Benefits of Moving to a Warmer Climate

Aren’t warm summers great? There are no traffic jams because of slushy snow, no blizzards, no getting snowed in and having to shovel your way to the nearest grocery store. You don’t have to wear ten thousand layers to go outside, you don’t need to worry about things like frostbite or hypothermia. And, not only that but the days last longer! You can do a lot more with a few extra layers of daylight.  Plus, it’s been scientifically confirmed that reduced exposure to sunlight contributes to depression and health problems. It’s a reason that many buy sun lamps, which are proven to help. Wouldn’t it be great if that lasted the whole year? But, if you end up moving to a warmer climate, it totally can!

Have a refreshing lemonade in nature
If you live in a warm climate, you can lounge around in the sun with a sweet glass of pink lemonade every day!

Moving to a warmer climate – it’s healthy for you

There are many, many health benefits you’ll get upon moving to a warmer climate. For starters, a warm climate means sunnier days, and sunnier days mean more Vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D has been linked to depression – ever heard of seasonal depression? Seasonal depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD, for short, which is oddly fitting) is combated by a sun lamp – something you won’t need if you live somewhere with plenty of sunlight.  Not to mention low sunlight means lethargy and general malaise. Plus, low sunlight is linked to biorhythm changes – namely, the ones related to your sleeping schedule, or lack thereof. Oversleeping and gaining weight are also common symptoms. Of course, people who live in warm climates aren’t magically immune to all those effects, but they definitely have it easier and can do more to combat them!

A bunch of people jogging on the Brooklyn Bridge. They're wearing skimpy outfits.
Running as a sport gets easier in warm weather.

There are some less obvious health benefits too. A warmer climate means more daylight hours in the day. There is a lot more you can do with a few extra hours of sunlight! You could make time for that one outdoors hobby you’ve always wanted, no matter if it’s basketball or football or just riding a bicycle. Plus, everyone is sluggish and unmotivated when it starts getting dark out at 5 pm. You have far more opportunities in a warmer climate! Plus, it can net you some health benefits if you have health conditions aggravated by cold. Are you a senior with arthritis? Does your asthma get worse with damp winter weather? Moving to a warmer climate can fix that.

Moving to a warmer climate is better for your kids

Your kids will love moving to a warmer climate, especially if your new place has a yard. Kids love playing outside, but bad weather can make it unfeasible. If you live somewhere where it’s easy to do fun outdoors stuff, your kids will grow up happy and healthy. Moving with kids can be very stressful, but a good way to ease the stress is to talk about all the good stuff that will happen after the move. Why not talk about doing a sport as a family? Or doing a fun outing together? Rollerskating with your kids, eating ice-cream and laughing as you zip along on the sidewalks? Or anything else you can think of that can be done in warm weather?

A little girl blowing bubbles outdoors - if you're moving to a warmer climate , this can be your kid!
A warm climate is good for your kids’ health.

Moving to a warmer climate is cheaper

What’s the worst thing about winter? Heating bills! If you end up moving to a warmer climate, that’s money you can spend on whatever you want! And, yes, of course, you will need air conditioning in a warm climate, but it’s way, way cheaper than heating. Plus, if you’re careful about it and your home has good insulation, you can cut those air conditioning bills even further – not something that can be said for heating. Not even mentioning how you can get fresh air without cranking up the AC when you open your windows in the evening, while you need your heating on across the clock. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Just call up Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC and get cracking!

How do you get ready for moving to a warmer climate?

Some things about moving to a warmer climate are easier than moving to a cold or mid-range climate. For instance, you don’t have to bring your puffy winter jackets, scarves, and gloves! You can donate that stuff when moving instead, cutting costs on transport and decluttering your stuff in one go. If you donate enough things that the price tag adds up, you might have a tax-deductible on your hands. Of course, you should only do that if you plan to stay for a while because if you eventually move back you’ll have to re-purchase them.

  • A lot of things depend on how far away your move is. If you’re using long distance movers Brooklyn, you might have to use furniture disposal instead of moving your furniture. Even with the most affordable mover in the world, disposing of is better for you financially. A lot of things are more expensive to move a long distance than they are to throw away and buy again. Of course, some things, like a piano or an antique desk, are very worth it, but a simple couch? Toss it and buy a new one on location.
  • You have to be realistic with your moving plan. If you’re hiring professionals, is your budget big enough to pay them?
  • Do you have heat sensitive items, like electronics? It’s important to pack and protect them properly when you’re moving to a warmer climate because they can easily malfunction or die otherwise! Have you ever left an mp4 player out in the hot sun for a day and returned to it fried? Imagine that happening to every electronic you own.
  • Oil paintings can melt in the heat. If you’re requesting fine art moving, make sure you get someone who knows what they’re doing so your paintings don’t melt.

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