Best art galleries in Brooklyn to visit

Have you moved to Brooklyn recently? Or perhaps you’ve been living here for years but still, remain unaware of all the hidden gems of this magnificent NYC borough. Be that as it may, you are probably looking for ways to enjoy life in Brooklyn as much as you can. And finding out what are the best art galleries in Brooklyn to visit might be a good start to do this. After all, visiting galleries is known to be a great way to get the know the culture and the art of a certain city. So, what should you pay attention to and where should you start looking during your search for the best galleries here in Brooklyn?

Things to pay attention to when choosing which gallery to visit

Whether you are a true connoisseur of art who had to use fine art transport services on your moving day to Brooklyn, or you are simply looking for fun activities around the city to enjoy – visiting best galleries in Brooklyn will definitely be an excellent form of entertainment. You’ll be enjoying the art and exploring the streets of Brooklyn at the same time.

three pictures on a wall of an art gallery
What should you pay attention to and where should you start looking during your search for the best galleries here in Brooklyn?

So try to plan out your day the right way:

  • Search for galleries that are close to each other. This way, you can visit a few of them on the same day. Wasting time in NYC traffic is never a good idea.
  • Figure out what sort of art is the focus of your interest. There are galleries that focus on contemporary art, whereas others mainly show their visitors the classic works of well-known artists.
  • If you are up for it, broaden your search for galleries even outside of the Brooklyn area. NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world, there’s no need to limit yourself to Brooklyn alone!

Keep in mind

Brooklyn is well-known for its artistic nature. There are so many artists, as well as a myriad of galleries all over this part of New York City. Make sure you’ve done your research properly before you start visiting the best art galleries in Brooklyn. Also, be careful – if you do not currently live in Brooklyn, but you are an art lover, you might fall in love with this place so easily. Next thing you know; you’ll be calling for statue moving company NYC to relocate all of your own art pieces here and never look back!

a person writing something in a planner notebook
Try to plan out your days of visiting art galleries the right way.

Microscope Gallery

This Bushwick gallery was founded in 2010 by Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti. If you enjoy visiting galleries that are able to present not only classical artwork, but also digital, video, sound, and performance art – then Mirosope Gallery is where you should go after moving to Brooklyn.

Real Fine Arts

This particular gallery is located in Greenpoint. Real Fine Arts was founded in 2008 by Tyler Dobson and Ben Morgan-Cleveland. Here you’ll find a place you can witness both art and art-related activities.


This gallery exists in both Brussels and Brooklyn. It was founded by Olivier Babin and is set in a 5,000-square-foot space in Bushwick. Here, you’ll get to see artists such as Harold Ancart, Sebastian Black, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Aaron Augjla,  Ryan Foerster, Calvin Marcus, and Marina Pinsky.

Interstate Projects

This is a gallery you definitely don’t want to miss if you plan to visit galleries in the Bushwick area. Founded by Tom Weinrich, Interstate Projects is one of the best art galleries in Brooklyn. It was opened in 2011, but soon declared it would become a non-profit organization. So, why not take the chance and visit it? An evening in the gallery can be just as fun as an evening in one of the rooftop bars in Brooklyn.

an old room with artwork in it, representing the best art galleries in Brooklyn
Good luck finding all the hidden gems among the galleries in NYC.

Planning to move to Brooklyn any time soon?

If the reason you are searching for the best places to have fun in Brooklyn and NYC is that you plan to move there – you’re about to have the time of your life, that’s for sure. But before you start enjoying the Brooklyn lifestyle and its galleries, you need to prepare properly. And the best way to have a good start of your new life is to hire a moving company that knows its way around Brooklyn. And why not choose a company that knows how to appreciate art just as much as you do?

Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is a moving and art handling company located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – which means you’ll have a reliable and experienced ally to handle your relocation. And after your move has been completed, they might even have a few good art galleries to suggest.

How much time will you need to visit the best art galleries in Brooklyn?

We’ve made a few suggestions, but after all, Brooklyn is well-known for being focused on art. This means that you can find new and exciting art galleries practically everywhere. So visiting all of them will definitely take a while. So try to make a schedule and visit a new art gallery at least once a week. Don’t worry, you’ll soon probably find your favorite among them. Hopefully, that one will be somewhere close to your new Brooklyn residence.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the best art galleries in Brooklyn, it is never an easy job. There is such an abundance of choice for art lovers in this part of New York City, that it is almost impossible to make a shortlist of the best ones. We’ve tried giving you some suggestions, but it’s merely the beginning of your Brooklyn art adventure. So enjoy every moment of it and good luck finding all the hidden gems among the galleries in NYC.

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