How to properly pack your valuable items?

So, moving day is getting closer and closer, and it’s almost time to pack your home with ease? Great! While you must be excited, packing isn’t easy. It’s definitely one of the most difficult parts of any relocation. And also, it’s the most important one! After all, you want everything you own to arrive safely at your destination, right? That’s why it’s crucial to pack carefully and methodically, so something doesn’t get broken during transport. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you with that. So, we’ve prepared a few tips for you, if you want to learn how to properly pack your valuable items.

Moving boxes

Obviously, there’s one thing you absolutely can’t go without when it comes to packing – the box. Or rather, in your case, boxes. Because you’ll be needing a lot more of them than you may think. No one really realizes how many things they have until the time for packing comes. Remember how you always realize you need a bigger suitcase in the middle of packing for a vacation? Well, then you can imagine how many orders of magnitude this phenomenon is bigger when it comes to moving your entire home. If you want to pack your valuable items well, you’ll need good moving boxes Brooklyn. Really, getting good quality boxes shouldn’t be left out when you make a perfect moving checklist.

A box with scissors and tape labeled 'Office', next to a pile of differently colored boxes.
You’ll need good boxes for your valuable items!

Choosing the right box to pack your valuable items

And when we’re talking about how to pack your valuable items, you need to be extra careful. First of all, you don’t want flimsy, second-hand boxes for your most important possessions. Make sure you get brand new, firm and sturdy boxes. You don’t want them breaking in transit and your valuables falling out, do you?

Also, make sure the boxes are the right size for your items. If you choose a box that’s too small, it may get ripped and burst open on moving day, causing you a lot of problems. And if it’s too large and you leave open space inside, your valuable items may roll around inside and potentially break. So make sure you’re careful while choosing the right sized box when it comes to packing valuables or art handling.

Packing protection

While we’re talking about how to pack your valuable items, there’s another thing you’ll be in sore need of – packing protection. Really, this is quite essential. You can get the best boxes in the market, but it will still do you no good if you don’t fill them properly. If you don’t find some additional packing protection for your valuables, the boxes will be for naught. So, here are some ideas on what you can use:

  • Paper – Everyone tries to save money while moving, and this is one of the ways to do it. You’ve probably got some shredded or crumpled papers you were about to throw out. Or maybe old newspapers and magazines? Gather them and use them as packing protection.
  • Packing foam – This is a more expensive option, but really more secure and useful. You can buy some packing foam or package cushioning online, and use it for what it’s meant for – protection for when you pack your valuable items.

Labeling your valuable items

As you’ve probably seen by now, moving and packing can be pretty unreliable. There’s a lot of stuff you won’t be able to predict and control. And this will culminate on moving day, which we can safely say will be chaotic. That’s why you want to make sure you safely pack your valuable items. And perhaps more importantly, you want to know where they are at any given time. That’s why there’s one technique that’s essential – labeling.

A few marker pens you'll use to label and pack your valuable items on a black table.
Labeling will make packing a much easier process!

You won’t believe how much labeling improves your relocation. It really eases the transition more than anything else you can do before the move. And obviously, it’ll make the unpacking process after the move a total breeze. Just imagine doing that without everything getting proper labels beforehand! This is especially important for your valuables – labeling will help you know where you’ve packed them, and where those boxes are at any given time. We also recommend using colors for additional effect. And if you want to take our advice, label all of your things by room – that way you’ll unload and unpack your stuff much more easily.

Get some tape and scissors

Lastly, we’d be remiss not to remind you of some details among packing supplies you’re likely to forget. Really, this is one of the most basic building blocks of your pack – tape and scissors. However, there’s something you should know when it comes to this – don’t try to save money on these. Yeah, we know, it seems trivial. But really, even if you’re looking to save some cash while moving, don’t do it by buying a cheap tape. Remember, you’ll be using this to seal up your boxes. The last thing you want is to use subpar tape, which will leave your boxes open during moving day. The best boxes in the world will be worthless if you don’t close them tightly with good tape.

And while we’re on the subject, make sure you also buy some quality scissors. If you try working on packing with cheap blunt scissors, you’ll see it takes twice as long. And the tape gets all stuck, so you have to use a new piece, and it’s just a long nightmare. Really, if you’re looking to pack your valuable items tight and right, a few extra bucks on packing supplies shouldn’t be an issue.

A hand holding a pair of scissors on a dark background. - pack your valuable items properly
Make sure to get quality scissors before packing!

How to properly pack your valuable items

Begin by deciding what valuable items will you relocate. After you have made this decision, you should lay them on a flat, stable surface, such as a dining table. This will provide you with a clear view and will help in making packing more efficient.

Then, move on to wrapping the items in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will prevent any dust, or pests from reaching the items, and will also prevent any scratches on the items.

Prepare the moving box for packing

The next thing you need to do is to prepare the moving box by placing the foam or crunched paper at the bottom of it. This will cushion the box and prevent any damage to your valuable items.

Carefully take the valuable item and place it inside the box. Then, cushion the top of the box and the sides as well, if necessary. The goal is to not leave any empty space inside the box, so that you prevent the shifting of the item during transport.

Finally, seal the box with high-quality tape and label it correctly. If you leave labeling for a later time, you will probably forget the contents of the box, in which case you would have to re-open it and waste time as well as packing material.

Packing Valuable Items
Test if you have done everything right

Do the moving box test to see whether you have packed the items properly

There is a simple test that will let you know whether you packed the box with your valuable items properly or not. Once you have packed the box, gently shake it to the left and right, as well as up and down. If there is movement or a clinging sound, then the item is not well secured inside the moving box. Re-open the box and place more cushioning inside to prevent movement, or even place the item into a smaller box if there is too much space.


We hope our tips will be handy for when you start to pack your valuable items. As you can see, this isn’t exactly an easygoing experience – it can get really frustrating. But try to remain focused and calm, and you’ll soon be done with packing. You’ll be on your way and looking for a reliable moving and storage Brooklyn service and free moving quotes before you know it!

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