How to Do a Change of Address When Moving

Although understandably, moving will cause a lot of fuss while planning the whole thing. So, it’s important to take care of absolutely everything. Yes, the most important parts of your move are making a perfect moving checklist, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking your belongings. However, if left untaken care of, there are minor details that can cause trouble later. We are referring to, for example, changing your address before the move. If you choose to skip changing your address and do it later, you should know that you can experience many inconveniences like service relapses and missed bills. So, if you are wondering how to do a change of address when moving, read the following article.

A Notice Of Moving And Address Change

Your Company and Bank

We’ll start here because it’s probably the easiest to inform your employer where you’re moving to. Although your paycheck it’s most likely directly deposited to the bank, you should notify your employer on time. It is important for them to pay tax forms and stubs while making sure the money goes to the right place.

Furthermore, don’t forget to inform your bank and the credit card company of changing your address. Check out if you can make the change online to save time and energy. The moving will take up a couple of weeks, so, naturally, you wouldn’t want to go to every service personally. Also, make sure you don’t forget about various loyalty programs or credit cards you have with specific companies.

The Post Office

The post office is another service that should be on the top of your priority list of services you should inform of the change of your address prior to the move. Why? Well, notifying the post office of your change of address will ensure that any mail sent to your address will be forwarded to your new place. Luckily, you can easily do the change online and even set it up for a specific date. We recommend notifying the post office couple of days prior to the move. This way you’ll avoid a gap between your old and your new place.


Another priority should be transferring your electric service.  It’ll help you avoid experiencing inconveniences like being without heat and electricity. This one happens a lot. That’s because folks don’t carefully think thru what would be the best time to transfer these services. So, we recommend informing the electric service on the exact date you will be moving. This way, you’ll make sure everything goes well.

Cancel utilities on the day of the move. But, make sure that the electricity and gas are transferred to your new place a day before your move. You surely wouldn’t want to move into a cold and dark place, especially if it’s winter. It is one of the most important moving tips for winter relocation.

A Man Sends Emails Using A Phone And Laptop.

Furthermore, think about the internet since in today’s time you surely don’t want to take care of cable, phone and internet later during the move. Follow the same tip as the electric service. Set up internet, cable, and phone services a day prior to your move.

Also, don’t forget to take care of other services depending on the type of utilities you’re responsible for, like the sewer utility company, your cell phone provider, the water department, and the recycling or garbage company.

Social Security Administration

For those that receive any kind of social security benefits, make sure you don’t forget to inform the Social Security Administration of your new address. It will take up to a couple of minutes since you can fill out their change of address application or call them at (800) 772-1213.

Although you can take care of Social Security Services later, we recommend informing them a couple of days before the move and removing this task from your checklist on time.


Both your tax state agency and the federal revenue agency should be informed of your change of address on time. Again, it’s very easy to fill out their online application (both the IRS and your state tax agency), which will take up a minute of your time. However, although taking care of your tax agency online is available in most states, make sure to check out their website since it might be needed for you to take care of the whole thing personally.


It’s important that your home or renters` insurance is transferred to the right place. When it comes to renters` insurance, most landlords will want proof of the transfer even prior to the moving day. Get this taken care of as soon as possible. While you take care of this issue, check out if they cover items in transport. If that’s not the case, you might want to ensure your belongings are in agreement with the chosen moving services Brooklyn.

Talking about insurance, make sure you inform the health, life, car, and dental insurance company of your new home address. Again, you can take care of most of these tasks online. But, we recommend getting informed whether or not you need to take care of some of these tasks personally just to make sure everything goes in order.

A Man Is Signing An Insurance Form


Although transferring subscriptions and magazines might not be at the top of your priority list, the last thing you want to experience is remembering that your favorite magazines are delivered at the old address. So, call the customer service department or email them a couple of weeks before the move.

Friends and Family

As we mentioned earlier, moving is among the most stressful events you can experience in your lifetime compared to even divorce. So, it’s natural for you to miss out on some things. Informing every single friend and a family member might be tiring, especially if it involves a lot of people. You can take care of this by sending out a change of address cards. However, we recommend sending out a mass email since it’s way easier.


Although this checklist might seem long, you can take care of most of the tasks online. We accentuate taking care of utilities, the post office, and social security administration first just to make sure you don’t experience complications later during the move. We hope our tips on address change will help you with your future relocation. For more professional moving tips and any help with your upcoming move, contact Dorothy Movers, and get free moving quotes Brooklyn.

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