Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals

Looking for a good place to move? NYC is considered the place to be for the cream of the crop. From art to technology, New York is widely renown as a hub where professionals work and network. No matter if you’re an aspiring artist, someone looking to score a museum job in NYC, or a professional in an entirely different industry, Brooklyn has something for you. Of course, if you want to make your NYC career successful, you have to decide where to move first. Your neighborhood might not have a direct impact on what jobs you can get, but it will affect traffic time. So, of course, you have to look for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals. And that really does depend on what your profession is! An aspiring artist would do wonders in the Gowanus artist enclave, while a business major might have some trouble adjusting.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals vary from industry to industry, but a good tailor is still priceless.
Where you live will impact what your job offers are, if only because no one wants to dress in a three-piece suit only to squeeze around in the subway for two hours.

Of course, money plays a large part in it. New York is pretty pricey! That’s why many people choose to move to Brooklyn on a budget even if they have disposable income – that way they have a financial cushion. So, what kind of budget are you working with? There’s no shame in being broke. After all, New York is a hustler’s city, where everyone comes to making it big. Everyone is probably well acquainted with buying cup ramen in bulk while frantically job searching! So, it’s important to stay on budget when searching for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals.

What are you looking for in your neighborhood?

Hunting for an apartment in New York is notoriously tough unless you’re made of money. You’ll have to prioritize things. What’s the most important thing to you? Are you okay with living in a tiny apartment if it’s in a desirable location? Are you planning on commuting to Manhattan? What percentage of your income are you willing to spend on rent? Do you want roommates? Can you avoid them? Those are all questions that need answering before you can settle on the best neighborhood for you. Considering that apartment listings get snapped up really quickly in NYC, it’s better to have those questions answered before starting your search.

A dog.
Do you know what to look for?

Is Williamsburg one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals?

For the young and the fashionable, Williamsburg is the best place to be. It’s a hip, swanky neighborhood, full of street art and trendy places, yet undeniably Brooklyn to the core. This hipster, chic neighborhood can boast with a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, guaranteed you won’t get bored. Publications like FREEWilliamsburg are an excellent way to get a feel of the neighborhood’s spirit. Plus, it’s very close to Manhattan, so if your job takes you there, you can travel comfortably.

A building wall with a really cool piece of street art.
The best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young artists are flush with awesome street art.

That doesn’t mean you’ll need to leave Williamsburg to have fun, though! Various nightclubs pepper the neighborhood, providing excitement for its residents. And for people outside of Williamsburg  – that’s right, the place is drawing crowds! That isn’t even mentioning how the spacious neighborhood has plenty of activities for every kind of resident. If that sounds up your alley, Williamsburg movers are a phone call away.

What about Flatbush?

The neighborhood is amongst one of the best-connected neighborhoods in Brooklyn! Have you ever wanted to live 30 minutes from Manhattan, but didn’t want to have to sell a kidney to do it? Flatbush is the place for you! Plus, the price is affordable – well, affordable by New York standards. Not to mention that Flatbush has an intense, vibrant Caribbean scene, with delicious fast food and restaurants popping up all over the neighborhood. When it comes to nightclubs, you might have to venture out from the neighborhood to find the best party in the city, but that doesn’t mean that Flatbush is anything resembling “sleepy” or “dull”. The Brooklyn College for Performing Arts hosts many things in Flatbush!

Moving to Flatbush is always a solid choice. More and more young professionals are switching to Flatbush to be closer to their jobs in Manhattan. Of course, landlords are taking advantage of that by slowly inching the rents upward, but there’s still a lot of rent-stabilized places around. And with an uptick of popularity comes renovating – more and more apartments in Flatbush get fancy renovations. If you love cooking or need to save the money, the new fancy appliances that are common in Flatbush apartments will come in handy. It’s a coin toss if the buildings offer elevators or not, as well as roof space.

Is Bay Ridge one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals?

Bay Ridge always tops the charts when it comes to good places to live. It’s practically got everything – definitely why Bay Ridge movers are always in high demand. The neighborhood is at the waterfront, and surprisingly popular when it comes to young professionals looking to make it big. Of course, that means the neighborhood has expanded to fit it’s new residents!

  • You won’t go hungry in Bay Ridge. It’s got an ever-growing crop of old-school restaurants and other eateries.
  • The charming neighborhood barely has any crime to speak of! Everything is calm in Bay Ridge.
  • Unfortunately, it’s at the very end of the R-Line, so if quick access to the rest of the city is a deal-breaker for you, Bay Ridge isn’t for you.
  • You might wonder why a less-than-stellar commute neighborhood made it to the list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals. Simply put, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons.

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