How to plan a long-distance corporate relocation

Relocations are very common for many companies these days. And there are many reasons behind the decision of one company to relocate their business. Changes in the market, better potential customer pool, or simply a fresh start. All of these are very legit reasons for one company to decide to move their business. On the other hand, corporate relocation can mean expanding the business. Many successful companies and corporations are opening new stores and offices in order to have better market coverage. In any case, wherever you find the ideal office space, you will need to organize a relocation. And here we will help you to plan and execute long-distance corporate relocation fast and successfully.

Where to start when planning long-distance corporate relocation?

The most important thing you need to do when having a long-distance corporate relocation is to make a solid bulletproof plan. This way you will be able to organize everything, within your budget and other limitations. Even if you are lucky enough to have an unlimited amount of money at your disposal for such an undertaking, you should do everything you can in order not to waste your money. In all honesty, there is not even one successful organization who spend their funds recklessly. But let’s get back to the topic. Your first task is to make a plan for your upcoming commercial moving.

man writing a plan
Making a good plan is essential

Now, let’s say that you are moving your office, or opening a new one in New York City. As the Big Apple is a very popular destination for many companies, you will have several things to cover, such as:

  • Making a good moving plan and budget
  • Organize packing
  • Find the best professionals for long distance moving NYC
  • Make sure you have a good progress tracking method
  • Utilize your new office space

As you can see, long-distance corporate relocation is not a piece of cake, nor it should be. You will have a huge responsibility, and your job is to make everything happen without any problems. And even though there is a possibility that you will face some problems, you need to prepare properly in order to react accordingly.

Important parts of the long-distance corporate relocation plan

As mentioned before, there are some things that you will need to take care of. The best thing you can do is to make an inventory list. This list will come very useful during the whole project. First, you will know exactly what is where. Secondly, it will be something that movers will require in order to give you a moving service offer. And finally, it will make your life much easier during unpacking. But, there is one more important reason why you should make an inventory list. In case you have some valuable pieces, you will need to get a special moving service and find the best art exhibit movers NYC can offer.

One more advice that will help you organize a successful long-distance corporate relocation is to include your partners and employees. This is very important for two reasons. First, you will have help and be able to delegate some tasks. Keep in mind that this is a very demanding and time-consuming project, and you will need all the help you can get. The second reason for this move is even more important. Once you include your staff in this project they will feel useful, which is very important for your business. This way, they will realize that you trust them and that sometimes can be very motivating.

colleagues in the office
Your colleagues can help you

Packing is one more thing you need to think about. Business equipment can be very expensive, and sometimes even priceless. That is exactly why you need to make sure everything is well packed in order to reach the final destination safely. Any damage can postpone the start of your business, and that means only one thing – loss. And that is something you need to avoid when having a long-distance corporate relocation.

Finding a good and reliable movers

By this point, you are most probably aware that you can’t do this without hiring professional movers. Long-distance relocation is very tricky, especially when it is corporate as well.  Not to mention that any special items will mean hiring special service such as antique movers NYC. That is why you need to understand this part very seriously. It is highly recommendable not to delegate this task and take care of it by yourself.

man working at the laptop
Make sure there are no loose ends.

What you need to know about moving companies is that not of them are good for every type of the move. And as you are having a long-distance corporate relocation, you will need to find movers that are capable to handle such move. While looking for moving companies that will suit your needs, you need to pay attention to some details. First, you need to make sure to avoid fraudulent movers that are trying to scam their customers. Therefore, if some offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Next, find some customer reviews that will help you discern if movers you are considering are good for you.

Finally, never accept the first offer you get. As competition is very high, especially in the moving business. every new customer counts. That is why there is a pretty big chance that some negotiation will decrease the final price.

Leave nothing to chance

As you can see, you have many things to handle and prepare. That is why it is important to start on time. Only this way you will be able to cover every single aspect of your upcoming long-distance corporate relocation. This includes making a detailed watertight moving plan and preparing your long-distance moving budget. Remember that every dollar counts, and there is no reason for you to be reckless with money. Finally, keep your staff busy, as they can help you a lot with such a project. There is no need for you to do literally everything by yourself. Just the most important tasks.

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