Guide to Christmas in Brooklyn

Glittery store windows, light decorations and shopping frenzy are unmistakable signs that Christmas is just around the corner. If the enchantment of Christmas is still not getting to you, it’s not your fault. It’s the hectic life and everyday worries that prevent us from getting into the festive mood. However, if you spend your holidays in Brooklyn, Christmas celebration in the Kings County has its way to warm even the coldest heart.

Decorations on a branch of the Christmas tree
Brooklyn is the most beautiful in Christmas time

If you’re looking for a way to experience the true magic of Christmas, take a walk through the avenues of the Brooklyn borough in the holiday season. Whether you’re into concerts and performances or unique gift shopping, you are bound to have fun. Christmas in Brooklyn truly is something to remember!


Located in the southwest part of the Brooklyn borough, this suburban neighborhood is home to the most elaborate lighting displays in New York. Beautiful homes with driveways and backyards are generally reserved for more affluent families moving to Brooklyn. However, the Christmas season attracts a number of people from all over New York to wander around the area and enjoy the scenery. The locals are competing among themselves in Christmas decorations. Absolutely over the top, these displays of Christmas lights have gradually become an attraction for tourists, local residents and kids. With inflatable Santas and carols blasting from almost every home, Dyker Heights do not lack in festive spirit. Enjoy a long walk through the neighborhood and explore the houses on foot. If you are not sure where to go, there are maps and guided tours that last for several hours.


How about chocolate tasting or sliding down a giant inflatable slide? The program of Winterfest Brooklyn includes a number of family-friendly activities and events kids simply adore. Entrance is free, however, the admission to some of the attractions requires a small fee.

Chocolate cake pops.
How about chocolate tasting at the Candy Dome?

The attractions include the enchanted maze, a visit to the Candy Dome, spending time with Santa and Mrs Clause and other. As for adults, you can keep your hands warm with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine. Or go shopping for unique gifts and handmade accessories. In addition, visitors can enjoy live music and various performances which are a part of the entertainment program.


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden hosts a number of events that last through the holiday season. One of the most popular is the wandering winter solstice concert, an active performance that takes place in recently restored sections of the Garden. The audience participates in musical accompaniment, while a world-class baritone Tobias Greenhalgh leads the performance. Picturesque surroundings of the Botanic Garden reflect the mental images created by Schubert’s music.


Christmas in Brooklyn has a little something to offer to sports fans as well. A unique entertainment show takes place at Barclays Center at this time of the year. A world-famous exhibition team of basketball athletes return to Brooklyn every year to make a show for the whole family. The combination of superior athletic skills and comedy make this event one of a kind. The fact that they have played more than 26,000 exhibition games speaks enough about their popularity worldwide. The roster of basketball stars guarantees a stunning exhibition sports fans are bound to enjoy.


This scenic waterfront park along the East River shoreline is a perfect place to visit in the holiday season. It’s home to Jane’s Carousel, a beautiful merry-go-round which was originally built in 1922. Upon restoration, it was opened to the public in the Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2011. A ride on the elaborate 48-horses marry-go-round is a great way to have fun, especially if you have kids. But why not treat yourself as well? It’s great to be a child once again, especially in the Christmas time!


Instead of elbowing your way through overcrowded malls, opt for a different kind of shopping experience. With 60 vendors offering handmade products, unique items of vintage clothing and Christmas decorations, it’s hard not to go on a shopping spree. And the great thing is – you can negotiate prices! If the shopping spree makes you tired and hungry, Smorgasburg booths will take care of that. Savory food, brews, wine and cocktails will make the Brooklyn Christmas shopping one of a kind experience!


If you have arrived to Brooklyn from far away and have no idea where to shop in the holiday season, visit Prospect Heights and Park Slope. As the Christmas approaches, you can find all kinds of bargains and a variety of products at discount prices. In addition, there are free food and wine tasting.

A cup of mulled wine with Christmas decorations.
Enjoy a cup of mulled wine in open-air markets

If you have traveled a long way, these holiday markets are the best way to lift your spirits and get you into the festive mood. Ask long distance moving companies in Brooklyn to tell you the truth. Nobody leaves Brooklyn in Christmas time. But newcomers keep them busier than ever!


Celebrating your Christmas in Brooklyn is incomplete without a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s rather simple, but still one of the best free activities and one of the greatest ways to experience the magic of the holiday in NYC. Forget about the fuss of everyday life and simply enjoy the view. Walk slowly and seize the opportunity to relax. NYC is most beautiful in Christmas time!

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