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If you want your short distance move to be handled by experienced professionals from the Big Apple, Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is the company for you! Employing some of the best moving professionals from all over New York, we can guarantee the safety of your items during the relocation. It makes no difference whether you're moving to the end of the hallway, down the street or across the city - you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Our local movers Brooklyn give you the chance to save money on your move and keep a smile on your face!
An easy and fun relocation is just a phone call away from you. Get in touch with us and allow experts to conduct your local NYC move.

A long-distance move is surely more difficult than a local one. That is unless we are talking about local moving in NYC. New York moving adventures can take a lot more time and energy than moving in almost any other metropolis worldwide. This is one of the major reasons why you should at any cost avoid the attempt of a DIY moving project. As an experienced moving company, Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC can take care of everything and make sure that nothing gets damaged, broken or lost along the way. Plus, knowing every step of the city, we guarantee that your move will be done in the quickest time possible!

Why Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC?

So now that your set on moving to Brooklyn, the question is – why should you choose Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC? After all, and we’re not trying to understate it here – but New York is a pretty big place. And with people relocating to New York and Brooklyn in droves, the moving industry here is as competitive as ever. So what is it that separates Dorothy & Martha Moving from other local moving companies in New York? Why choose us as your local movers Brooklyn?

There’s no company in Brooklyn better suited for your moving needs!

When you’re moving to Brooklyn, it’s very important for your local movers Brooklyn to know the borough well. After all, traversing those busy streets with all of your valuable possessions isn’t something you’d let anybody do. Well, let us put your mind at ease – we don’t just know Brooklyn, we are Brooklyn. And just like Brooklyn, whatever you need – we’ve got you covered. If you need a family household moved here – we’ll help. And if you need an art collection relocated – we’re also available. You’ll find that the skillset of Dorothy & Martha employees is just as diverse as Brooklyn needs it to be. Are you’re fresh out of college and looking for some culture by day and parties by night? We’ll easily move you to Brooklyn. Or are you moving here with your family, looking for a peaceful Brooklyn neighborhood? We’ll help you just as easily.

We cover it all, from local moving to storing and art handling

We know what you’re thinking – you want to know just what are these diverse moving services Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is offering! You’ll find we’ve got you covered no matter what your moving needs are:

  • Local moving in NYC
  • Art handling expertise
  • Storage services in Brooklyn


Local movers Brooklyn residents turn to in their hour of need

There’s really no moving company out there that knows the streets of New York and Brooklyn better than Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC. If you’re looking for local movers Brooklyn, we’ll navigate these busy streets with the knowledge of a cab driver and the carefulness of a surgeon. When it comes to local moving, people often believe they can do it by themselves. But after the move, there’s stuff that’s broken, missing, and you’ve lost your mind driving a moving van through New York City. We’re here to tell you there’s no need to do any of that on your own. Give us a call, and we’ll save you the money, the time and the stress!

Art handling

If you’ve ever relocated any art, you know how difficult this is. People rarely think about it, but moving art pieces is an incredibly demanding task. In fact, it requires precision, speed, and carefulness, all at the same time! Yes, that’s why you shouldn’t even consider going at this on your own. Instead, consider hiring some professionals from the moving industry who’ve handled moving art pieces before. And you’d have a hard time finding local movers Brooklyn more proficient in art handling than Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC! So give us a call and tell us what you need, and we’ll be more than glad to help! In fact, you’ll find that we provide art handling services that will assist you every step of the way. We’ll ensure your art arrives safely on destination, so contact us and we’ll handle everything else!

Storage services

When you’re moving, you’ll find there’s nothing you’ll want more than additional space. Really, there’s nothing like a relocation to give you a perspective of just how much stuff you have – and how much space it takes. So if you find yourself needing some space, Dorothy & Martha is definitely the right place for you. Apart from our the moving done by our local movers Brooklyn, you’ll find that we’re the storage company that’s suited to fulfill all of your needs. We know that there are many moving companies with  Brooklyn storage options out there – but we know you’re in the market to find the best one. Just give us a call, and we’ll provide you with the best storage units around!

How about Brooklyn?

Really, who wouldn’t want to move to Brooklyn? When you think about it, you’d be crazy not to. It’s the most famous borough of the most famous city in the world! And with good reason, too. Whatever you want out of life in New York, Brooklyn’s got you covered. If you’re looking for a life filled with art, museums, and lectures by famous authors – Brooklyn’s there. And if you’re more into crazy parties and a vibrant nightlife, Brooklyn’s also the right place. With every bar having its unique atmosphere and vibe, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better time in all of New York. And if you’ve decided on moving there, you won’t find better local movers Brooklyn than Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC!


If you are planning on local moving in NYC, you know who to call!


Don’t even think on it – just make the call!

Whatever your moving needs are, don’t think twice about calling our local movers Brooklyn! We’ll take a look at your situation, figure out just what you need, and give you a selection from our diverse moving services. We’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got the efficiency, and most importantly we’ve got the affordable prices. New York is the fastest-moving city on Earth – contact us or get a free moving quote if you need the fastest moving company in it! 

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