Best Singles Bars in Brooklyn

Are you moving to Brooklyn as a single person with a desire to find that special someone? You can bet that you’ll find somebody soon! Brooklyn has lots of cool bars, restaurants and the singles scene is buzzing. After your expert, Prospect Heights movers relocate you to your next dream home, hit the streets. You’ll immediately start discovering all its charming places. There are so many single people out there who are also looking for love! Fortunately, we have a list of best singles bars in Brooklyn for you to test your skills in.

1. The Ides at the Wythe Hotel needs almost no explanation as to why it is one of the best singles bars in Brooklyn

Sunset on a roof top, one of the best singles bars in Brooklyn
The mesmerizing sunset over the New York skyline is a memory waiting to be made with someone.
  • Unarguably one of the best bars in Brooklyn, The Ides rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel offers a magical view of Manhattan and the East River. Trendy Art Deco interiors come with an indoor lounge and a terrace with a few lounge sofas and chairs. There’s also lots of room for standing.
  • The Ides has upscale signature cocktails, very popular among the New York hipsters. A few beers and wines and a menu of small plates are available daily until 10 pm. The menu prices are inclusive of service and there is no need to tip.
  • The crowd is diverse, and after sunset, the atmosphere gets buzzing with people in their 20’s and early 30’s. If you are relocating as a single parent to Brooklyn, we are sure you’ll always find a table with nice and interesting people to join at The Ides. If you are looking for a significant someone, this is a good place to meet them, and it makes for a great romantic date.

2. The Wilky

This is a great, chill neighborhood bar focused on a unique craft beer experience. Warm atmosphere and a fantastic selection of craft beers, sandwiches and snacks promise you’ll always be able to find your favorite new beer. Explore the flavors with the help of knowledgeable and friendly bartenders. The food is limited, based mostly on sandwiches, snacks, and small bites that come with your beer. The cool bar has 18 constantly rotating beer taps for you explore. It’s highly recommended for meeting people of all ages and background, has a super friendly vibe and promises a laid back good time. Keep an eye out for special events, it’s rumored to have lots of good ones.

3. Doris may be climbing to the top of our best singles bars in Brooklyn list very soon!

If you thought Vinyl didn’t exist anymore, think again! You must agree that only the best singles bars in Brooklyn could have two DJ’s taking it back to good old vinyl records. Everywhere you go, there are these DJ’s with laptops clicking from song to song. In Doris, you’ll definitely see the crowd going, dancing to hits from the ’90s into the early 2000s. Drinks are strong, service is fast, the vibe is chill and intimate. It’s perfect for a date, and even your Fort Greene movers know this. The decor takes you to Southwest with a little bit of a Native American vibe. You’ll find a very cool crowd at Doris, with no need to get fancy or dress up. Everyone just comes relaxed, eager to dance and have a good time. Bonus they have is a nice backyard area. All in all, a great neighborhood spot to meet people.

4. The Bell House

The best way to fall in love may be by laughing together. Where else to do it with more eagerness and fun than by hanging out where there’s a comedy? Naturally, even on slow nights, you’ll still spot the lone comedy nerd sipping their drink waiting for the show to start. Go to The Bell House and mingle, because what time is better than now? Also, this place is one of the ideal date-night spots in Brooklyn. Just try not to open with a generic phrase, because chances are that this person knows too much to find it funny. Again. Just be natural, don’t try to hard to be funny.

A couple hugging, girl holding heart balloons, wintertime
He really hopes you find love at one of our recommendations!

5. Leyenda

Leyenda is a pan-Latin cocktail bar and restaurant by the people of the renowned Clover Club (that is just across the street!). Add Ivy Mix to that mix, the Best American Bartender at Tales of the Cocktail and you get a hell of a party. Leyenda embodies the spirits and traditions of Latin America to celebrate it with creative and classic cocktails. We also have to mention their traditional and modern takes on Latin dishes from across Central and South American and the Caribbean. The margaritas and pork tacos are in point. So is the unforgettable shrimp arepa. Try the Oye Como Va cocktail with your next crush.

6. Best Singles Bars in Brooklyn: The Crown Inn

Great selection of beer at one of the best singles bars in Brooklyn promises a good time for solid prices. At The Crown Inn, you’ll find a good selection of whiskeys and bourbons beside local craft beers. Happy hour is celebrated every day until 8 pm with $2 off beers. The atmosphere is cozy and dark inside calling for a great date, but there’s also a big back patio for larger groups. Awesome light bulbs. Make sure to look up from your date and notice the cool decorum. Visit the Black Tree sandwich guy in the back past the bar. Although they have expanded now, you can be sure that these seasonal/local produce gems got their start at The Crown Inn. They’re phenomenal!

7. The Jupiter Disco

Jupiter Disco’s block is so deserted that you might be surprised when a bouncer talks to you out of the blue. “Looking for Jupiter?” It has an unusual name and you would never say it’s one of the best singles bars in Brooklyn off the top of your head. It proudly celebrates a mid-century dystopian sci-fi theme. Furthermore, it has a great sound system playing the greatest music selection. Try your luck at this gem while sipping on some pop-culture–nodding cocktails. Named after everything from British progressive-rock songs, such is Confusion Will Be My Epitaph! To chapters of The Hobbit, such is a rye-and-sherry–blending Riddles in the Dark. Enjoy!

Light blue cocktail
The industrial, LED-lit bar is much less a cheap play at Instagram likes than an honest homage to the science-fiction genre.

8. Saint Vitus Bar

Last but not least, Saint Vitus made it to our best singles bars in Brooklyn as a world renown venue and event space located in Greenpoint. Saint Vitus has hosted some of the most prestigious bands in the world including Nirvana, The Descendants, Neurosis, Megadeth, Anthrax, and many more for one of a kind intimate shows. This beautiful black mahogany bar was tailor-made by bartenders. With a sleek but industrial, speakeasy-style Saint Vitus bar offers special events like art openings, film screenings, photo/video shoots, and even weddings. For a unique and hardcore dating experience, try hitting the scene at this Brooklyn establishment, we promise you won’t regret it!

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