How to pack liquids for moving

So how do you pack liquids for moving? Well, as we mentioned in our packing your household like a pro article, packing is a really complex event. In summary, the key to a successful pack and move lies in the organization. Knowing how to pack various items and how to move them is crucial. That is if you want to save your items from destruction during relocation.

However, among the most dangerous items you can pack, liquids are pretty high up that list. The reason for that is because most of them are combustible. Also, they are prone to spill and that can cause unnecessary damage to your other items. So if you are thinking of packing your liquids for the move, make sure you know all the tips and tricks to combat avoidable mistakes. Thankfully for you, that’s exactly why we wrote this article!

A fair warning before we start…

You can approach moving in two ways. The first way is that you do everything by yourself. From packing to moving and relocating. This has its perks such as knowing exactly what you packed, where you packed it and just exactly how you are going to move those items. However, and this comes at a very big price, that being stress. Simply put, if you hire professional movers, all of the complexities of relocation will be taken care of. There is no need to worry whether item A is in the proper box with item B and whether it was packed properly. All of that is taken care of.

A happy mover.
Hire Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC for a carefree move.

Do not pack hazardous liquids for moving

However, if you do decide to hire movers to help you with your relocation, a word of warning. They will not transport combustible, toxic and other dangerous materials. These are best either transported by your own volition or not at all.  The reason being is that the likelihood of them reacting and causing damage to your other belongings, vehicle as well as the surrounding is quite high… So they are best not to transport. However, if you must – make sure you keep a close eye on them.

When not to pack liquids for moving?

On that note, sometimes it’s better not to pack liquids at all. There are a few reasons not to do this. Firstly, the risk of them spilling during the move and causing unnecessary damage to other belongings being transported is high. Especially if you are transporting something valuable like art. Secondly, it might be actually cheaper not to transport these items. Since moving cross country you pay the weight of the box by the pound. And if you are shipping art cross country which by itself is very bulky and heavy, this will only cause unnecessary weight that you will have to pay for.

So what’s the alternative? Well simply put, give them away (or throw them away) and buy new ones once you arrive at your new place.

a piggy bank
Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy liquids than to carry them with you. Especially if you are moving cross country.

How to pack liquids for moving?

Okay so, hopefully, you have minimized the number of items that you need to pack by following the tips above. Now all that is left is to pack the remaining liquids. Well, it’s really not rocket science and there are just a few things you should keep in mind that are considered big no-no’s when packing and moving liquids.

Check the lids on your liquids

Firstly you want to make sure that all of the caps on the liquids are sealed tight. You can, but do not necessarily need to, pack the liquids in packing paper. Because, as you will see, how you are packing the liquids is not as important as where you are packing those liquids. However, whatever you decide, make sure you place the liquids vertically. You do not want to place your liquids horizontally as they can spill this way.

On a side note, you can also leave your liquids and other items at storage Brooklyn and pick them up any time you want.

Where to pack your liquids for moving?

Secondly, as mentioned previously, it is important where you pack your liquids. Packing them in cardboard boxes is generally not advisable. The reason being is that the cardboard box will not hold any spillage if it occurs. However, if you pack them in plastic containers, that is a different scenario altogether. Since plastic containers can withhold any liquid spillage. For more information on the types of boxes or containers, you can use for packing liquids during a move check out Moving boxes Brooklyn

Label it!

Lastly, make sure you label the box or at least leave it open. So when moving day comes and movers arrive, they know what’s in the box. If you do not do this step, you are risking the possibility of the movers placing the box, during transport, horizontally, which encourages spilling. So be smart, don’t forget to label your boxes and or containers!

pack liquids for moving
Don’t forget to label your boxes!

In summary

We know that now is the time most people move to new homes. However, packing and consequently moving is a hard task that requires a lot of planning and organization. That’s why hiring a moving company like Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is a smart decision. By doing this you are outsourcing all of the heavy lifting to a company that loves doing what it does. Relocate people in a fast, reliable and affordable manner.

However, when packing liquids you should first make a risk-benefit analysis. Meaning that you should check to see whether the risk of liquids spilling on your items, outweighs the benefit of not transporting these items, and buying them when you arrive at your new place. Secondly, make sure that you pack your liquids horizontally so they don’t spill. And lastly, label the boxes so the movers know how to place the boxes on the truck.

Hopefully, this article helped you make the decision on whether to pack liquids and if so, how to pack them.


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