Challenges for first-time Brooklyn renters

Real estate is generally regarded as one of the most lucrative areas for investing in. People have needed homes since the dawn of time, people need them still and will most likely continue to need them for as long as humankind exists. That is why it is such a popular are for investing in. There are simply a lot of perks for such a decision. However, for those people who are looking to rent a place for themselves i.e. who are not the landlords, but tenants, things can get tricky. There are many challenges for first-time Brooklyn renters and renters in general, from hiring a good moving company to picking the best moving date, and we have prepared a list of them in order to help you prepare for the trials at hand. 

How to find your perfect apartment?

The answer is – You don’t. Unless you get really lucky, it is practically impossible to find the perfect apartment. However, what you can do is to find the next best thing. This is probably the toughest of all the challenges for first-time Brooklyn renters. The way to go about finding an apartment in Brooklyn that suits you is to make a list. What list? Well, you should make a list of all the traits you are looking for in an apartment. This list should have several priority levels. The top-level section should have things like the distance from your job and the nearest hospital, for instance. If you have kids, then the proximity of school should also be on your to-level list. If you are alone or have a partner, you probably do not need a large apartment, but if you have kids, then several rooms are probably a must-have.

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Before you move into a new place, you should pick it carefully

The level below this one should consist of important things that you could still, if everything else measures up satisfyingly, be alright with. For instance, if you have a family, then the proximity of school would probably be in the first list, and the proximity of your job would be on the second one. What is public transportation like in a particular neighborhood? If you are not driving, then this can be really big. After you are done with this level, the level bellow is what things you would really like to have, but that you do not really need that much. So, things like being on a particular floor, or having a balcony, for instance. You can then either stop here or make another list for the extra things you may want. These would be things like the apartment being close to a movie theater or a food chain.

Preparing the move properly is one of the challenges for the first-time Brooklyn renters

Yes, moving to a new home does not happen every couple of weeks. However, it is still a really big deal, especially if you are moving for the first time. So, what you need to do is to make sure that you spend enough time planning it. There are many things that you have to take care of when moving that may involve things like finding some storage Brooklyn movers may offer, but also planning the packing process. You have to make sure that everything goes smoothly because you do not want the next chapter of your life in your new place to start with filing an insurance claim or running through courts because your super expensive TV was broken during the move.

there are many challenges for first-time Brooklyn renters
There are many challenges for first-time Brooklyn renters and we have prepared a guide to help you

You should definitely take your time finding a good moving company. Watch out for the scammers, because as is the case in any other industry there are those that would trick you in this one too. And it is a fact that hiring movers can really make your transition of your new life feel like a smooth ride. If you are in need of some antique furniture movers NYC, or you are looking over for someone to help you with your long-distance move, do thorough research beforehand. Check the online reviews, and look for personal recommendations. This is really important, so do not skip any steps. 

The requirements of becoming a renter

Everything we said in the sections above is really important, and this section is no different. It is crucial that you are familiar with what your rights as are, but also what our obligations are. Your potential landlords are going to be really hard on you in regards to all the documentation and data that you will have to provide. Your driver’s license, Social Security number, recent employment history, rental history, bank information, and credit lines, proof of income, and personal references with all of the contact information are all things that will go through a thorough check before the landlord decides that they should choose you as a tenant. If you have problems with acquiring any of these pieces of information, then you should first make sure that you wrap all that up before you go hunting for your apartment. 

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Do not waste your time, and prepare all your data in advance

Another thing to bear in mind is that you should not go about applying for as many apartments as possible at once. This is because the rental application process is a complex thing. If you do apply for a lot of apartment all at once, you will face two problems. Firstly, it can be quite expensive. Some of the rental agencies and even landlords have application fees that you cannot refund. Secondly, too many applications will lead to too many hard checks on your credit record. This will, in turn, lower your credit score which is a really bad thing when trying to rent a home for yourself. However, do not send just one application at a time. You may end up losing a perfect place just because someone applied before you. It is important to find a balance between the two approaches that will suit you best.

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