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Benefits of coworking spaces in Brooklyn

Carrie A.Finding a Job

Coworking has become more popular over the years. It is a good thing since it brings a well-needed change of the routine on the table. Imagine yourself working every day at the same time for years. It is a really

Tips for first-time homebuyers in Brooklyn

When you are about to buy a new house in a borough you don’t know, and in a neighborhood, you never lived in, some tips and trick are in order. That is why we are here. First-time homebuyers in Brooklyn

How to organize a long-distance move

If you need to organize a long-distance move, you can certainly benefit from some of our long-distance moving tips. Let’s make it happen together, effectively and quickly. From the moment you find out about your upcoming relocation, our movers will

Tips for living in smaller NYC spaces

New York City is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can be and do anything you want here. That is why so many people want to live here. But, being one of the most desirable places

Ways to handle a small move in Brooklyn

Most moving companies are specialized to handle large loads, typically 2000 lbs. and above. But sometimes you don’t need to move a full truckload or a whole household of items. In that case, it is not profitable to pay for

Best places for arts in Brooklyn

Carrie A.All About Brooklyn

There are world-famous museums and international art galleries in Manhattan. But Brooklyn has an exciting art scene created by the many creative people who live there. If you want to see stunning street art, look at the most modern galleries

Best things to do in Brooklyn this December

Carrie A.Best Neighborhoods

Brooklyn is an ideal place for a winter holiday. But what are the best things to do in Brooklyn this December? Spend seasonal purchases at craft festive markets, browse exhibits in museums, dine on farms to dining restaurants, skate in

Best places in NYC for job seekers

Carrie A.Finding a Job

There is always that one city on this planet that is somehow special. That feels like a center of the happenings of the world. The location of such a city changed many times, but in our time, it is clear

Great holiday part-time jobs in Brooklyn

Carrie A.Finding a Job

Living in the city that never sleeps is phenomenal. The Big Apple offers so many opportunities to enjoy and have fun. On the other hand, you have to earn enough money to be able to finance all your necessities and

How to Pack Your Clothes for Moving

Carrie A.Packing tips

One of the best ways to keep everything organized throughout the move is to sort closet items into categories.

Sort your clothes by season. This way of sorting clothes will help you to prevent clutter from accumulating after the relocation. For example, if you move in the winter, you’ll only need to unpack cold-weather wardrobe. Summer, spring, and fall clothing can simply remain packed inside boxes.
Sort by material. If you prefer this way of sorting your clothes, you can divide them into several different material categories. Besides, this way of sorting will make doing laundry much easier in the future.
Sort it differently for every person. Keep each person’s closet items separate. Label the boxes and supplies to make packing and unpacking an easier experience for every family member.

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