How to Pack a TV for Moving

When we are planning our relocation, we usually learn how to pack everything from fine china to a flat-screen TV. These skills are useful as they decrease the chances of items being damaged during transportation. Packing a TV for moving properly is vital, as you don`t want to risk any dents or scratches on it. Once you unpack and settle into your new home, the best way to relax is to watch your favorite series or a movie on TV. This is why we have created this useful guide on how to pack your TV for moving in the best possible way.

Pack a TV for a Move

Gather the necessary packing supplies

With the right packing supplies, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to moving your TV. Here is a list of things you need to get in advance for your packing to go smoothly.

  • A moving box – Make sure that the moving box is a couple of inches bigger than the TV.
  • A plastic bag with zip lock – This will come in handy for storing all the additional parts of a TV.
  • A permanent marker – Take a permanent water-proof marker that is of good quality.
  • Moving blanket – If you did not buy or rent a moving blanket, perhaps you don`t have to. Use a regular, older blanket that you already have.
  • Packing tape – Don`t forget to buy packing tape for your moving box.
  • Plastic stretch and bubble wrap – These will protect your TV`s screen during transport.
  • Packing peanuts or crushed newspaper – These will ensure that your TV does not move around inside the moving box.

Use Bubble Wrap For Protection When Pack A Tv For Moving

Remove the cords from your TV

Unplug all the cords from your TV before you pack it for a move. And even before you do this, we advise you to take a photo of the backside of your TV. Chances are you won`t know which cable goes where once you arrive tired to your new home. Or, you can write which cable goes where on papers in different colors and then tape the paper onto the cable and the TV as well. Do whichever is easier for you and make your moving in as straightforward as you can.

Separate the TV from the base

If you have a flat-screen TV, chances are it is connected to the base. For easier packing and transportation, you must separate the screen from the base. Save all the screwdrivers and any other parts after doing this and place them into a plastic bag. Label the bag and close it carefully. Let this plastic bag always be near your TV so you don`t lose it.

Protect the screen of your TV

The next step in packing your TV for moving is protecting the screen. This may be the most important part of the packing process as screens are fragile and easy to damage. You want to avoid any scratches and dents here, so do this step carefully. Take the plastic stretch and wrap it around the TV. You can even do this twice if you think it is necessary. Instead of plastic stretch, you can use bubble wrap as well. Take the tape and secure the stretch or the bubble wrap so that it does not move during the transport.

Place the TV inside the moving box

Do you have the original box in which you bought your TV in the first place? If you do, then just take that box and your TV will be safe inside it. If not, there is no reason to worry at all. Ask your moving company whether they make custom moving boxes Brooklyn so that you can order one for your TV. If you don`t have a moving box for your TV, you can also use a moving blanket for transportation. Moving blankets are a perfect choice when it comes to transporting items of irregular shape.

How to use moving blankets?

You can buy or rent moving blankets for your relocation. Or you can use your old moving blankets that you don`t use anymore. Take a moving blanket or two and wrap it carefully around the TV. Use tape to secure that the blanket will not fall. A moving blanket is a safe way to protect any item, so you don`t have to worry.

Moving Blankets

Check whether the moving box is packed right

Once you place the TV inside the moving box, you need to ensure that the item will not move around the box. Place packing peanuts or crushed newspaper inside to fill out any space inside the box. Shake the box gently left and right. If you hear the noise of the TV moving around, you need to cushion the moving box even more. Only when you don`t hear the moving sound the moving box is packed in the right way.

Tape and label the moving box

The final tasks for packing a TV for moving are taping and labeling the moving box. You must double tape the box from all sides so that the item does not fall out of the box. Label the box as fragile on each side of the box. Also, label the box so that it indicated which side goes up and which side goes down. You must place the TV vertically inside the moving truck so that it does not damage during relocation. It is best to place it between a mattress and any other soft item.

A Label Saying Fragile On A Box

Hire professionals

Although packing a TV for moving is not hard, it does take some time and skills to achieve it. If you don`t have enough time or patience to pack your items for moving, feel free to hire Brooklyn movers. They have enough expertise to pack your items in a fast and efficient way. Just make sure that your movers are a reliable company with years of experience and relax knowing that they will relocate your TV in the best way possible. If you are moving long distance, do not hesitate to call our long distance movers Brooklyn.

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