you want to steer clear of.

Coins to spend on movers Crown Heights.

Moving plan tailored to your needs

Due to the hundreds, if not thousands of moves we have done up until now, there is one thing we have realized. Every relocation is different and unique, and for each one of them, you need to have a customized moving plan. If you decide you want to have Dorothy & Martha Moving in your corner, that is what you will get – a moving plan that is tailored to your specific moving needs. And, not only will you get a customized plan, but you will also get the most capable team needed for executing it to perfection.

Our movers Crown Heights are experienced

We have been very cautious when selecting our team of movers. So, we have looked for certain qualities, such as previous experience in the industry. Moreover, we have made sure that all of our movers are safety-trained so that they are capable to give you the best moving experience.

As if all of this weren`t enough, all of our movers are friendly people! Even though they will maintain a high level of professionalism when relocating you, at least you know you will be greeted by a welcoming face.

Our moving team will be careful with your items

You will be happy to know that when it comes to your relocation, both of us have the same goal! We want for your items to safely arrive at your new residence. That is why our team of movers Crown Heights will handle your items with a tender touch. They will do everything in their power to deliver your items quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, damage-free! So, if the well-being of your items is your number one concern, don`t hesitate – get in touch with Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC.

The next time you are moving out of your home and into a new one, you know what to do. Whether you need movers Crown Heights or Prospect Heights, Dorothy & Martha can take care of it. Our pristine reputation did not appear out of anywhere. No, we have worked very hard for it, so we can proudly say you won`t regret hiring us for your next relocation.

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