How to speed up your moving process

When you are in the moving process, you probably have a desire to finish with it as soon as possible. Moving can be stressful and pretty much annoying. That is why anyone who has ever moved probably wanted to do that very fast. However, sometimes when you are doing something fast you are creating a lot of room for mistakes. That is why we are here to help you to speed up your moving process without any problems. Step by step and you will finish moving in no time. Even though you want to speed up your moving process you will have to be careful, especially when packing. Pack the moving truck in no time, with some tips and tricks for moving fast.

What do you need in order to speed up your moving process?

First thing first, you must have everything you may need from packing material in order to pack and move fast. Do not forget to buy:

If you forget something, you will lose precious time. That is why it is important to have this packing material. In case you are under some budget, do not worry. Boxes you can find for free, by simply visiting some large convenience store. Moving blankets should always be rented and not bought because there is not much sense in buying them.

man in front of painting
Pay extra attention to the safety of your fine art pieces

Precious items

In case you are moving some fine art and similar, the best advice that you can get is to use the service of fine art storage NYC. This way, you will preserve these precious items while you are moving. The last thing you need when you are speeding up your moving process is to have something valuable damaged or broken. That is why the best solution is to think ahead and store everything that is valuable. Whether it is the emotional value or financial one.

Priorities can speed up your moving process

When you need to speed up your moving process you must prioritize. This means that you must know what is important. What do you think, what is the most important part of moving and moving fast? Packing is the correct answer. If you have everything that you need in order to pack, then start as soon as possible. What is also important about this subject is that you really don’t have to pack everything neatly, especially now when you are in a hurry. Simply start putting things in boxes, however, do not forget to label them! You still have to think about details even though you are in a hurry.

list of priorities
Prioritize everything

Protect the items

We have already mentioned that you must prioritize when you are moving in a hurry. This also means that you must not forget to label boxes and to pack fragile items separately. For example, dishes must be packed separately and you cannot simply throw everything in a box. There are ways to pack and protect dishes so that they don’t break in transportation. Once you pack the breakable items, the next step is to label boxes as fragile so that you can be aware of the boxes that you must be extra careful with.

Act on time

Everything comes down to this. You must act on time. If you are thinking about hiring movers to make your move, then you cannot do this, one or two days before the actual moving day. This must be done at least one month before the day you have decided to be a moving day. So, when it comes to hiring moving companies and comparing moving quotes it simply has to be done on time. If you are planning to make this move into a DIY project, then no worries about this part of moving.

Make sure you have enough time for everything

Speed up your moving process by decluttering

Decluttering itself can take some time, that is why this is another activity that is best to do on time. In the long run when the packing day comes you will see how the fact that you have decluttered months before is making the packing process so much easier. There are two ways to do this. Choose all the clothes that you no longer wear for some reason, whether you are not finding it attractive anymore or it’s something that is not modern no longer, wash it and have a garage sale. You will earn some money which is always a good thing. Next thing that you can do is to give it to charity. Whatever you choose it will help you to move along with packing and eventually moving.

Always ask for a helping hand

Ask someone to help you with decluttering and moving. This is another way to save time. Everything will always go faster if you have some help. It can also be really fun. Have some beer and pizza and let the party start. Whether you have hired a moving company or not, having some friends over to help can only speed things up. So, let’s see our steps altogether:

  • Have all the necessary packing material
  • Take care of everything valuable first
  • Make priorities
  • Label properly
  • Act on time
  • Declutter

When you are in need to speed up your moving process things can get a bit complicated. If you are for example shipping art across country, it will definitely take some time to have everything prepared. You cannot simply throw everything into a truck. That is why it all comes to having to prioritize. Think about smart ways to pack and move well, and in a timely manner. By following the steps, we gave you, it is definitely possible.

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