How to relocate your statues safely

When time the time comes for your moving process to begin you’ll probably start stressing out. There’s just so much work to be done and you feel like you are all alone in this. And let’s face it – some relocations are just too difficult to handle. If you happen to own any works of art, then you know what we are talking about. In order to relocate your statues safely – or any other piece of art you might own – you need to be well-prepared. Also, hiring the help of a professional statue moving company NYC wouldn’t hurt. But first things first – where do you even begin when you need to relocate a statue from your home to another location?

If you plan to relocate your statues safely, you should prepare for your relocation well in advance

It’s actually never too early to start getting ready for moving. If you know the exact date of your relocation, you can start with your prep work even months in advance. If you wish to relocate your statues safely, this is all the more reason to start preparing early. As you might have imagined, the moving process consists of a myriad of various tasks, which means that keeping things organized might prove to be quite difficult. So the best thing you can do is to start making your to-do list. Or lists. What should be on this list?

  • Sort through all your possessions. You don’t need to move everything. So purge away. Keep only what you actually use.
  • Packing is the most time-consuming part of any moving process. Make sure you start to pack your fine-art belongings in time.
  • Ask for help. You can’t do this by yourself. If a friend or a family member can jump to your rescue, why not? After all, in order to move your statues safely, or any other parts of your household for that matter, you are going to need some assistance.
an outdoor statue
If you own any art that needs to be relocated, you will most likely need some assistance.

Allow professionals to take over, you won’t regret it

There is simply no viable reason not to hire professional movers if you own fragile, large or bulky objects that require relocation. It makes perfect sense to hire reliable and experienced art movers to handle this tricky business for you. Although it may seem like an easy task at first, you’ll quickly come to realize that someone with a bit more statue moving experience will do it much better. Moreover, if you hire professional NYC art movers, you can rest knowing your work of art will no be damaged in any way. And let’s face it – you could easily end up wrecking it during a do-it-yourself relocation. So make a few calls and try to find the most reputable statue movers in the city. You won’t regret making this decision.

several sculptures
If you own a statue or two in your home, then your moving process might be giving you a headache.

Don’t have a place for your statue in the new house? Safely storing it away is always an option

Stuff like this happens all the time during relocations. You’ve found a perfect home for yourself and you decide to move, but suddenly realize there just isn’t enough room for all of your possessions there. And those possessions include your statue. This often happens to people moving art or antiques. What should you do if you find yourself in this type of situation? Don’t worry, because there is a simple solution to your concerns. You should find a suitable storage unit for your statue. Actually, not just the statue – you can store anything else there as well. All you need to do is find a company that offers storage services and see if their conditions suit your needs. Couldn’t be any easier. This way you won’t have to worry about your statue. At least until you find a perfect spot for it in your new home.

cardboard boxes
You are going to need appropriate packing supplies in order to relocate your statues safely.

What should you pay attention to if you wish to relocate your statues safely?

When attempting to move any piece of art, especially a statue or a sculpture, your number one rule should be to stay careful and focused. This kind of objects get damaged very easily, so the important thing is to pay extra attention to them. Naturally, you’ll need to safely pack your statue before moving it. In order to do this right, you need to have appropriate packing supplies. As you might have imagined, bubble wrap is one of the most important supplies when it comes to safely packing a statue. If it’s possible – disassembling your statue would be a good idea. And if you consider it impossible to safely pack – then you might want to consider art crating. Crating your art piece will make you feel confident that it won’t get damaged during the moving process.

As you can see, in order to relocate your statues safely you should be extra careful and most importantly – well-prepared. This means that it is quite possible to successfully complete this process if you take all the necessary steps. Don’t think that you can do it alone – this is just highly unlikely. If you want to keep your statues undamaged, ask for help. Whether it’s from your friends or from a professional moving company, the choice is all yours. If you happen to come across movers who have experience with moving art pieces, grab the opportunity and let them handle your relocation. You’ll feel much better knowing your statues are in safe hands.

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