Brooklyn nightlife guide

So, you’ve finally moved to Brooklyn. You’ve unpacked your bags, connected your internet, and decided to treat yourself. Or maybe you’re only planning on moving to Brooklyn, and need a little boost to consider it over, say, Manhattan. Either way, you need to sample some of the best things that the Brooklyn nightlife scene has to offer! After all, New York is widely regarded as the city that never sleeps, and Brooklyn is no exception. Due to the variety between neighborhoods, there’s plenty of nightlife for every kind of person. No matter if you want you want out of the Brooklyn nightlife scene, this borough is bound to deliver, Brooklyn style. There’s a reason this borough’s the most trendy place to be in the entire city.

A DJ working a mixing table in Brooklyn nightlife.
No matter if you want a rave or a rock pub, there’s a place for you in Brooklyn.

Of course, Brooklyn nightlife is more varied than you might have assumed – it’s because there are so many things going on in this borough! Just check out all the music festivals happening! So, if your idea of kicking back is listening to a live classical music performance with a wine glass in hand, there are definitely locales for you. If your friend’s idea of nightlife is doing shots and sweating them out on the dance floor, there are definitely locales for them, too. Brooklyn does not discriminate. On the contrary, Brooklyn is here to party. And there are so many parties to pick from!

Brooklyn nightlife for metalheads and rock fans

Brooklyn nightlife isn’t all techno, raves, and light shows! Of course, the punk-rock, rock, and metal subculture is alive and kicking. You know what they say, punk’s not dead, just dead drunk. So when it comes to those kinds of pubs and bars, Brooklyn’s got the rest of the city beat. For example, just think about the Saint Vitus bar, with a stage in the back, for when you’re done scarfing down your pulled pork and guzzling your cheap beer. The website has quite the surprising roster of excellent performers. Live shows happen basically all the time! There’s never a dull moment when you’re a metalhead in this bar.

Brooklyn nightlife is teeming with a huge selection of beers.
You won’t stay thirsty or sober with such a wide selection of beers!

Of course, there’s a whole host of metal bars to choose from. But, one of them stands out – an alternative bar with a cult following and legendarily cheap beer. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only, Duff’s Brooklyn Bar, where you can drink and dance to your heart’s content. It’s definitely keeping the spirit of metal alive with a rowdy crowd and one of the best jukeboxes around. It looks rough around the edges because that is exactly how the metalheads like it!

Brooklyn nightlife for drinking cocktails

That might be a tad specific – but who doesn’t love well-made cocktails? After a few finely crafted cocktails, you’ll definitely be calling yourself a cocktail snob! Bars like Botanica and Fort Defiance hold the line when it comes to fancy cocktails – there’ll be no free-pouring in these bars! Of course, there’s also a bar called Daddy’s in Williamsburg, where you can try interesting new things like beer topped with a frozen margarita. Of course, if you’re fond of dives, especially dives with amazing fried chicken, bars like The Commodore (also in Williamsburg) are for you. And, if you get too hungover to plan your move, Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC are right there for you, though we draw the line at holding your bucket.

Brooklyn nightlife for live venues

Brooklyn is all about supporting local talent. From the host of local theater to the many venues where local bands start their ascension to stardom. And don’t think they’ve forgotten it, either! Many an established name go back to their roots and perform there! Brooklyn nightlife live venues have a special, raw quality to them – the people are there for the music, for the feelings, the atmosphere, and not because it’s the trendiest place to check in on Foursquare. This is especially true when it comes to Gowanus venues – plenty of artists and musicians are moving to Gowanus, making it a safe haven and an artists’ enclave. And you can’t mention Gowanus without mentioning The Bell House, one of the best venues in the business.

A DJ absolutely shredding it, complete with sound effects. The best in Brooklyn nightlife!
From DJs to bands, there’s no place to party like a Brooklyn live venue!

Brooklyn nightlife for clubbing in its purest form

Of course, clubbing is the first thing most people think of when it comes to nightlife. So, of course, Brooklyn does not disappoint. As if it ever could! No matter what neighborhood you call home, a great night club nearby is waiting for you, within a reasonable distance. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t clubs worth commuting for – on the contrary!

  • You can’t mention clubbing without mentioning House Of Yes – Brooklyn nightlife just wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s in Bushwick and is exactly what you’d expect from Bushwick. They have a team of creatives just to make every party absolutely unforgettable! Say yes to the House of Yes.
  • Clubs like Bembe are devoted to dancing! Often, they’re cash-only, so make sure to hit the ATM before hitting the streets. Also, make sure to dress light, as all the dancing makes the club quite warm!
  • The Black Flamingo is not the black sheep of this list! Head to East Williamsburg and see for yourself.
  • Have you ever wanted to party on a rooftop? Brooklyn clubs have got you covered – especially the roof of Output. Great view, great vibe.
  • Speaking of Output, there’s no better place for a good rave in the entire city.
  • The Good Room delivers on the promise of its name!
  • There are many reasons why Brooklyn is the best place for you, but if you love clubbing, we’ve just named several.

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