Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments

Rent prices are rising through the roof, leaving many people without a roof. As Manhattan slowly gets even more expensive, people start searching for neighborhoods to commute to Manhattan from, which makes those neighborhoods desirable, which increases their rent. So there’s no surprise when people start searching for the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments. After all, not everyone can – or wants to – live with six other people in a shoe-box in downtown Manhattan. So, with that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of neighborhoods you can find affordable places to live in.

A dramatic picture of the NYC subway, taken from one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments.
Neighborhoods you could commute from easily are rising in price. You should get them while they’re hot!

Of course, every neighborhood is different and has different things to offer. While none of them are lacking, and you won’t regret moving to any of them, you still should research the specific neighborhood you want to move in more thoroughly. After all, the best neighborhoods for retirees differ from the best neighborhoods for young professionals. There is one thing they all have in common though – that Brooklyn spirit. That Brooklyn sense of community and belonging. That is something money can’t buy, and it makes Brooklyn one of the best NYC boroughs.

Flatbush is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments

Flatbush is one of those growing neighborhoods. There are many things about this neighborhood that draw the eye of many different people, making it one of the most diverse neighborhoods in NYC. A lot of young professionals are moving to Flatbush, as it’s got an excellent location with low prices. Flatbush is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to housing, however – you’ll get anything from prewar apartments to old Victorian houses. However, such an eclectic mixture of places is sure to be very charming to the right person.

Flatbush boasts a wide variety of bodegas, supermarkets, fast food, and fine dining. No matter what kind of food you’re craving, Flatbush is likely to have you covered. Especially because the neighborhood is growing more and more every month! You don’t have to worry about entertainment with Flatbush – the Kings Theatre is newly renovated and ready to take guests. Overall, it’s the right time to move to Flatbush if you want to join the neighborhoods before prices inflate. You’re looking at a $2,100 per month median rent, which isn’t bad for a 40-minute commute to Manhattan.

Bay Ridge is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments

If you’re craving Old Brooklyn spirit, hiring Bay Ridge movers is the right choice for you. The neighborhood is keeping the Old Brooklyn spirit alive, and it shows from the way people act to the places they visit. It’s full of old-fashioned mom-and-pop stores, and family owned restaurants. You won’t find a packed chain store here! It’s all about supporting the community, and each other. It’s definitely one of the neighborhoods where everyone knows each other, where everyone waves hi in passing.

A small blonde toddler holding hands with their parents.
Bay Ridge is a great place to start a family!

After all, there’s a reason why families move to Bay Ridge! It’s a safe neighborhood, very family friendly and very tight-knit. You’ll feel right at home if you do the effort of reaching out to your neighbors. And at $1,900 per month, it’s definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments! Plus, the way housing is, you could pick between an apartment or a house with a yard. And, especially with growing children, a yard is definitely a bonus.

Park Slope might be one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments

Park Slope is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments if you enjoy a dash of hipster culture. The neighborhood is known far and wide as being a great place to raise children, but that’s not the only reason people are ringing Park Slope movers.

  • For one, the neighborhood has a fancy, artistic vibe. Everyone has something going on. There are no bored housewives here!
  • It’s a relaxed neighborhood. You won’t have neighbors watching your every move for gossip – sometimes, it’s relaxing to be anonymous. Not everyone wants a tight-knit community.
  • It’s got a wide selection of housing that you can get! Plus, think about the gorgeous brownstones.
  • Park Slope is full of fun things to do! You’ll never get bored in this neighborhood. Plus, while it’s definitely very well connected, you won’t have to leave it at all to find anything you want.

Sunset Park might be the best neighborhood in Brooklyn for low-income apartments

Sunset Park is like if Park Slope was down to Earth and diverse. With Park Slope prices rising, and gentrification going strong, many feel priced out or simply alienated from the stroller brigade. You won’t have those woes in Sunset Park. The neighborhood resists gentrification, comfortably housing people from all walks of life. Plus, there’s an actual Sunset Park! You’re way more likely to find a family-owned bodega near your home than a fancy shop selling artisan soap. And considering the hustle and bustle of NYC life, that’s a good thing! After all, who has time to do thorough food shopping instead of stopping by a shop on your way home?

A mother and a daughter chilling on a bench.
A good thing about Sunset Park is the park the neighborhood is called after. You can just unwind there after a long day at work!

Sunset Park is remarkably no-frills – it manages to be down to Earth and whimsical at the same time, but without the airs the fancier neighborhoods give themselves. It could be called quaint, even – it’s definitely a small, tight-knit community just looking out for each other. Moving to this Brooklyn neighborhood with children is not a mistake. The rent is around $2,000 per month, and it probably won’t rise. While it’s difficult to predict the trends gentrification will take, Sunset Park has undergone a rezoning effort which limited building height to 80 feet, which helps. That means it’s definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for low-income apartments.

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