Guide to Living in Fort Greene

Have you ever thought about living in Fort Greene?  The historical Brooklyn neighborhood might be overlooked often, but it’s growing at a very steady pace. It might surprise you! Of course, it stands to reason that it’s not a well-known neighborhood, because it lacks the fame of Park Slope or Williamsburg, but less known doesn’t mean bad at all! In fact, Fort Greene is Brooklyn’s hidden gem. It’s a charming neighborhood that’s culturally relevant despite staying out of the spotlight. And, sometimes that’s a good thing! You don’t want to face crowds of tourists stampeding everywhere whenever you walk out of the door, right? Fort Greene manages to be a tight-knit community, yet not a suffocating one with people watching your every move. You can really be your best, most relaxed self here.

A snowed-in brownstone buildings
No matter the season, living in Fort Greene has great scenery.

Living in Fort Greene: where do you live, actually?

Fort Greene has a great real estate market. Most of the neighborhood lives in the famous New York brownstones. And, of course, as the unofficial face of NYC, the brownstones are very well maintained. Not to say there are no other options if, for whatever reason, the brownstones don’t suit your fancy. There are plenty of row houses for couples or families, or even roommates! Of course, unlike downtown Manhattan, roommates are strictly optional here. But, you might be holding out for a doorman or a walk-up building, in which case you might be waiting for a long time. No matter what you choose, you won’t regret it, as Fort Green has wide streets and plenty of greenery, and the atmosphere is warm and kind. Definitely a great neighborhood to raise a family in!

A dramatic picture of a brownstone staircase.
The charming brownstones carry the spirit of NYC. Especially in a tight-knit community such as Fort Greene!

What’s the neighborhood like in Fort Greene?

The vibe of every neighborhood is different. Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s not. For example, people moving to Gowanus know it has an eclectic, vibrantly artistic vibe, while Park Slope is chill and family oriented. But when it comes to Fort Greene, the vibe is obvious – this community is tight-knit and loving. You won’t find a more caring community! The Fort Greene community is vibrant and diverse, with a rich history behind it. Seeing neighbors catch up after a long day at work while their kids’ play is a common sight in Fort Greene. When it comes to demographics, it’s a highly diverse neighborhood, with populations from across the globe making Fort Greene their home. You’ll fit right in!

  • African-Americans make up almost half of Fort Greene’s population.
  • The community comes together for the NYC Marathon, turning Fort Greene into one large block party for the duration. It’s one of the most festive times of the year for Fort Greene!
  • The people living in Fort Greene have a wide variety of occupations. No one is going to raise an eyebrow at you using fine art movers Brooklyn to haul in a gallery’s worth of art. The art scene in Fort Greene is alive and well, even if it doesn’t make any headlines.
  • The neighborhood is a major cultural destination. There are a bunch of performance arts if you know where to look. For example, BRIC and BAM have a lot of free cultural programming.

What’s the food like in Fort Greene?

For the busy New York professional, cooking at home is often a luxury instead of a staple. Thus, many fast food joints and fancy eateries crop up to fill that void. You won’t be disappointed – no matter what your culinary itch is, Fort Greene can scratch it. Just head on down to DeKalb Avenue for an excellent row of restaurants, from Middle Eastern to Asian to Italian – and, of course, good old fashion American burgers. And if you want to save money and cook yourself, there are plenty of bodegas that work 24/7, so no matter when your shift is, you can pick something up on your way home.

A street food stand with falafel, gyros, burgers, hot dogs, all kinds of things.
NYC has some of the best street food in the world – especially Fort Greene!

What’s the history of the neighborhood like?

Those living in Fort Greene, and those hiring Fort Greene movers, know the rich and storied history behind this charming, quaint neighborhood. They know Fort Greene Park was once the site of an impressive historic battle – the Battle of Long Island. They know the neighborhood’s got a lot of impressive architecture. It’s got buildings dating to the early nineteenth century! But, most notably, there’s the Brooklyn Masonic Temple from 1909, built as a copy of King Solomon’s Temple. But, today you can rent this historic building for functions, shows, and parties. Imagine a kegger in a Masonic Temple! Other than that, it’s room to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the oldest performing arts building in the entire country. When it comes to recent history, the neighborhood was home to the literary greats such as John Steinbeck and Walt Whitman.

Is there anything Fort Greene lacks?

There’s only one drawback to living in Fort Greene, and even that is a situational one! Namely, you’ll notice Fort Greene isn’t topping the lists of any Brooklyn nightlife guides. The neighborhood gets quiet at night, without any significant all-night parties and clubs open. Which is actually a bonus to a large swath of the population – no crazy parties means no drunk people trawling the streets, which makes the neighborhood significantly safer. Not to say that there’s no entertainment at all, just no strobe lights. If you want to live in a neighborhood where you can find a party from your doorstep, that’s not Fort Greene. But, don’t despair! It’s a fairly well-connected neighborhood if you don’t mind taking public transit when you go clubbing. The neighborhood is connected to a lot of trains and subway lines, and of course taxis. You’re not dooming yourself to a life of knitting!

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