Job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn

Everyone has at one time or another been a teenager. So everyone knows that this is the age when you start seeking job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn. Aside from long night parties and playing video games… The life of a teen is engrossed with responsibilities. As well as for the need to prove that you have what it takes. That’s exactly why they start looking for a job. They want to gain financial freedom and independence. And we understand that. We really do. You want to buy new clothes, take your friends out for dinner or even start saving for your college fund. However, in order to do all that you need money. The best way to get a quick buck can be by performing various temporary jobs. That’s why we have compiled a list of job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn.

Job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn

Alas, this time of year has come once again… The time of summer jobs. Infamous for their minimum wage, however, ever-popular amongst teens for the best way to earn some quick cash. So if you are looking for job opportunities in Brooklyn here’s a list of the most popular teen jobs out there. So, what’s going to work (pun not intended) for you? Also, you should take note that some of these job opportunities actually correspond with the most popular jobs in Brooklyn, which means that you will have no problems finding a job in these fields.

The “sitter”

After your Bay Ridge movers help you come to Brooklyn and you actually start looking for a job here, make sure you know how to look for a job in Brooklyn. Since you need to fulfill certain prerequisites in order to get hired.

On the other hand, the “sitter” is probably the most stereotypical teen, summer job out there. However, for good reason. It is an excellent way to earn money by helping friends and neighbors take care of their children (babysitting), pets (petsitting) and even their house (housesitting).

A “sitters” job is to take care of either children, pets or the house. Mostly when parents or owners are away. This way parents get a little bit more time to spend with their loved ones… While the child or pet gets to spend some quality time with you – the sitter. This is a perfect opportunity to work on your skillset for taking care of little kids. The upside is that the hours are flexible and that everybody needs a “sitter” in on time or another.

The best way to get this job is through word of mouth. However, you can also place an ad on your social media, and even place flyers in the neighborhood.

Job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn – Dog Walking

This as well is another stereotypical teen job. However, some people do this as a full-time job. So walking and taking care of other people’s pets can be very rewarding. Some even consider it to be a dream job. This job kind of goes hand in hand with pet sitting but is not necessarily so. It all depends on the owner. Some people want their pets just to be exercised while at work, while others would like you to spent time with their pets while they are at work. Whatever the case may be, dog walking is an awesome summertime job that will allow you to get quick cash.

Dog walking
The only downside to dog walking is that no matter the weather you must take them outside for some exercise.

Retail worker

Every teen seeks this job. Brooklyn is a city packed with tourists. Especially in the summer. So no wonder that retail owners are looking for people to serve their customers. People must have good communication skills if they want to work here. Other than that, the skill requirement is very low – not like fine art transport services, which require a great amount of skill. So since there is a low skill gap, and that demand is high… There really is no excuse not to take this job if you are looking for a way to earn some money. More generally, these job opportunities are amazing for teenagers to get the experience needed to improve your job interview performance.

Also as a side note: the same can be said if you want to work in foodservice. Minimum wage job, that requires no experience, just that you maintain your cool during the heat of things.

Job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn - Retail worker
Being a retail worker is one of the most popular jobs in Brooklyn for teens. 


So you might be thinking to yourself who still reads printed newspaper? Doesn’t everyone now read it digitally? Well… Some people like the feel of the paper in their hands as their eyes roll over the freshly printed letters. And the smell helps as well. The feeling of crispy and novel Sunday newspaper rolling in your hands while reading your news is hard to beat. So of course, there will be a job opportunity for a teen in that regard. Even though not as popular, delivering the newspaper is still prevalent. Since this is not a full-time job, you can also do another job that goes hand in hand with this one.

Elderly man reading a newspaper
Some people still love the “feel” of reading a newspaper, rather than reading it digitally.

Getting an online job

Unlike other jobs mentioned previously, this one is a little bit more unorthodox. The difference stems from doing the job digitally. Since the internet is a big place... There will always be someone looking to hire a talented graphic designer or a writer. Just be careful! You never really know who is on the other side of that screen you are looking for, so caution is advised!

In conclusion – what are the best job opportunities for teens in Brooklyn?

We have outlined several part time jobs in Brooklyn a teen could do. From being a paperboy and doing retail work, to a more unorthodox job such as doing graphic designing or writing on the internet. Whatever the job you choose you won’t go wrong. Since the idea is to get the proper knowledge and work ethic which will serve as a backdrop for your future jobs.


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