How to Pack Glass Bottles Before Moving?

If you have to move wine or liquor to your new home, you should pack and handle them carefully. Transport them safely and make sure they reach the final destination in one piece. Glass is notoriously difficult to move – not only it’s fragile but it also tends to get really heavy. So naturally, packing your glass bottles for moving may seem challenging. Luckily, there are simple steps to have your bottles arrive at your new home intact. All it takes to pack bottles is a bit of time, a few simple supplies, and some easy guidelines from professional movers. To help you prevent any damage and transport your liquor safely, follow our guide on how to pack glass bottles before moving.

Wine Bottles In A Wooden Box

Sort out

Before you start packing every single glass bottle you have in your household, go ahead and sort them out. Do a small inventory and see which bottles are almost empty. Also, check if some are broken and decide which bottles are worth moving. It’s no secret that relocation can get expensive. So, choose wisely what you’re taking with you and what you leave behind. Moving companies usually charge based on the overall weight of your shipment. So, you’ll want to be cautious about liquor and wine bottles that are heavy. Sorting your glass bottles out will help you declutter and move only what you truly plan to use. Downsizing is one of the easiest ways to cut costs when moving. Keep this in mind when packing your bottles.

Gather packing supplies

Now that you have separated bottles you want to move, you can go ahead and gather the necessary supplies. In case you’re moving wine bottles, you’ll benefit most from getting specialty wine shipping boxes. They are helpful since they’re designed to keep bottles completely secured. These specialty boxes are easy to find in a store or online. They come in various sizes so you can find the one that works for you. In case you’re moving on a budget, you can go for regular cardboard boxes. Just place cardboard dividers inside to get a design similar to a specialty box. You will also need to get packing paper as well as packing paper. The last supply you need is one you probably have in your home already – a sharpie marker.

A Man Places Cardboard Dividers In A Cardboard Box

Wrap each glass bottle before packing

Now that you have packing supplies you need to pack glass bottles, you’ll want to use packing paper first and wrap each bottle to protect it against scratches. It’s one of the best ways to protect and pack fragile items. That way you will create the first layer of protection for your bottles. Before you do so, make sure each bottle is properly closed and caps are tight – you can also wrap the tape around the cap of the bottle a few times to make sure it doesn’t come off in transit. To wrap each bottle, you must first place a stacking paper on a flat surface – a table or kitchen worktop will be best for this.

You will then want to place the bottle on its side and roll it pushing forward, using two or three sheets of paper for best results. Make sure the neck of the bottle is tightly wrapped and then use packing tape to secure it in place.

Box up

Once all of the bottles are packed and ready to go, it’s time to place them inside boxes. Make sure you’re careful about putting the bottle inside the box and add more crumpled paper if it looks like they will shift in transit. There should be no movement at all while moving so use as much additional padding as needed. If you’re worried that this is not enough protection, you can also create soft cushioning at the bottom of the box before placing bottles inside.  Use packing tape to seal to box and prevent it from opening during the move.


Your last supply is a sharpie marker and you’ll use it now that everything is packed, sealed, and ready to go. Label moving boxes that contain glass bottles as “fragile” and draw arrows pointing upwards. This will let all of your helpers know that these boxes require special handling as well as to keep them in the horizontal position. Bottles should never be placed vertically as this will increase the chances of damage.

A Woman Is Labeling The Moving Boxes With A Marker Pen


Your last step is to load the boxes into a moving truck. Liquor boxes can get extremely heavy so check how heavy each box is and get help if needed – never try lifting by yourself because it can lead to a nasty back injury. While loading, avoid stacking the boxes since this can make them fall and break the bottles and also make sure nothing is placed on top or boxes can crush from the weight.


These easy steps should help you pack your glass bottles before moving and have them intact at your new home. If you’re performing a DIY move, you should be able to still have a smooth and efficient relocation. As always, the best way to move is to hire professional moving services Brooklyn and not worry about a single thing. Full-service movers will pack all of your household items and transport them safely to your new address. But in case you have an expensive wine collection or plan on moving some extremely valuable liquor, you may benefit the most from specialized movers, such as NYC art movers, specialized in moving expensive and fragile cargo.

Before you decide what the best way to move bottles is, go ahead and check your options. Request several moving quotes Brooklyn from reliable and licensed Brooklyn moversit may pay off more than doing things yourself and risking damaging your precious liquor. If you’re thinking about hiring professional movers to help with your upcoming move, feel free to reach out to Dorothy And Martha Moving NYC. We’ll be more than happy to assess your belongings and provide an accurate moving quote completely free of charge. Let’s connect!

How to Reduce Food Waste When Moving

Many things need to be done when you are moving, and the last thing you think about is food in your refrigerator. It is wrong to throw away food that is still good for consumption, but at the same time, it is unnecessary to keep all food supplies that you do not need. For that reason, here are some suggestions that can help you to reduce food waste when moving. There are a few necessary steps to complete this part:

  • Create an inventory of all food you have;
  • Get rid of expired food;
  • Use leftovers as much as you can;
  • Share your non-perishable food with friends, family, etc.
  • Give away extra food to charity organizations.

Start making your meal plan

A few weeks before your move starts, make a meal plan which will save your money and reduce food waste. Like this, you will make your purchasing easy and practical because you will not buy food that you do not need. Before you go shopping, always check what sort of ingredients you have in your kitchen to ensure leftovers can be used before you start making a new list for food.

Make an inventory of your food

As we said before, the main thing you should do is to check what sort of food you have in your home and create an inventory list. Take a look in your fridge, freezer, drawers, every secret place, and start sorting all food content together. For instance:

  • Frozen food: Vegetables, meat, etc.
  • Liquid food: dressings, sauces, olive oil, cooking oil;
  • Refrigerated food: eggs, milk, cheese, cream, butter, etc.
  • Canned food: fruits, vegetables, soups;
  • Cooking/ Baking supplies: salt, sugar, dry pasta.

When everything is sorted, it will be simple to start with the next step by checking the expiration date.

Moving List Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC

Check the expiration date

The expiration date labels are something that consumers should check before purchasing any food. One of the reasons is in the microbiology and physical stability of the food and using them before they expire can give you more nutrients. Take extra precaution when deciding to eat food after the expiration date because sometimes that can cause serious health problems like food poisoning. Meanwhile, after separating all food that you have in your home, go through items and put aside all the food you will consume days or weeks before your moving.

Eat perishable food first

Perishable food is the sort of food you should consume first to avoid unnecessary waste. That is one reason not to buy more food before already eating what you have in the fridge, or use it to make a tasty dinner for your family, friends and make a phenomenal party before leaving.

Reduce Food Waste When Moving

Give non-perishable food

One smart way to prevent waste is to give non-perishable food to your friends, neighbors, or local charity. Moving to another place is a great way to share food with people without any wrong feelings about it because the primary reason is you cannot take all that food with you because of the higher cost of transportation or lack of space. At the same time, when you have too much non-perishable food in your kitchen, consider donating to the places like local charity. In this way, you will do something good for your community and people who really need it.
Before donating food, make sure that items are not opened and check if the expiration date is still valid. Many moving companies Brooklyn are collaborating with charity organizations, and they will donate your food for free, especially if they are part of the organization as Move for Hunger.

Prepare food that you will take with you

When you are done decluttering your food, it is time to start packing the food you are taking. Choose the right moving boxes Brooklyn. There can be all different sorts of food. For that reason, you will need to pack them properly. So, how to do that?

  • Frozen food: moving frozen food is not an advisable option, but in case you really need to take it with you, the best solution is to use coolers to transport it. Without a cooler device, frozen food will start to melt and become rotten. It can create damage to the other items you are carrying with you.
  • Dry food: packing dry food is less trouble than dealing with frozen food. Before you start with packing dry food in the cardboard box, do not forget to seal all open boxes or plastic bags with flour, sugar, salt, rice, pasta, etc. Afterward, set them in the zip lock bag to make sure there is no chance of spilling during your relocation.
  • Food in glass containers: this kind of food can be risky for transportation because of glass bottles or containers. Therefore, wrap your glass bottles with few layers of packing paper. The next step is taping paper bundles and keeping them secure from unwrapping before placing them in the box. If there is space between a cardboard box and bottles, put some crumpled paper inside to prevent moving and shifting inside the box. Also, do not forget to label boxes with food. Like this, you can identify them quickly after arriving at your new home.

Prepare food for travel to your new home

Moving day is very energy draining. In that way, you will need to think ahead and prepare food to keep your energy levels up. One more thing, you will probably have some additional help during your moving date from your friends, family, or professional movers. That’s why it will be great to prepare at least some snacks or sandwiches, same as beverages, as a token of gratitude for their hard work.

Two Young Male Movers

How to Identify Rogue Movers?

Before you embark on a rogue journey, make sure to check the credibility and reliability of the moving company you are eyeing to hire. Rogue movers became surprisingly common, so you want to be confident that you made the right choice. Don’t underestimate the power of recommendation. Ask around if your friends or colleagues have a word of praise for some NYC moving company they’ve dealt with in the past. Furthermore, get online and search for recommendations and positive reviews, as well as for movers’ FMCSA and a USDOT number. Unlicensed moving companies might be common, but our tips will help you recognize them on time and avoid getting scammed. Carry on reading to learn how to identify rogue movers and avoid being involved in a moving fraud.

Identify Rogue Movers: Fraud Alert

Common Rogue Movers Tactics

Internet is generally their main tool for sourcing marks, as they use tactics to rank in Google when people search for moving companies online. Illegitimate moving companies usually have some patterns, and these are some of them:

Estimate over the phone

Rogue movers will give you an estimate without visual, usually via email or a phone call. The important thing to note is that every legitimate moving company needs a visual to provide a quote. This part is absolutely necessary because they base their moving quotes on the total weight or size of the load.

Unusually low price

While some moving companies are more affordable than others, be careful if you get moving quotes Brooklyn that’s extremely low compared to all others. Don’t be too quick to settle on the lowest price, as this can be a clear indicator of rogue movers.

Surprisingly high bill

Another common way of rogue movers’ operating is delivering a bill that’s higher than you expected. They will give you the price after the move is done, and should you not pay, they will hold your belongings hostage until you do. Unlike fraudulent ones, a reliable moving company will always provide a written estimate with the price remaining the same.

Rogue Movers Identifiers

You can easily recognize fraudulent movers if you pay attention to the red flags that we’ve listed in the following text. Although these are not all the tricks that rogue movers have up their sleeves, they are the most common ones to look for when shopping around for a local NYC moving company.

Not doing an onsite inspection

If movers give you an estimate over the phone, you should instantly carry on finding services elsewhere. An estimate over the phone is possible via video call, which became more common nowadays for moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Movers can schedule a video chat and do a walkthrough of your home without visiting. An online estimate is pretty convenient, but don’t confuse this with simply getting a price over a phone call. The explanation for this is quite simple. Movers need to visually assess your household and all the belongings to give you an accurate price. Their cost is based on the number of items, the overall weight of the shipment, or the space it takes up in the moving truck. A reputable moving company will always insist on seeing your possessions before giving a price. If they don’t, keep on searching.

Demanding a large cash deposit ahead

There are a minimum number of payment methods that movers should have, and legitimate ones will never insist on cash. In case they do, that could imply that it’s for purposes of committing tax fraud, or being involved in another illegal activity. That makes them reluctant to leave a paper trail. Asking for a large cash deposit before the move is a huge red flag for you, and you should never agree to such a thing. Also, make sure to hire a moving company that has a transparent pricing system, such as Dorothy and Martha, to make sure you will not deal with hidden costs.

Money Saving on Your Long Distance Move

No paperwork

Registered movers will provide you with a booklet named Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. You should read it thoroughly to get the basic knowledge about moving and have a successful collaboration. The essential part of making it successful is protecting both parties involved – yourself and the moving company, and the right paperwork serves that purpose. You should also get an estimate that’s in a written form, Order for Service that has all the agreed services listed, Bill of Landing that is actually a contract between your movers and you, and the receipt of your belongings.

There might be additional paperwork provided to you, but the ones listed above should always be included. Never hire a company if they don’t provide paperwork for their services.

Movers don’t have an address

A legitimate company from any business area will have an official website with all the information. It should include their local address and a contact number to be able to reach them. Rogue movers often don’t have a physical address where you could visit their office. That can be a good sign for you that something is off.

A rental truck instead of company’s truck

Credible Brooklyn movers have their office, their employees, and their professional equipment. That includes their own trucks used for transporting your things. If a moving truck has a different label than a company’s name, consider this a warning sign. Do extra research on movers you are about to hire.

How to avoid rogue movers? Hire legitimate NYC movers

Legitimate NYC Movers

You can easily avoid rogue movers by hiring a reputable moving company in the NYC area. You can have peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice. At Dorothy and Martha moving services in NYC, we assist with all types of moves, including short distance, long-distance move, commercial business moves, etc. We are available should you have any questions, and we are happy to answer all of them. Contact us anytime to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Moving is not something that you do every day, so it is only natural that you want to do it in the best way possible. There are dozens of questions that pop up to you every day even before you begin with the preparations. This is exactly why we have created this simple guide on frequently asked questions about moving, that will help you relocate stress-free. The most important thing when relocating is to be organized and to learn as much as you can about the process itself. And everything will become much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

1. Should you hire movers for your relocation?

The first question that most people ask is whether or not to hire movers for their relocation. The truth is that only you can answer this question based on your individual needs. There are several factors that can influence your decision. A small, local move usually does not require professional help. If possible, you can ask your friends to help you with the relocation. On the other hand, a long-distance move can be nearly impossible to pull off without the pros. So, we highly recommend that you hire long distance movers Brooklyn to assist you with such a task.

Two Movers Carrying Cardboard Boxes Down the Stairs

2. How to find reputable movers?

If you decided to hire professional movers, you have a task to find reputable movers who will make your relocation easier. It is very important to avoid rogue movers, especially nowadays when they have all the resources available to deceive you. Here is how you can make sure your movers are worthy of hiring:

  • Recommendation – Ask your friends and family members who have recently moved for a recommendation. This is definitely one of the safest ways to find a good moving company.
  • Check their USDOT number – Ask your moving company to provide you with the USDOT number. You will use this number to find out more about your movers on the FMCSA site, and check if they have a license.
  • Compare several moving companies – In order to make sure that you will receive great service at an affordable price, you should compare at least 5 moving companies.

3. Should you tip your movers?

Tipping movers has become a common practice after the relocation has been successful. Of course, you are not obliged in any way to tip them. If you want to tip your movers, they will certainly be grateful. The average amount of money for tipping is $5 an hour per mover for a local move. And for a long-distance move, you should tip your movers between $6 and $8 per hour.

One of the Frequently Asked Questions About Moving is Should You Tip Your Movers

4. What types of moving insurance are there?

When you are about to relocate all of your belongings it is extremely important that you have moving insurance. In this way, you will be compensated if any of the items get lost or damaged by your movers. Here are the moving insurance types you can choose from:

  • Released value protection – With this type of moving insurance, you will receive approximately 0.60 cents per pound for any item lost or damaged. Of course, this is not much, and we do not recommend it for more expensive items.
  • Full value protection – In this case, you would get compensation equal to the current marketplace value of the item. You need to contact your moving company and ask them how much is the premium that you need to pay upfront for this moving insurance.
  • Items worth more than $100 per pound – You need to declare if you have such items before the relocation begins. If you do not do this, the moving company can reserve the right not to compensate you. The insurance policy is a bit different in this case, but all you need to do is to talk directly to your movers.

Signing a Moving Insurance

5. How can you save money on your relocation?

You have probably heard already that it costs way too much to relocate. And it is partly true, a relocation can certainly cost a lot, depending on the size and distance. However, there are a lot of ways in which you can save money during the process, and decrease the final bill.-

  • Packing supplies – Find free moving boxes at the Craigslist platform, or at your office. Use your old blankets, towels, and newspaper as protection instead of moving blankets, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Find all of your bags and suitcases and use them for packing, and pay extra attention when packing fragile items.
  • Get your friends to help you – Packing, loading, and unloading items can be done with the help of your friends easily. Just make sure that they will show up when agreed.
  • Only relocate the items you actually use – Get rid of all the items that you haven`t used in a while, it will significantly reduce your moving costs.

6. What to do with items you don`t want to relocate?

Think of moving as a perfect opportunity to get rid of everything you don`t need anymore. Clothes, kitchen appliances, old furniture, coffee mugs, etc. If you don`t like it, don`t use it, or if it does not function anymore, you should not relocate it. Here is what you can do with these items:

  • Donate – There are numerous charities where you can donate old furniture before you move. You will make someone happy, and you will feel better as well.
  • Sell – You can sell your items online, or make a garage sale. Whichever suits your needs best. Who would have thought that you could earn some money as well while relocating?
  • Throw away – Never feel guilty or sorry when you are about to throw the items away. They have served their purpose.

Organize a Garage Sale before You Hire Movers

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions when moving. Take each day at a time, and focus only on the things you can control. There is no need to worry, overthink, or stress out because things always work out in the end. Feel free to contact us for moving quotes Brooklyn anytime and, of course, good luck!

Tips for Moving in the Spring

With the arrival of the spring, you might feel energized to act upon what was delayed during cold winter times. Spring is the right time to make a new decision happen. Weather is brighter, nature is waking up, and you are ready to make a new life for yourself. There are various advantages to moving in the spring. Rent prices are lower, there is more availability of moving companies, and the weather is mild. Moving is surely a bold step, and not rarely it is stressful enough to go through the process. Prepare ahead of time and execute everything as smooth as possible. 

Before you proceed to the moving itself, most likely you will go through the research on where your new home will be, which house you will choose, etc. This will depend widely on the lifestyle you are looking for. Luckily enough, many tips can help you find your new residence. Many people share bits of advice online on how to find a perfect home. You will easily find many allies here-by doing research on Google, joining groups on Facebook related to a new hometown, searching for local tourism sites and blogs, or you can view government city websites and blogs.

There are a few aspects to consider when preparing for your moving journey. Follow some of the tips below to help you get the best out of your spring move:

Book in advance

Booking in Advance Movers for Your Spring Moving

When you are finally ready for a new chapter, an important step will be finding the right moving company. You want your possessions to be transported safely, in a timely and professional manner. Booking early means that you will be able to choose exactly what you are looking for rather than choosing from what is left available at the given time. Earlier in the spring is a good time for moving. The closer to the summer, the busier the moving companies get. Early booking will also help you be gentle on your budget, as many moving companies have massive discounts for booking ahead of time. You can get a free price quote to help you plan your budget and minimize the cost of moving.

The right time for your spring moving

Picking the Right Time for Spring Moving

If you are moving with kids, probably you are worried about extra scheduling that you will have to deal with. You want the move to be convenient, but you also want what is best for your kids. You want to avoid them having any turbulence during their school year. Make it easier by organizing your move during the spring break. This will help you avoid a headache in the middle of a busy week between school classes and moving. 

Spring cleaning

Cleaning before Moving in the Spring

Once you have the big move planned, you are ready for your next step – spring cleaning. This will refresh your entire home, and save the time later when it comes to packing. Start by cleaning only one area at a time. You might want to start with a room that has the most unused items. Who doesn’t enjoy getting rid of the clutter? Make categories by taking different boxes and marking them with “pack”, “trash”, or “pass”. The “pass” category should be the one with things you are sure you will no longer use but are in good condition to be thrown away. If you are into charity, you can donate those items. Go for quick research online to get more tips and ideas on how to make spring cleaning more entertaining and efficient.

Yard sale before moving in the spring

Now that your spring cleaning is done, you have those items that are marked as “pass”. Good enough that one man’s don’t-know-what-to-do with-item is another man’s treasure. Nowadays vintage and second-hand shops are as popular as ever because people enjoy the excitement of browsing through the randomness of this kind of sale. If you live in a neighborhood where you are familiar with most of the residents, you can even send some fun invitations. Let your friends know in advance about the pre-move garage sale. Check the forecast, choose one of the sunny spring days, put on some music, and get your possessions out in the yard. Go ahead and make some refreshments for your customers and make it all a fun experience for everyone. What’s better than shopping with music, good prices, and pink lemonade in your hand?  


Packing for Spring Moving

At this time you should have only be left with the stuff that you need and will use in your future home. It might get overwhelming to pack a whole house and easily get confused with mixed boxes. So before you start, make a strategy and supply yourself with necessary items such as a sufficient amount of boxes and duct tape. If you care about the environment, you can even rent recycled boxes. Proceed with packing strategically, one room at the time. This will make it easier to organize the boxes, as well as to save a whole lot of time once you reach your new destination. 


It might easily happen that the date of your move is the sunniest day of them all. However, as the spring is unpredictable, the rain might begin moments after the sunshine. Let this not come as a surprise to you and have your rain gear handy. Include a raincoat or an umbrella in the bag with things necessary for a trip. Wearing layers is also a smart move, as the temperature can drop or increase several times during one day. A shirt and a jacket are always an easy option, as you can wear a jacket around your waist in case you don’t need it. 

Any season has its pros and cons when it comes to moving. There is definitely more than one benefit to moving in the springtime. 

Dorothy & Martha moving company is here to be your perfect ally in your relocation. Wheatear you are moving near or long distance, our company got you covered. Get a free price quote ahead of time and get ready for your big move. Happy spring coming!

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