Best free things to do in Brooklyn

If you moved to Brooklyn or are planning to do so, be ready for a lot of new things. Moving to a new city also means that you will have a bunch of new opportunities. Your life will definitely change, especially if you move to the Big Apple. Still don’t know how to approach the actual move? Contact Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC to have more information. You should have professionals by your side who will answer all your questions. One of them could be what are the best free things to do in Brooklyn? Stay tuned and find out how you can organize your antique moving. Prepare that moving checklist and do not wait for the last minute. So, let’s see what Brooklyn has to offer.

You have to plan the whole process

Whether you would like to conduct a residential move or visit the best park in Brooklyn, you need to plan it. There’s nothing best than a proper planning if you want to change your address. Since you will have a lot on your mind, take baby steps. This requires time. So, take your time so that you don’t forget something. One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is wander around Brooklyn to see what the best street art is.

Come prepared and see what the best routes are. Having said that, you will not waste your time and end up checking just a small part of the best street art in Brooklyn. Ask your friends who already live here to give you the most fitting advice. Maybe the best time to catch that perfect sunset is not when you think it is.

Write down some of the free things to do in Brooklyn
Create your own to-do-list

As well, some of the free things to do in Brooklyn are free only in some specific time like on weekends. That is why you need to be well organized. For example, if you want to experience the East River from a different perspective, you need to know when you can kayak for free. And that would be on Thursdays from 5:30 pm till 6:45 pm.

If you can do it only on weekends, then mark Saturdays in the period from 10:00 am till 3 pm in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This will suit you better if you are a morning person and you need that calm at the end of the week. Create the schedule in that way that it doesn’t bother you or disturb your rhythm. Yes, you will be living in the City That Never Sleeps, but you should always have some time for yourself.

More free things to do in Brooklyn

If you would like to check the best free things to do in Brooklyn with your kids, then head to the Brooklyn Children’s museum. From 2 to 6 pm on Thursdays – this is the time-frame your kids will enjoy most. They will have some time for education, but parties are also organized in the museum. During summer, you can also take them to McCarren Park for a movie.

On Wednesdays, outdoor movies are free. Free outdoor movies are being organized all around the city and this would be a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your kids. Movie selection is great if you want to feel nostalgic. Consider this as a picnic so bring the food, the blankets, and other necessities to feel the vibe. Then plan your trip for something else.

Picnicking is one more of free things to do in Brooklyn
Enjoy the food and summer vibe with your kids

By relocating to Brooklyn, you will discover more about other cultures and yourself. In the Target Brooklyn Community Garden you can dance to African rhythms on Wednesdays, just check the timetables. As well, you can experience French culture during Films on the Green festival.  The happening is taking place in different parks in the Big Apple, so check on time where and when will be the best solution for you. Movies by various French metteurs en scene will be presented.

In Governors Island, you can support new poets during the NYC Poetry Festival. The options are endless. All this and much more will be waiting for you if you decide to move to Brooklyn. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sing, attend the karaoke night on the Boardwalk.

What else do you need to know about the free things to do in Brooklyn?

There are so many more free things to do in Brooklyn like free biking in Governors Island. The route and the hours are free from 10 am to 12 pm, so use it well. At Brooklyn Bridge Park Shakespeare’s work is presented in the open. Don’t forget about the outdoor yoga classes given for free on Thursdays in Prospect Park.  Once you’re here, the world is yours, yet do you know all the steps of your antique moving?

If this is the type of relocation that you require, check the insurance policy. You certainly would like to know how your belongings are packed. That is why we are here, to ease your relocation pain and do everything smoothly. We understand what it means to give someone the trust to relocate your essential belongings.

One more of many free things do to in Brooklyn is biking
Catch the perfect view while biking

If your belongings require a special type of relocation such as fine art moving, you came to the right place. Our specialty is exactly art moving because the way we pack and transport the items. Contact us to have a quote and we will give you all the answers. Of course, to give all the answers for the best free things to do in Brooklyn is impossible. NYC offers so much that you will have to take some serious time to discover all of its beauty.  That is why you can use this as a sneak peek and continue the journey of moving to Brooklyn.

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