Best NYC neighborhoods for retirees

So, you’ve decided to retire to the greatest city in the world. Good choice – why should young people have all the fun? Plus, especially if you’ve lived in New York most of your life, nothing else can compare. New York has such a specific, eclectic culture, that it can be hard to get used to another place. Of course, plenty of people won’t believe there are any NYC neighborhoods for retirees, but a true New Yorker will tell you otherwise. After all, you might think NYC is just for busy young start-up professionals, but Park Slope is an endless cavalcade of strollers and families. The city that never sleeps isn’t just for nervous college students! Not to mention that downsizing to an apartment will do wonders for household obligations. You won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or sweeping leaves.

A smiling grandpa and granddaughter, in one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees.
Are you looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees?

What do you need from NYC neighborhoods for retirees?

New York isn’t as cold and inhospitable as stereotyped. However, it is in fact just as expensive as stereotyped! You might not find an appropriate apartment in the center of the city, even if you’re moving to Brooklyn on a budget. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the right fit downtown! There are plenty of other neighborhoods that are happy to welcome you aboard. Not to mention there’s an age-friendly NYC initiative, solid proof that this city isn’t just for young people! You can age happy and healthy in NYC neighborhoods for retirees without a care in the world.

A grandma in a sombrero, enjoying in one of the NYC neighborhoods for retirees.
Maybe you can be more adventurous in one of the NYC neighborhoods for retirees!
  • NYC neighborhoods for retirees – and NYC neighborhoods in general – are usually renting instead of buying. After all, an apartment in New York costs an obscene amount of money. So, if your heart is set on retiring to New York, you’re going to have to rent.
  • So, you need to consider your needs carefully. Retiring is still a lot of work before you can take your well-deserved rest!
  • Maybe you’re a seasoned New Yorker that’s just looking for a change of scenery. In that case, there’s still the question of hiring movers for a local relocation vs doing it DIY style.
  • You should look for neighborhoods that are close to what you need. NYC has a robust infrastructure and a well developed public transit net, but you have to think about the future. You know you’re only going to get less mobile as your age advances!
  • Fortunately, there are plenty of resources. For example, do you know about the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens?

Consider Hell’s Kitchen as one of the NYC neighborhoods for retirees

One of the prominent neighborhoods for retirees is, of course, Hell’s Kitchen. One of the biggest reasons for their prominent placement in affordable housing for retirees. Some places in Hell’s Kitchen offer very cheap housing for seniors, as outlined by their agreement with the Senior Center. Not to mention the low crime rates in Hell’s Kitchen! If you choose to spend retirement in Hell’s Kitchen, you can rest at ease knowing the odds of crime are incredibly low. Not to mention that Broadway is nearby, and can be accessed practically on foot! Of course, Central Park is a few blocks away too. You can take your grandchildren out on a stroll in NYC’s best park, known across the world!

What about Park Slope?

Park Slope is one of the more famous NYC neighborhoods for retirees – namely because it’s stereotyped as the family friendly neighborhood. And, that’s surprisingly accurate! Park Slope is one of NYC’s best neighborhoods to raise a family in, with breezy Sunday mornings bringing out the strollers in full force. Not to mention how it’s approachable and historic, with Brooklyn’s signature brownstones peppering the neighborhood. If you’re looking to move nearby with your children and grandchildren, Park Slope is one of the best places in NYC to do it. However, it leans towards the expensive side.

Three generations all in one place.
If you’re moving to help with grandchildren, the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees are the ones with your family in them.

What about the Upper East Side?

If the price is not a problem, Upper East Side is definitely an option. It’s known as a suburb in the middle of the city, and as such it’s perfect for retirees. However, due to high demand, it’s not really an option for anyone but the seriously wealthy. It’s perfect for leisure, however. For walks and sight-seeing, there is no better side than Upper East Side. That environment is definitely very comfortable for retirees – but it might be a bit crowded because of the desirability of the neighborhood. However, the desirability is there for a reason!

Is Murray Hill one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees?

According to popular opinion, definitely! Especially because it’s so close to several renowned health centers. Murray Hill is also remarkably crime-free, so it’s definitely a comfortable place to spend your retirement in. Not to mention the down-to-earth feel of the general neighborhood, so you don’t have to choke in the crowd in order to live comfortably in NYC. Muray Hill is also surprisingly close to many of the important landmarks that New York is famous for. So if you’re in love with the city because of things to do in Brooklyn you’ll definitely love living in Murray Hill.

What about Chelsea?

Chelsea might seem like an odd choice when it comes to the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees. After all, isn’t Chelsea known as an adventurous, party district? Yes, but it’s also a haven for art lovers, so if you’ve got specific tastes Chelsea is where to satisfy them. Not to mention the Hudson Guild Senior Services Center, that’s located right at the beginning of the neighborhood! It’s definitely neighborhood Brooklyn movers and art handlers can carefully transport you to.

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