Finding the right storage boxes

Packing and sorting a storage unit can be complicated. A lot of people are unsure about how they should do it. What type of storage boxes they need, how to organize it and the most important thing – how to make sure that everything is safe and sound. You can find a lot of different ads for storage Brooklyn, but you need to make sure that you choose the best for you and your belongings. Finding proper packing materials for storage can be easy or it can be complicated. It depends on what are the items you are storing and how delicate they are.

What are the types of storage boxes you can use?

So, naturally, the most important thing is to choose proper boxes. There are a lot of different types of storage boxes. Also, there so many options and a lot of them are reusable packing materials. There are simple cardboard boxes, plastic bins, and specialty boxes. Depending on the type of belongings you plan to store you need to choose proper boxes.

storage boxes
There are so many different types of storage boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most common

When it comes to moving and storing – cardboard boxes are the most common things you will see. Most of the people use them, and you can easily either repurpose them or recycle them. One of the main reasons why people often choose this type of storage boxes is their price. They are not expensive, light. You can stack them, label them. They are a good option if you are moving locally and you need a storage unit just for a couple of weeks  –  this is a great option.

Cardboard boxes used as storage boxes
Cardboard boxes are the most common ones

But if you plan to store something long-term cardboard boxes might not be a great solution. One of the bad sides of the cardboard boxes is the fact that they can get easily damaged. And if you do not rent a climate-controlled storage unit heat and humidity can damage them. Also, if you want to save some money and you are renting a storage unit that is not very well secured and you use cardboard boxes – there might be even rodent damage. You need to consider all of these things before you decide what type of moving and storage boxes you plan on using.

Plastic bins are an eco-friendly option

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to using plastic bins as storage boxes. Plastic bins are eco-friendly and you can reuse them. They might cost a little bit more in the beginning, but you will be able to use them for years. You can use them in your storage unit, or you can repurpose them and use them at your home. The choice is yours.

They are ideal boxes for storage, they can be labeled easily. And if you choose see-through bins – you won’t even have to label them. And, you do not have to use tape. They are self-sealable. This is a great choice especially if you plan to store things for the long-term. And, even if you have a couple of them leftover – you can use them in so many ways.

Why you might need specialty boxes as your storage boxes?

There are some items that simply require a specialty box. They need a custom made box to keep the item safe and although they might seem expensive – they can save you money later. These types of boxes are used for art, sculptures, paintings, electronics, etc. And if you have some sculptures or paintings – you can search for art crating NYC. They can provide you with a specific box that is specially created for that item.

sign for fragile
Fragile items require specialty boxes

The best part is that your item will be safe, transport or storage – there will be no damage. As we mentioned, they are a little bit more expensive than a regular box but they are worth that money. You get a level of safety that you would never reach with a simple cardboard or plastic box.

Where you can find boxes?

Well, here you have a lot of options. You can purchase them from your moving company. You can ask around does anyone has some leftover boxes that you can use. Also, you can search for free boxes online on different websites. And you can try to find boxes in local stores. And of course, you can get in touch with companies that sell boxes for storage and moving, that can provide you with a lot of details.

How to choose the right size?

A lot of people will get a couple of large boxes and place all of the items inside of them. And although that might seem like a great idea, in reality, it is not. Your belongings will get damaged very easily, and you won’t know where your belongings are. You can lose them and you can damage them. One thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing storage boxes is that they are neither too small neither too large. There should be plenty of space, but you shouldn’t overpack them. Measure your belongings and make sure that you get the boxes of the right size.

moving box with things
You should choose a box that can fit your belongings but don’t over-pack it

What to do when you choose proper storage boxes?

Well, once you have found the boxes that are food for you and suit your belongings – you need to choose a proper storage unit. Also, you need to make an inventory list of all the items that are going to the storage unit. In case you need them – you need to know where they are and in which box. Since you will be labeling boxes for moving, you should label boxes for storage as well. And in case you still do not have a moving company, you can find one that offers storage services as well. You can get a free moving quote that includes storage as well.

Handle boxes with care

When you get to the point to put the boxes into a storage unit make sure that you are packing them correctly. Don’t just throw them in, and stack them. Pack them in wisely, and do your best to use all the space in the storage unit. 

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