Highest paying jobs in Brooklyn

Living in Brooklyn on a tight budget is challenging. Moreover, it’s a Sisyphean task. With the average rent of $2,675, many locals find themselves working full time just to pay the costs of housing and cover the basic living expenses. According to recent surveys, NYC ranks as the second most expensive city to live in the U.S. Apparently, living in the greatest city in the world has its price. However, with a well paid job, you can make it anywhere. You can make it in Brooklyn as well. If you’re looking for a way to live and work in the coolest borough of NYC, but you need to increase your income, check out some of the highest paying jobs in Brooklyn. With a little effort and training, you can increase your earning potential. But first you need to look at the right place.


For a health professional, seeking employment should not take too much time. There are all kinds of vacancies within different branches of health care. A constant demand for new staff is one of the reasons many educated medical workers are moving to Brooklyn these days.  From registered nurses to pharmacists, vacancies are there for the taking. And base salaries are not to be overlooked! Here are some of the jobs within health care department with average annual salaries:

  • Clinical pharmacist                                                            average base salary $115,500

  • Physician assistant                                                             average base salary $87,000

  • Registered nurse                                                                 average base salary $77,940

  • Physical therapist                                                               average base salary: $74,608

Are you tech savvy?

If modern technologies are your cup of tea, some of the highest paying jobs in Brooklyn are at your disposal. Computer network specialists, database administrators, software engineers and developers are just some of the positions that are currently (and constantly) in demand.

The process of programming is visible on a laptop screen.
Tech companies offer lucrative job openings

Median salary of a software engineer in Brooklyn amounts to $100,000 annually, whereas a programmer analyst earns $80,000 a year. There is a number of different job openings within the IT department. Whereas appropriate degree and education are mandatory, work experience is not a prerequisite for employment in tech sector.


If you don’t mind long journeys and sleepless nights on the road, maybe it’s time to put your driving skills to the test. Average truck driver’s annual salary in the U.S. is $73,000, but it is possible to double the amount. According to the latest job postings in Brooklyn, there is a shortage of class A truck drivers in this borough. With a growing number of people moving long distance nowadays, relocation companies are busier than ever.

Several trucks on a highway.
With a class A CDL you can score some of the highest paying jobs in Brooklyn

Local companies in Brooklyn offer compensation ranging from $70,000 to $90,000 to all those who have the necessary license and a clean driving record. Spending weeks on the road away from your home is not a necessary precondition. There are delivery trucks that operate locally as well.


We are not all meant for driving. Some of us are more inclined to arts or sedentary office work. Luckily for the residents of the Brooklyn borough, both types of job openings are there for the taking. However, scoring a museum job in NYC is somewhat trickier. Administrative jobs are not that demanding in terms of necessary skills and qualifications, but salaries are rather satisfying for the work involved. Office assistants earn $20 per hour for data entry, correspondence, scheduling and similar communication tasks. Previous experience is not mandatory and there are no strict requirements with regard to qualifications, which makes these jobs accessible to a number of different profiles.

And what can you expect if you are inclined to arts?

If you are a devoted, educated art lover seeking employment in NYC, truck driving and data entry are probably the last on your list. Luckily, the art scene in Brooklyn is currently booming and has the potential to expand even more in the years to come. As new galleries keep emerging and the existing ones are expanding, Brooklyn art handling experts are busier than ever. With the average base salary of $50,539 a year, curators in NYC earn a decent income. If your education and aspirations lean towards arts, it’s good to be in Brooklyn nowadays.


Skilled professionals whose ability to collect and study business data leads to an increase in productivity can score some of the highest paying jobs in Brooklyn.

Charts and analyses showing highest paying jobs in Brooklyn
Business analysts are always in demand, and that is one of the highest paying jobs in Brooklyn

All the companies are looking for a way to improve their business operations and generate income. The ones situated in Brooklyn are no exception. Here are some of the positions that are in demand:

  • Data Analyst
  • Program Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst

If figures speak louder than words, then let us just mention that a business analyst in NYC averagely earns $76,131 a year.  Do they rack their brains about evergrowing housing costs in Brooklyn? Guess not.


Despite the fact that some lines of business are generally more lucrative, a skilled professional has the chance to score a well-paid job in Brooklyn nevertheless. To be honest, tech companies produce some of the highest paying jobs generally. Brooklyn is no exception. As for health care, the constant shortage of staff has led to the improvement of employment terms, and consequently, to better remuneration package. However, this does not mean that other sectors are not creating well-paid jobs. Whether you want to work as a musician in NYC or to sit at a desk and arrange paperwork, there are great opportunities ahead of you. Research online sites that advertise vacancies within your borough and go for it. Some of the best jobs in Brooklyn are there for the taking!

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