Best NYC Neighborhoods for Newcomers

Are you a newcomer to NYC? And looking for NYC neighborhoods for newcomers? Congratulations! You’ve seized the opportunity to live and work in the City That Never Sleeps and now you’re living your dream. But when the dream becomes reality, you are faced with some real problems you need to deal with. For example – where to settle in? What kind of transportation should I use? Will I have the means to live in this neighborhood? Settling in New York for the first time can make you feel you bit off more than you can chew. And the housing market doesn’t make it any easier.


Now you’ve moved to New York, you have a world of opportunities before you. Well, not exactly. Living in NYC can truly chew you up if you fail to make the best out of the possibilities the city has to offer. First and foremost, you cannot afford to live in every part of New York.

New York cityscape. - NYC neighborhoods for newcomers
Here you will find some of the NYC neighborhoods for newcomers

If you have watched too much of Carrie Bradshaw, forget about it. You are not going to live in a fabulous apartment in Manhattan, buy designer shoes and dine out in trendy restaurants every single day. Reality is somewhat different. But good news is there are wonderful NYC neighborhoods for newcomers to settle in. We’ve made a list of top 5 NYC newcomers’ neighborhoods of our choice. Who knows, some of them may become your new home!

And these are our top NYC neighborhoods for newcomers!


Astoria is the most popular Queens neighborhood with reasonably priced housing and a small-town feel that welcomes newcomers. Only 15 minutes away from Midtown Manhattan, Astoria has become a favorite place for young professionals over the past decade. With accessible subway lines, commuting is made as easy as it can be. As for culinary scene, one cannot fail to mention wonderful Greek cuisine that attracts traditional Greek food lovers from all over New York to Astoria. As for median rent, we could call it reasonable. Tenants in Astoria averagely set apart $2,300 for rental costs.


How about moving to Brooklyn? Vibrant art scene, live music performances and great dining – that’s Williamsburg. In terms of culture and demography, this neighborhood is very diverse and you are most likely to feel at home no matter where you came from. Just a subway ride from Manhattan (though the line will be closed in 2019 due to scheduled damage repair), this place has everything a newcomer in NYC could wish for. Casual trendy bars, hip boutiques and the bohemian scene – you could become a part of one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the States.

A row of houses in Brooklyn.
Can we suggest moving to Brooklyn?

However, there is Williamsburg from another perspective. Even though statistics show that median monthly rent in Williamsburg amounts to $1025, most available rental units are located in new luxury buildings which rent at the median price of $3,095 a month. If you wish to live in this neighborhood, you need to explore the housing market in advance.


Maybe not the best among NYC neighborhoods for newcomers in terms of average rental costs, but Fort Green is definitely a place you need to consider. This peaceful community has the feel of a classic residential Brooklyn. Amazing architecture, the abundance of green spaces and dynamic social life continue to attract newcomers to move to Fort Greene. However, rental prices are somewhat above the average. Median rental prices range from $2,600 to $2,972, which places this neighborhood among affluent ones. But if you are looking for a true Brooklyn experience and a safe place to live and raise your family, Fort Greene has all you need.


Harlem is a huge Manhattan neighborhood which is slowly becoming more popular than Brooklyn among young professionals in search of employment and dynamic social life. It is very diverse in terms of housing opportunities. There are luxury residential units, worn out buildings and vacant lots. Some blocks have deteriorated so much that they can hardly attract anyone to settle in. But that’s not Harlem in general. Harlem boasts outstanding restaurants and a plethora of entertainment opportunities. Should you move to Harlem, you are likely to find the best soul food and BBQ in New York within a walking distance from your home. Another great thing about this community is a friendly attitude towards newcomers and fellow neighbors. As for rental prices, median monthly rent amounts to $2,200, which is above NYC average.


In the past decade, Bushwick has become one of the hip and trendy neighborhoods youngsters love to settle in. With bars, coffee shops and restaurants at nearly every corner, this place can keep you entertained for years to come. However, there’s much more to Bushwick than a long row of coffee shops. With a number of world-class contemporary art galleries, Bushwick has proudly turned into the center of NYC’s art scene. Open studios and multimedia events are a part of everyday life in the streets of Bushwick. In fact, some of the most popular art galleries in Brooklyn are located in the neighborhood.

Black and white photography exhibition.
Enjoy the amazing art scene Bushwick has to offer

The only downside of moving to Bushwick is the fact that its growing popularity has led to a substantial increase in median rent prices over the past years. However, $2100 for a rental price of a two-bedroom apartment is still reasonably affordable. If moving to Brooklyn is still among your preferences, Bushwick is a place to consider. And if you are looking for a moving company that can handle your relocation to Brooklyn quickly and efficiently, there’s Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC just around the corner. When you find local partners you can trust, your relocation to Brooklyn will be far easier.


If you’re an NYC beginner, you may feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of your future life in the big city. But once you come to grips with the rhythm of NYC, you’ll begin to enjoy every single day in this amazing metropolis. For starters, choose to live in one of the most convenient NYC neighborhoods for newcomers. When you get to know the city, move on if you like. NYC has so much to offer!

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