How to store your antique furniture safely

Antiques are usually passed down from generation to generation. No matter how you get the antiques, its age will lead to some value. But for them to retain their value, you must store your antique furniture safely. The value of antiques will depend on how well the item has been preserved and its condition. Storage Brooklyn is an excellent place to store items of antique furniture. And there are several things to consider when choosing a suitable place for storing antique furniture.

What should you check when choosing a unit to store your antique furniture safely?

  • Storage temperature control is essential. When you are comparing facilities, you should ask about the availability of climate control. Climate control uses central air and heat to maintain temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees and reduces humidity. Some rooms also have a dehumidifier – usually for blocks on the ground floor of internal storage or at underground levels.
  • Accessibility is also important when choosing a unit. Moving your antique furniture or artwork from the truck to your unit can result in possible damage. You might want to consider renting a drive-up outdoor unit. When you store your antique furniture in a storage unit, it is best to rent a unit on the ground floor. If the unit is at a higher level, using an elevator can reduce the chance of scratches or dents on antiques. Many storages also have trolleys that you can use for a smoother move.
  • Security in many vaults provides more protection than home storage. Many facilities have security cameras, alarms, fences, and other safety items. For example, Dorothy and Martha Moving Brooklyn offers storage units that are completely safe.
Home insurance
You should buy the insurance to protect your antique furniture from burglary, fire, smoke, and various natural disasters

Prepare your antique furniture for storage

Fragile items, such as antique furniture with mirrors and paintings with large frames, should be carefully wrapped in protective packagings, such as bubble pack. You can also use blankets, sheets or felt to protect these items of antique furniture from damage during storage. And you should also find the right storage boxes.

You can buy boxes specifically for packing mirrors or large paintings at antique moving companies or stores selling packing materials. They often sell other special moving boxes that you can use to safely store antique lamps, antique or historical clothing, dishes, and other hard-to-pack items. You must mark all boxes “fragile” for gentle handling.

Store antique mirrors or framed artwork horizontally. This will reduce the likelihood that the item will tip over or crash under its own weight. You can buy cardboard corners for mirrors and artwork to protect corners. Upholstered antique items such as Queen Anne-style furniture should be covered with sheets or tarps to protect it from the dust, especially the wooden furniture.

Antique furniture
Following our tips, you can easily store your antique furniture safely

You should take apart weak or heavy pieces of antique furniture before you store it. Wrap parts and label them with the name of the part and the item to which it belongs. Store screws and other accessories together in a plastic bag and wrap them with tape around the piece of furniture.

How to pack?

You already know that you need to pack your artwork for storage the right way. The same goes for your antique furniture.

  • Wrap chair legs, wooden armrests, and railings in bubble pack for added protection.
  • Do not put pieces of antique furniture on top of other items. Also, you can not put other objects on top of antique furniture.
  • Before you store your antique furniture, treat it with high-quality varnish for furniture.
  • Treat leather items with a leather conditioner before you place them in a self-storage unit.
  • Also, wipe metal furniture with oil before storage.

All antique furniture must be inventoried and photographed for insurance compensation purposes. An assessment must be made of the value of the item and the cost of replacing it.

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