How to pack and protect dishes for transportation

Everyone who’s ever had to prepare for relocation could share their moving story and tell you which part of it was the most complicated and tiresome. Among those stories, you will probably hear that there were those who struggled to figure out how to safely pack and protect dishes for transportation. And yes, this can truly be a great issue. Unless you have a bit of help from professionals and the necessary skills to pull this off. If this task is next on your to-do list, we suggest you take a look at the following text and equip yourself with useful information so that you can pack your household like a pro.

Start with sorting items for packing

First things first – each packing process begins with making a clear selection of items you wish to pack. Since you are probably not packing only one group of items, you might want to think about leaving more time for this task so that you could pack each room professionally. Start packing little by little as soon as you learn about your move – it’s much better to pack slowly than leave things for the last minute and pack in a rush. You should know that some parts of your household are much easier to pack than others – your bedroom may be super quick to pack but when it comes to dishes, there will be a lot more work to do. You see, no matter how small your kitchen is, there are always more dishes than you actually need – we’re all guilty of that.

For this reason, packing your kitchen may take longer than you think. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to complete everything before moving day.

various dishes
Dishes require a gentle hand and a special approach when packing for transportation

Take packing seriously

Most people are easily seduced by time and don’t even realize how fast it flows. Therefore, take the matter seriously and start preparations on time. Keep in mind that you will most probably need at least a couple of hours to go through the kitchen cabinets and drawers only to get an idea of what to pack.

To pack and protect dishes will be an easier task once you are done with selecting them. By selecting what you want to take to a new home, you will know how much supplies you will need to use for packing dishes. That will help you get exactly the amount of materials you need so you can avoid overspending and unnecessary trips to the store. Moreover, you will have a fair idea of how much time it will take you to finish. Also, make sure you have someone help you so you would get done with it faster.

Pack and protect dishes with suitable packing materials

moving boxes
Get boxes in many sizes in order to pack and protect dishes for transportation easier

Since plates and dishes are items that are highly fragile, you will really need to give your best with packing. Quality packing supplies can help a lot. So, let that be a task you’ll focus on next. Luckily, there are many ways to find moving boxes Brooklyn and boost your moving preparations. You can also visit your local stores and ask if they have free boxes to give to you. There are certain things you’ll need to pay attention to. For instance, make sure to get as much packing paper as possible. You see, this will your best friend in the mission of protecting dishes for the upcoming transportation. Along with that, we recommend you to invest in the following packing materials.

Packing supplies list

  • Moving boxes of different sizes and shapes
  • Printed labels or Markers to label boxes
  • Packing tape to secure moving boxes
  • The already mentioned packing paper
  • Bubble wrap to additionally secure the cargo

Most of these materials are fairly easy to obtain. But, if for some reason you can’t or you don’t have enough time to go for a search, you can always hire a moving company to do it for you. You can even go for alternative options and rent some of the materials instead of buying them. For example, recyclable plastic containers can be rented, plus, they make a nice eco-friendly alternative for a sustainable move.

Use the materials the right way to pack and protect dishes

Now that you have all of the materials it’s time to put them to use. They will serve you only if you know how to handle them. The shortest tutorial would tell you that you should pack the dishes inside a moving box that fits their size. However, there are other ways of handling your dishes and making use of the materials that would be smart to follow. Packing strategies are pretty straightforward and easy, just make sure you follow them so your items would be protected properly. In the following text, you’ll find a few handy methods for packing dishes like a pro.

Place dishes in a vertical position

Statistics show that dishes and glasses are among the most commonly broken items during transportation. Replacing them may be expensive but can also be impossible in case you have a unique set or dish you really love. Some dishes may even hold emotional value, in which case you definitely don’t want to risk damage. All these reasons are enough to really take packing and preserving dishes seriously. One of the most efficient ways to do so is by putting your plates vertically. Make sure to use some of the packing materials. More precisely, make sure that each plate is wrapped in packing paper before being put inside a box. Wrapping each plate individually is necessary in order to prevent the ominous rattling sound that your dishes will produce unless being protected well enough.

colorful plates
It is best that plates are in a vertical position when transporting

Another very important thing to remember is that you should use enough packing tape and incase the box with the tape. Once you fill the whole box, don’t leave any free space inside but use more paper, bubble wrap, or another packing material that will work as a cushion. This will greatly lower the chances of any damages during transportation.

Secure the dishes with padding materials

Let us draw your attention once more to how important it is to use the material that will buffer the bumping of dishes during transportation. Bubble wrap and packing paper will do wonders if used properly. If you run out of these, you can be creative and use some alternatives. For example, you can use some newspaper or a regular white printing paper to fill in any gaps inside a box. Moreover, you can also take some soft cloth to achieve the same effect. The point is that the box shouldn’t have any shallows that could cause problems when being transported. If items are packed correctly without movement, they’re less likely to shift around and break or scratch each other.

Label boxes

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is that they forget to put labels on boxes. Or they simply don’t see that as something important. But when it comes to packing fragile items, such as dishes and glasses, or when handling art you need to use every tool you can in order to enable secure transportation. So, place appropriate labels on each side of a box so that the people who are helping you move would know what each box contains. That way, they can pay more attention to specifically labeled boxes. Even after you label each box, don’t forget to let your helpers know which boxes require special attention.

Labeling Dishes Fragile

The reason to do so is that with so many boxes and furniture being loaded, it’s easy to overlook the label and handle the box as it’s not filled with breakables. Especially if you’re not hiring professionals but decide to ask your friends for help. Makes sure you communicate so they would know what needs to be handled gently. Another great thing about labeling is that it will make your life so much easier after you get to your new home. While you’re unloading and placing boxes in their designated area, you’ll make the process much faster and easier because you’ll know exactly where the box belongs to. And yes, labeling is a bit time-consuming but it certainly pays off for several reasons.

Hire professionals to pack and protect dishes for transportation

Now, if for any reason you feel as if you can’t handle this task, then you might think about hiring a professional packing crew. This will also save you a lot of time and you will know that your dishes will be packed with care. Before you pick someone, you can check moving quotes Brooklyn to see which company offers the best deal. Dorothy and Martha may be the best fit. The only way to know is to reach out and request a free moving quote. Whether you’re about to have a residential or commercial move, we’ll be happy to assist and answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your long-distance or local move and we will gladly create a customized moving plan together.

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