How to prepare your children for a long distance move

If you are about to move then you must be aware of how difficult it can get. This especially applies to long distance moving. You have a ton of task to complete and your anxiety level must be getting higher by the day. But all of these tasks and anxiety multiply when you have kids. It’s definitely not easy to prepare your children for a long distance move. The relocation was probably your choice and they need to agree, but they might not be thrilled about it. However, there are ways to make them feel prepared for the move. Also, you can do your best to help them settle after moving. Avoid all arguments and misunderstandings by just following some simple advice.

The younger your children are, the better they'll be able to adjust after moving
Toddlers and babies will most likely cause you no problems with relocation and settling period.

Keep your children updated on all important decisions you make

Your kids might absolutely love or hate the news that they are about to move. But what matters is that they do not feel left out and in the dark. Make sure they know that you are considering moving to a warmer climate well before you make your final decision. The more time you have to prepare your children for a long distance move, the better. It will help them feel included in the whole process. And it will help the entire family not to go through a dramatic moment of declaring the news of moving long distance. Keep in mind that if your children are still babies or toddlers, you should have no problems dealing with their relocation. But the older your kids are, the more likely they’ll be to make moving long distance a big issue. So give them time to let the notion of moving away sink in.

Be ready to answer all their questions

Your children will probably have many questions about relocation. And you should be there to answer all of them. Help them understand why moving is a great idea and why you have chosen long distance relocation as the best option for your family. If necessary, schedule a sort of family meeting and tell your kids to prepare their questions. They will feel better if they have no fears and doubts about their move. Answer all of their questions and make sure they are clear about every step of the moving process. They might surprise you.

Children usually understand more than we give them credit for. You and your spouse should be there for them at all times. And if you are relocating as a single parent, then you must answer all of their questions by yourself.

Prepare your children for a long distance move by answering all of their questions
Answer all the questions your children might have about your long distance move.

Hiring a professional moving company will give you time to prepare your children for a long distance move

You don’t want to waste any time before the move. Especially not the time you can spend with your children. If you feel you need to focus more on their needs, hire long distance NYC movers to take care of all the packing and moving issues while you take care of your kids. It’s quite a sensible decision when you think about it. Professionals can take care of you every moving need and they offer an array of services:

  • long distance moving
  • packing services
  • storage services
  • art handling
  • commercial moving
Professional movers will take care of your long distance move
Contact professional movers and have them take care of your moving so you can focus on your children.

This means that by choosing experienced and reliable Williamsburg movers, you can relax and focus on how to prepare your children for a long distance move.

Let your kids be included while you are making packing and moving decision

If you want your children not to feel left out and confused, include them in your decision-making process. Have them decide what they want to take to their new home. See if there are things they will gladly leave behind. If necessary, find a moving company that offers storage services so you can store all your possessions that will not be taken on your long distance move. It’s not a bad idea to have each child pack up their own bag of essentials to hold on to during your moving day (or days). Let them check if all of their personal possessions have been packed and ready. This way your children will feel included and excited about the move and you will feel less tension and anxiety.

How to prepare your children for a long distance move if they are teenagers or school children?

This might be the trickiest part of your relocation. If you have schoolchildren then they will most likely protest at the very notion of moving anywhere. Let alone hundreds or thousands of miles away. So you need to be extra patient here. Try to explain that you’ve chosen a good school for them. Tell them that this is an important step for their future. Help them understand that moving is difficult, but they’ll have the chance to meet new friends and enjoy just as they have in your current city. If necessary, promise them that they will be able to attend important school events. Homecoming and prom nights are extremely important for teenagers, you must remember that. Remind your children that nowadays social networks let them stay in touch with their friends at all times. They might find some comfort in that.

Finally, what you need in order to successfully prepare your children for a long distance move is patience. They will have endless lists of questions and complaints, but just keep calm and try to do your best explaining and answering. Your children will probably find moving to be the most important event of their life so far, and it won’t be far from the truth. And they need their parents to show them every silver lining in that cloud.

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