How to pick the best art gallery moving experts?

Picking the right art gallery movers is very important. After all, if you’re an artist, those pieces represent days, months, years of your work. They’re a story of all your achievements! You can track how you’ve improved from painting to painting. And if you’re a collector and not an artist, you’re looking at the works you’ve liked enough to pay for. You’re looking at the soul of several artists, a collection of works that displays your personal tastes and is probably expensive. Of course you want to treat them well! The last thing you want to do is to have some clumsy mover damage your precious art pieces. So, if you have to move your collection, how best to go about it? You have to pick the best art gallery moving experts.

A black and white photography of a man looking at a gallery of sharply arranged abstract art. He looks pensive.
Art gallery moving experts are very often art aficionados. You have to appreciate art in order to treat it the way it deserves!

Everyone wants their collection to travel safe. So, it’s vital to hire actual art movers, instead of trying to DIY. Sure you can paint your art yourself, but it doesn’t mean you know how to move it! What do you know about art crating? Can you build custom art crates? Yeah, thought so. Unless you’re some kind of carpenter-artist-mover triple threat, you should leave it to the professionals. Sure, if you tried to move your belongings by yourself, you might suffer expensive mistakes that you can pay to replace, but art is priceless and unique!

How do you pick the best art gallery moving experts?

Picking the very best is highly important. Your art depends on it! So, the first thing you have to do, is start your research early. Research your moving companies. If you agree on the first moving company you see without researching properly, you might find yourself prey to moving scams in Brooklyn. So, don’t skip the research. The second thing you have to do is to know your budget – you have to make a moving checklist and decide on how much money you’re willing to spend! Be aware that your budget has to cover the bare minimum – you won’t find art gallery moving experts that will move your gallery from Winnipeg to Brooklyn for $500.

What do you need out of your art gallery moving experts?

It helps to be absolutely certain what you need. You need to be specific! What’s your collection like? Do you need art crating? What about statue moving? Moving an oil painting is different than moving a cast bronze sculpture. Do you want your movers to unpack your art too, or are you content with them packing it and ferrying it over to the desired location? That answer might be easy, but the most common way to damage art is when you’re unpacking it, so be aware!

A statue of a man and a woman lounging in front of building windows.
Art movers worry about the logistics so artists can focus on creating. When Michelangelo Buonarotti made The Pietá, he didn’t think about how to move it.

The best art gallery moving experts will treat your art with care

Your art is one of a kind. There is no one-size-fits-all box for artwork, and so the best art gallery moving experts will build specialized art crates. You don’t have to worry about breaking in transport with art crates, as they are designed to be durable, and provide cushioning and padding. Plus, you won’t have to worry about unpacking! Art crating ensures there is enough space for the mover to handle the art delicately, but not enough space for the art to slide around. In the world of art, it’s said that a crate is much more than a crate.

The best art gallery moving experts love art too

Art is passion poured on canvas. It’s the very soul of the painter bared for the world to see, a pinnacle of self-expression. It deserves to be handled by someone who appreciates it, like Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC! Of course art aficionados would know how to move art better, because they’d pay more attention, and because any mistake would be heartbreaking to them and the curator. So, you’re looking for someone who knows about art and about moving! Next, the best art gallery moving experts are very experienced. It’s not their first rodeo. They’ve honed their craft through many a move! That means they can anticipate what can go wrong, and take steps to prevent it.

A woman looking at a piece of art. The wall is orange, and so is most of the art.
Art gallery movers should have the same passion for art and for moving.

What can the best art gallery moving experts do for you?

If you pick the best art gallery moving experts, they will go above and beyond to make sure your art is safe and sound. It’s why evaluating fine art movers is important. But in order to find quality art movers, you have to know what to expect! Otherwise you’re vulnerable to frauds who will outright lie and say your priceless oil painting will do just fine in a cheap cardboard box they got from Walmart. Expect the best, and don’t settle for less!

  • The best art gallery moving experts will build custom crates for your art gallery. It’s to ensure your art won’t get scuffed, dented, jostled in transport, or scraped. After all, a box can get nudged against a wall or a door frame, but if your art is safe inside it’s a comfortable custom crate, it won’t feel a thing.
  • The best art gallery moving experts will evaluate your collection and know exactly what to do with it. They can give you proper advice on moving and storing your art! They can make suggestions to improve transport – did you know oil paintings can melt in heat? If you have to move your oil works in the middle of July, the art gallery moving experts can secure a climate controlled unit to make sure the art in pristine condition.
  • Expect safe transport and loading and unloading the truck.
  • The best art gallery moving experts are upfront about their pricing. You shouldn’t worry about any hidden fees!
  • It’s very important to ask about the valuation services they provide. You can decide for yourself what kind of valuation you need.

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