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Best jobs for musicians in NYC

Carrie A.Finding a Job

If you are thinking about moving to Brooklyn and starting a new page in your life, welcome aboard. NYC welcomes everyone and gives a lot of opportunities. What else can one expect from a city that never sleeps? As such,

Moving a piano: hiring professionals vs DIY

Carrie A.Moving Tips

Moving a piano is a serious task. There are so many little tricks that you need to be aware of. Pianos have more than 12,000 parts and they can weigh up to 1,260 lb. Thus, moving a piano is not

Most popular music festivals in NYC

New York is called the city that never sleeps for a damn good reason. It’s full of surprises and events. It’s the best place to be no matter what you’re doing! So, it’s not surprising NYC is so popular considering

Should you hire movers for a local relocation?

When moving down the block or across town, there is one question that immediately comes to mind – should you hire movers for a local relocation, or should you dare to do it by yourself? The answer is more complex

Interstate moving 101

Interstate moving has many layers that one needs to discover. If you’re moving to/from New York, you need the best long distance movers Brooklyn. One needs to know how to organize interstate moving, do the packing, hire the company that

Best ways to protect and pack fragile items

Carrie A.Moving Tips

Best ways to protect and pack fragile are here. You are in the right place. Everyone knows that the relocation itself has a lot of layers, especially when packing fragile items. That is why you need someone with experience to

How to become an art handler?

Carrie A.Finding a Job

To become an art handler, one should have an artistic background or at least an interest. It is not mandatory to have an artistic background, but in order to have a job, later on, it will be mandatory. The museums

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan

Living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan? That’s a reality for many of us. And while so many people around the world consider us lucky just because of the mere fact that we live in NYC, I fail to think

Moving from Miami to NYC

Moving away from lazy afternoons in the Miami sun to hectic streets and snowy winters of New York? Better prepare yourself for the big change of scenery and lifestyle. These two cities are so different in their nature that you

Best outdoor activities in Brooklyn

Carrie A.All About Brooklyn

Moving to Brooklyn soon? Great choice! You’re going to live in a big city and take all the advantages of it, while also enjoying time spent outdoors. There are so many outdoor activities in Brooklyn and options are endless. That’s