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Considering a move for your treasured art collection? You've come to the right artisans of relocation. Transporting a cherished collection, or even that one prized masterpiece, should be effortless. With the dedicated team at Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC, you're not just getting movers – you're partnering with seasoned art-handling experts. Reach out to us, and let us weave our craft around your art. We've got everything from here!

Fine art is among the elements that truly enrich our lives, whether it’s a famous masterpiece by a brilliant artist, vibrant contemporary art, or even our own creation.

A heart without love for art is empty, and a room without art is like a dish without spices — missing that little special something.

A person whose heart is filled with love for collecting fine art would do anything in their power to preserve the originals and keep them in satisfactory condition. 

Relocating with a cherished collection of fine art can send waves of anticipation and anxiety even to the most seasoned collector. There are many risks to consider, including security, physical damage caused by vibration and motion, humidity-induced cracks, extended light exposure, theft and loss, unskilled handlers, and many more. 

So, if you’re searching for a way to move your fine art collection from one place to another in a careful and professional manner, you need to look no further!

At Dorothy & Martha we offer fast, affordable, and reliable art moving service for our residential, corporate, and art-based customers.

Black frames with art in them, positioned by someone's hands. Fine art movers NYC will ensure they're handled right!
Every piece of art is special to its collector, and we will treat it accordingly.

What does Fine Art Movers NYC offer?

To our art-based customers, we offer:

  • Masterful Art Sizing: Our seasoned crew delves into the fine details, measuring each artwork with precision to ensure its crate fits like a glove—ensuring utmost protection on its journey.
  • Artistry in Handling: Drawing from a rich tapestry of experience in the realm of fine art handling, we wield both cutting-edge equipment and deep-rooted expertise to guarantee your treasured pieces receive nothing short of the best care.
  • Transparent Pricing: With our commitment to integrity, you can trust in clear-cut pricing. What we quote is what you’ll cover, without surprises or hidden charges.
  • Customized Packing Excellence: Recognizing the singular nature of each artwork, our specialists craft a distinct packaging and relocation strategy for every treasure, guaranteeing unparalleled safety every step of the way.
  • Artful Display Mastery: It’s not just about the move. Our adept team deftly manages the intricate task of art installation, making sure your masterpieces are presented impeccably in their fresh surroundings.

Things to keep in mind before hiring fine art movers in NYC

When considering the services of fine art movers, it’s essential to keep several crucial factors in mind. 

Three huge paintings. Fine art movers NYC can move them with ease!
No painting is too large for fine art movers NYC.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Environmental Factors: Delicate pieces of fine art can be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. In the heat of summer, there’s a heightened risk of artwork melting or warping. To eliminate this risk, consider moving artwork during the colder months so you can provide a safeguard against potential damage.
  • Transportation Method: The choice of transportation method is pivotal, especially for high-value art pieces. Before making a decision,  one should ensure that artworks will remain in a controlled environment throughout the journey, with effectively minimized risks associated with temperature changes.
  • Strategic Timing: Many seasoned art fanatics strategically plan the relocation process during colder months precisely due to these reasons.  Another reason has to be the fact that transportation requirements for moving an art piece in warmer months can be very expensive due to the extra effort the movers have to put into their work.

Fine art moving is an art in itself

Handling art isn’t just a duty for us; it’s a passionate dance of precision and care. At Dorothy & Martha NYC, every brushstroke, every hue, and every emotion embedded in an artwork is revered. Over time, we’ve transformed the intricate task of art moving into a symphony of grace and precision. Our mantra? It’s not just about the journey; it’s about cherishing the narrative behind every masterpiece.

The difference between an average mover and one finely tuned to the nuances of art? A blend of deep-seated knowledge and a delicate touch. In the vibrant tapestry of art, even the smallest misstep can alter its essence. But with Dorothy & Martha, every artwork is cradled in experienced hands that understand its distinct rhythm and pulse.

From the gentle embrace of custom-designed protective casings to creating the ideal ambiance for transport, our methods echo our profound respect for the artistic spirit. Entrusting us with your treasured pieces means allowing them to be celebrated and guarded with the honor they truly merit. With Dorothy & Martha, every relocation becomes a poetic ode to art’s timeless beauty.

Fine Art Movers NYC
Who better to move your fine art than a fellow art enthusiast? There’s no better combination than an art lover running fine art movers NYC.

But the melodies of Dorothy & Martha don’t end at art alone. Whether it’s moving other cherished possessions or seeking an elite sanctuary for your prized artworks, we offer a spectrum of moving services tailored for your needs. For an art moving experience that’s crafted to perfection and steeped in trust, Dorothy & Martha stands unparalleled.

We will measure your art properly to ensure the crating is a perfect fit.
Our Fine Art Movers NYC are experienced enough, when it comes to moving art that your artwork will be well protected.
We have all the needed equipment.
We have all the needed knowledge.
There are no hidden fees and no tricks.
We will work with you to tailor a custom moving plan just for you.
We offer far more than just art handling! If you just so happen to be moving a pool table, a piano, your office and your art collection, we’re the perfect place for you.
Those are the ingredients of a successful move!

Making spaces suitable for fine art preservation

Preparing a newly purchased space for incoming fine art requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure that your artworks are displayed and preserved in the best possible environment. Here’s a guide to help you prepare your space:

  • Thoroughly Evaluate the Space: Take a look at your new space to determine the best locations for displaying and preserving your art pieces. Consider factors such as lighting, wall space, and room layout.
  • Climate Control: Ensure that the space has proper climate control to protect your artworks from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Fine art is extremely sensitive to environmental changes.
  • Lighting: Illuminate your artwork just right. We recommend UV-filtered lights that not only showcase your pieces but also ensure they remain fade-resistant and unharmed
  • Wall Preparation:  Before your art claims its space, ensure the wall’s integrity with any needed touch-ups. Opt for hues that complement and elevate your artwork’s brilliance
  • Hanging: Employ the right fixtures to guarantee your art’s secure and optimal placement on the wall.
  • Protective Measures: Use rubber bumpers behind frames to prevent damage to both the artwork and the walls. Install glass glazing to protect delicate pieces.
  • Fire and Safety Precautions: Make sure that the space is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Avoid placing art near potential fire hazards.
  • Regular Maintenance: Set a schedule for regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the artworks in satisfactory condition.

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