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If you have never moved before, there is a big probability you are not all too familiar with the term `moving quotes.` As professionals, we here at Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC know that getting a precise and timely moving quote is of the essence for any relocation, be it long distance or a local one. And, as we are always here to help you and be your guide in this process, we would like to enhance your knowledge about moving. A moving quote is a cost estimate, in other words. It is an estimate of how expensive or cheap your upcoming relocation will be. Here is everything you need to know about our moving quotes in NYC, and how to get them.

With us, the process of getting moving quotes in NYC is easy

We all know how busy and hectic moving can be. There are many things you must do, like pack your cherished possessions, transfer utilities, buy different types of moving boxes, etc. The last thing you need is to spend hours figuring out how much you need to save up to be able to afford to book your movers. Luckily, with us, this process shouldn`t take up more than a few minutes out of your busy schedule. We have made it as easy and as quick as possible.

  • The first step to getting moving quotes in New York City can be done over our website. You can find a free moving quote calculator, where you will input some particularities about your move. As a result, you will get a rough estimate of your upcoming expenses.
  • Another way to get an easy estimate of your costs is over the phone. On that initial phone call, you can give us all the details of your move, such as the distance of your relocation, and we will give you an approximate moving quote.
  • Alternatively, you can request an in-home cost estimate. This is the best way to get the most precise cost estimate.

Getting our NYC moving quotes has never been easier. All you have to do is make a small effort on your part, and we will take care of the rest!

Free Moving Quote For NYC Relocation

A word of advice – have all the details

To make the process of getting a moving quote as precise and easy as possible, you need to gather all the details pertaining to your relocation before making that first phone call. For example, if you are moving to Brooklyn, you need to know how many heavy items you will be transporting. Only after knowing all the key features of your move can we give you the most accurate moving quote possible. That is something that works both in your and our favor.

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Even though you will get a precise estimate of your impending costs, there is no reason for you to live in the dark. It would be beneficial if you knew which things will impact your final bill. Perhaps, you may be able to make a few cuts here and there and save some money while moving.

The distance of the move greatly affects moving quotes for NYC

The first thing that any mover will ask is whether you are moving locally or across the state borders. Namely, your movers need to know how much they will have to travel in order to relocate you. As you can imagine, the farther you move, the bigger your moving cost will be because:

  • We will have to spend more money on gas.
  • We will need to pass more road tolls.
  • It will take us more hours to transport your possessions.
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The complexity or the simplicity of the move

The next thing we will look at is how easy or difficult your relocation will be. As you may be able to guess, the more difficult your move is, the more expensive it will be. When it comes to residential moving, there are some features that can make your relocation challenging.

  • If you have a lot of heavyweight items, your relocation is classified as a complex one. 
  • If there are a lot of stairs your movers need to climb up and down when relocating you, it will add to the moving quote. 
  • And, if it happens that you have some items that require special handling, get ready to hand over some money, as your relocation quickly becomes more complex. 

The size of your home and the number of rooms affect the moving quote

In case you are moving out of a small condo or one-bedroom apartment, it won`t take us too long to relocate you. A few hours will be more than enough for handling this task. However, if we need to move you out of a spacious home, this process could take some time. We will need to hire more movers, and they will spend at least 8 hours on your relocation. Since every mover is paid individually, you can realize how this will add to your moving quote in NYC.

The date of your relocation

Believe it or not, even a seemingly meaningless thing like the date of your relocation plays a role in the final moving cost. Winter is the off-peak season for moving. If you move during the winter when the moving companies are not too busy, chances are your moving quote will be lower. Vice versa, if you decide to move during the summer or early fall, you could be facing a much higher price estimate.

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Special Services – Art Handling in NYC

Finally, every service you opt for will significantly add to our moving quotes in New York. Services like art handling or piano moving are pricey. However, paying for them will certainly turn out to be cheaper than damaging your valuables. During relocation, that is the last thing you want to happen. Hire Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC, get the best moving quotes, and enjoy a stress-free relocation!