Best places for arts in Brooklyn

There are world-famous museums and international art galleries in Manhattan. But Brooklyn has an exciting art scene created by the many creative people who live there. If you want to see stunning street art, look at the most modern galleries and spend several hours in first-class museums, then read our convenient guide to the best places for arts in Brooklyn. After all, you need some fun after looking for moving and storage Brooklyn.

So, what are the best places for arts in Brooklyn?

Gallery collectives

Today in Bushwick, you can find the largest and most active community of artists. Primarily in the blocks between the L-train Morgan Avenue and Jefferson Street stops. Once you exit the metro, you will see vibrant street art and BogArt, a former industrial warehouse turned into galleries and studios. In DAMBO, a number of galleries from 111 Front Street Galleries move into the old Galapagos Arts space, now called the Stable Building. Pioneer Works in Red Hook is a refurbished machine factory that now houses exhibition spaces, as well as workshops for artists. And if you need to take your art to your home later, you can take fine art transport services.

Street art Brooklyn
Buildings’ walls are one of the best places for arts in Brooklyn

Outstanding galleries

Visiting the Brooklyn art galleries can be a fun way to spend the day. But it takes some planning and really depends on what it shows. Most galleries in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, DUMBO, and Bushwick are open to the public on weekends. Some are open by appointment on weekdays.

Street art

Throughout Brooklyn, there is street art, from illegal markings to aerosol painting workshops. Famous ones include a fresco fainting in Red Hook on Conover and Pioneer Street, a tech-colored portraits of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Cobra on the corner of 9th North Street and Bedford Avenue, a massive stencil by Iranian brothers Aisi and Sot in the shade of the Williamsburg Bridge, a collage of Barry McGee on the side of Mark Morris’s dance troupe near BAM and Stephen Powers’s love letter to ESPO in Brooklyn on the side of Macy’s building in Downtown Brooklyn.

Visit street art centers such as Bushwick’s Troutman Street. There you can see the largest collection in the area hosted by the Bushwick Collective. Frescoes stretch for several blocks, and you will find cafes, restaurants, and bars scattered throughout. Nearby, on Moore Street and in the vicinity of Roberta and Bogart, new exhibits are constantly being exhibited in the buildings. At Greenpoint, impressive works are on display at warehouses around Indian Street Pier.

Public art installations

This is Brooklyn, so you never know what might come up. Follow to learn about interesting exhibitions. The magnificent plexiglass and steel water towers of Tom Fruin were so popular that they could become permanent.

Brooklyn museum
You can see African arts in the Brooklyn museum also

Museums and art centers

The Brooklyn Museum, located on the outskirts of Prospect Park, is a testament to the long history of the city supporting art. Inside you will find a rich permanent collection and revolving exhibits of hits such as Ai Weiwei. As well as aspiring Brooklyn artists such as Kehinde Wiley. In Fort Green, BRIC, an art organization serving Brooklyn since 1979, unveiled its huge new center in 2013, which features showrooms, film studios, and a 3,000-square-foot gallery. Clinton Hill Pratt Sculpture Park occupies the entire Brooklyn campus of the Art Institute and has about fifty works. In nearby Fort Green, MoCADA focuses on art with social or political information about the African diaspora.


The best way to get acquainted with the Brooklyn art scene is to visit open studios, block parties and festivals in different areas. Those are definitely the best places for arts in Brooklyn. And they are also ideal date-night spots. Greenpoint Gallery Night opens artists’ studios twice a year, in March and September. The Bushwick team has a massive party in the summer. With street artists working, food stands and live music stalls in and around Troutman Street. Similarly, Bushwick Open Studios and Gowanus Open Studios provide insiders access to the area’s usually private workshops. In Williamsburg, the second Friday of every month is the gallery’s evening. And in DAMBO it is the first Thursday of most months.

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