How to find an apartment in Brooklyn

If you are reading this article you know that to find an apartment in Brooklyn is hard. Actually finding a good quality apartment in New York City is hard, let alone Brooklyn. You have probably heard from your family, friends, and roommates that finding a spot in Brooklyn can be daunting. We will admit that we have heard the same from our customers as well. Getting that perfect place, that checks all the boxes – location, size, price, and good quality neighbors is almost near impossible.

But we here at Dorothy & Martha can make everything happen. From art crating NYC to finding an apartment in Brooklyn. We have got you covered. So hop on in and read all about how to find that perfect little slice of heaven for you.

find an apartment in Brooklyn
Finding the perfect place can be an arduous task, but it definitely pays off!

Find an apartment in Brooklyn by preparing the documents

Before you even start going on a hunt to find the perfect apartment you must build a solid foundation. This is done by getting the proper paperwork set up so you don’t get rejected right off the bat. The list we are going to mention is universal. Meaning that no matter what your plan for getting an apartment looks like (renting, buying) you will always need these documents. So with that in mind, we present you with the following documents you must have on you:

Financial situation

Depending on your situation and especially if you are planning on renting an apartment… The rental agencies will inquire about your financial situation. The reason behind this is so that they can see if you will be able to pay back everything that you say you will. So this includes stuff like:

    • credit score. So while most agencies you deal with will probably charge you to check your credit score, you can always go that one step further and apply a credit score of your own to your application. You can do this by using any of the free applications that monitor your credit score for you, and attaching the results to your application you are submitting to the agency.
    • paycheck. they will probably inquire about your monthly income so providing them with this information upfront is always a good idea.
    • bank statements. Now while most agencies probably won’t ask you for such an in-depth financial analysis as we are mentioning, you can always be upfront and honest about your income, which will, in turn, make the agencies trust you even more.

A personal touch

With the above mentioned financial documents, we also recommend that you apply a personal touch to your application. This way it will set you apart from the rest of the submission. The best way to do this is by having a good recommendation by previous landlords, and a picture of you to go along that recommendation. This way they will get to know you, without you actually even saying a word.

writing on paper
Make sure you fill all of the paperwork!

Find an apartment in Brooklyn by picking a neighboorhood

So now that you have prepared your documents, it’s time to start hunting. Because Brooklyn is one of the largest boroughs of NYC you might want to limit your options to a few neighborhoods. We here at Dorothy and Martha moving have written a lot of articles on finding a perfect neighborhood in Brooklyn depending on your needs. From Brooklyn neighborhoods for single people to Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals. So, of course, the neighborhood options are going to change depending on your needs. Just make sure you keep that in mind before you start looking.

Time to start hunting.

Okay so now you know what your target is, it’s time to start finding that perfect apartment for you. Of course, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, the first thing on your mind should be the same as when finding a roommate in Brooklyn. That is, you should first ask around on your network. Be that your friends or family or maybe just posting that you are looking for an apartment in Brooklyn on your social media. As long as you have a big outreach, you are bound to find at least one recommendation.

However, don’t fret if that doesn’t bring any results. You can still find awesome options online. There are many applications that help you find that perfect apartment for you. From applications like Nooklyn to Roomi (if you want to live with a roommate that is). So don’t fret, there will always be an option for you.

Things to keep in mind while searching

So there are just a few general tips we would like to underline that you should stick to. At the beginning allocate about an hour a day searching for your apartment. After you have found a list and are ready to go take a look, we recommend you allocate about 2-3 hours a day for this, every day or every other day. Always, and we mean always, take pictures. Make sure you take a snapshot of everything you can think of. Since the side effect of visiting apartments daily is that they all seem to mesh into one. Pictures will help clear things up a bit.

Outside apartment building
Don’t forget to take pictures of the outside of the apartment building as well!

How to find an apartment in Brooklyn?

Even tho it’s hard finding an apartment in the Big Apple, it’s not impossible. Just make sure that you prepare for it. Gather all the important documents, pick out a neighborhood and start asking around. Just be sure to be diligent with your searches. Don’t give up after the first three days. Who knows what you might be able to find after a month of searching? Maybe you find something special, a place you can call home. And maybe you get lucky in your search and decide that you need to hire antique furniture movers NYC to help you with moving that amazing retro armchair you found.

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