How to pack your kitchen with ease

Your moving day is coming closer. Perhaps you are busy making final plans. Or you are feeling stressed, dreading all the heavy work upon you. There are so many things to thinks about before you relocate. And so much stuff to pack! Each room of your house requires some special attention during packing. However, packing your kitchen might be what you dread the most. It has so many details that require your attention and so many different elements to pack and move. But not to worry. There are ways to pack your kitchen with ease. Just follow some simple steps and plan ahead.

In order to pack you rkitchen with ease, you need to think about many different elements
There are so many different elements to think about while packing your kitchen

Things to consider before you start packing your kitchen

Planning ahead is one of the first steps you should take in order to pack your kitchen with ease. There are several things you can do before you start the actual packing process.

  • Minimize your grocery shopping list – several days (weeks, if possible) before you start packing buy only the absolutely necessary groceries. Piling on new groceries and not spending those you already have will make packing more complicated. Make a shopping plan according to your current needs.
  • Get rid of anything you don’t actually use – use this opportunity to declutter your kitchen. You don’t want to pack anything that has no use or is chipped, dented or damaged. Your new kitchen will appreciate it.
  • Donate or sell unnecessary kitchen appliances or utensils – there’s no need to explain why this is a useful tip
  • Buy packing supplies – before you start packing, you are going to need plenty of boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, plastic bins etc. It is important to have all this prepared in advance, so your packing can go smoothly once it begins.

    Use bubble wrap to safely pack your kitchenware.
    Bubble wrap is an essential part of the kitchen packing equipment.

 If you feel overwhelmed, hire a professional moving company

If planning your kitchen relocation makes you feel overwhelmed, you should consider hiring professional movers. They will help you during your moving process. You will not regret hiring professionals, whether you are moving long distance, or you require local movers, such as Prospect Heights Movers. They can move your kitchen with ease, as well as any other part of your house. You can relax and feel more confident during your moving days.

In order to pack your kitchen with ease, start with rarely used items

When you think about it, it only makes sense. You will be using your kitchen up until the moving day. This means there are many kitchen items that will require last-minute packing. You can pack the rest of your house earlier. Fine arts movers Brooklyn can help you move any rare items in the rest of your home early on. Try to minimize the amount of last-minute work by packing in advance the stuff you rarely use. These may include almost all of the small appliances. There are ways to avoid using blenders and mixers days before the relocation. Also, special utensils (spatulas, barbecue tongs, meat mallets) and some special event dishes could also be packed in advance, as you will probably not be using them before you move. Pack your dish towels, oven mitts and cookbooks as well. Packing all these items will help you declutter before your kitchen goes into the final packing stage.

Once the actual packing begins, divide your kitchen items and pack them separately

Glasses and mugs

Naturally, glasses and mugs will require special attention. These items from your kitchen are easily breakable. In order to relocate them more efficiently, try using cell packing. This way you can be sure your most breakable items will remain intact. If this is not an option for you, try to cushion them with bubble wrap and wadded newspaper. Don’t forget to label the boxes as “fragile”.


Stacking plates vertically will prevent any unnecessary damage during the relocation. Wrap them in bubble wrap or put a piece of cardboard between each plate to make sure they are packed tight. If you do not need those in your new home, you can use storage services and safely store them away.

Try to pack your plates vertically insted of horizontally
Stacking plates vertically instead of horizontally – an excellent packing tip

Pots and pans

Stacking is the way to go here. Find the biggest pot or pan and a matching box. After this, it’s all about stacking the smaller ones into bigger ones. You can use duct tape to make sure every lid is taped to its matching pot or pan.


Avoid losing any silverware during relocation by using rubber bands to wrap matching items together. They will not take up too much room in your boxes. This means they can be packed in the same box with pots and pans, for example.

Small appliances

Finally, if you haven’t packed all your small appliances, you need to do that as well. They also need to be handled with care. Your new kitchen is going to need all of them. Ideally, you still keep the original boxes of all your small appliances. This would enable you to put them each into its box and thus be able to say you managed to pack your kitchen with ease.

Do not let many kitchen items discourage you from packing efficienlty
Try being as organized as you can in order to pack your kitchen efficiently

So if you are afraid you will not manage to pack your kitchen with ease, don’t be. It is perfectly manageable. Just remember to start preparing early on. Also, keep things as organized as possible. The kitchen is certainly not the only room in your home that requires attention, so prepare in advance. Most importantly, be careful and take your time. There are so many fragile and easily breakable items in every kitchen. The best way to handle kitchen relocation with ease is definitely to get help from professionals. Have professional movers give you a hand. This will relieve some of the stress and make moving day physically and mentally easier for you.

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