So, you’re an art aficionado who needs to move. Maybe you’re a collector moving your priceless collection, or you’re working on the behalf of a gallery or museum. Or, you’re an aspiring artist who needs to move their body of work, maybe to an artist enclave like Gowanus. No matter the reason, you know statue moving is not for the faint of heart. Statue moving requires a lot of attention to detail, as any damage could be a disaster! Some companies might claim it’s a problem because any damage would hurt its value, but true art lovers know how painful damaging your art really is. You don’t want someone who doesn’t know or care about art to handle something that important. Statue moving can take a lot of energy and a lot of attention to detail, so you need the right statue movers NYC for the job.

An angel statue making a bored face - it would have to be crated by statue movers NYC due to it's size.
It’s important to pick the right statue movers NYC. You don’t want your priceless art to get damages!

You can say there’s an art to moving art – as our statue movers NYC can testify, it does take a lot of skill for art crating in NYC. Due to the nature of statues, there is no standardized way to transport them. That means they need to be handled on a case by case basis. So, who better to handle your art than people who love art? Our statue movers NYC are not only experienced but passionate about both art and moving. We know that every piece of art is unique, and so poses unique challenges and has unique needs. As statue movers NYC who recognize the beauty of artwork, we take every possible precaution to ensure your art is unharmed.

What do statue movers NYC do for your art?

We recognize the complexity of moving art, which makes us one of the best art handlers in NYC. Our team knows how to work with art, and so won’t damage it by accident. We know how to safely secure and crate your beloved statues. You don’t want to settle for amateurs that will accidentally snap off a part of your statue when trying to crate it, right?

A statue of a man with a newspaper on a bench. A human man is looking in his face.
Our expert statue movers NYC can handle anything, from outdoors installments to private collector houses.

Our team of expert statue movers NYC can crate your art so it’s resistant to shocks and doesn’t get damaged in transport. Not to mention, when it comes to statues, a lot of the problem stems from how unwieldy they are. Therefore, they can be difficult to fit through doorways and into elevators. And that’s something only experienced professionals are used to! This is why taking perfect measures of the crate your statue is in is important.

What if your statue is too big for moving in one piece?

Of course, our statue movers NYC have seen a lot of artistic adventures during their many moves. However, some statues span an entire room – too big to move anywhere! In that case, the best thing to do is disassemble them, and pack the individual parts carefully. However, if the statue is big, complex, and all in one piece, so you can’t disassemble it, it’s time to rent a small moving crane.

A classical statue.
Our statue movers NYC respect and appreciate art for what it truly is – a sublime expression of human emotion, that bridges the gaps between centuries and generations.

What do you need out of your statue movers NYC?

Of course, every piece of art is special. Every piece of art deserves to be handled with care. Both as a sign of respect to the artist and a sign of respect to the art-form. This goes double for statues – many people think they’re cumbersome, heavy, and therefore difficult to shatter. But, that’s not the case. You might need to get a specific, custom crate for every single one of your statues. And as we all know, in the art world, a good, snug custom crate is worth its weight in gold. While our moving experts are more than happy to work on a custom moving plan with you, one thing is clear – you can’t transport statues without crating them properly.

Our statue movers NYC know that improper handling can cause small, surface level dents, that mar your beautiful statue even if they’re not immediately noticeable. So, while the specifics of what you need out of your statue movers NYC depend on what statues you have, one thing is clear: you deserve someone who gives their best. You deserve a statue moving company NYC that knows the risks when it comes to moving fine art and knows how to manage them. You deserve Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC.

What can our professional statue movers NYC give you?

Are you worried about your impending move? Do you feel most movers don’t understand just how much attention every art piece deserves? Well, have no fear, Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC are here! With our hard-working team of experienced professionals, we have elevated moving to an art form. You won’t have to fear for your statues – as statue movers NYC who use only the most quality lumber and supplies, we will custom fit every crate. Your statue will have a perfectly snug fit – without room to slide around, but just snug enough that it won’t break.

  • You don’t have to explain how important your art is to you. We’re all moved by art, so we already know.
  • We pride ourselves on our punctuality and enthusiasm!
  • Our statue movers NYC have been trained by the best, which makes us one of the best statue moving company NYC out there.
  • Not to mention our experiences with fitting custom crates to various artwork – from statues to fine art moving.
  • Of course, we have far more to offer than just art crating. Are you interested in art shipping services Brooklyn?
  • Our team has a license. Not to mention, we have the honor of being one of the best movers in the NYC art circles! That means we have earned a lot of people’s respect and trust.


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