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Have you started planning your move? Then you’ve probably realized how daunting this task is. And it’s not just physical difficulty we’re talking about either. Moving means making a lot of plans well in advance, and then executing them to perfection. It’s definitely not an easy process! And in a lot of ways, it’s really like going on a vacation – but one where you’re taking everything you own. Also, transporting most of your things may not be an issue – but there are certain special situations where more care is needed. And art shipping NYC is one of those! But don’t worry – Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is on the job!

Do I need to hire someone to help with art shipping NYC?

When you’re preparing for the big move, it’s really easy to underestimate your expenses. In fact, almost everyone does this! Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself wishing you’d planned for a bigger budget. And that’s when you need to start cutting costs. Logically, you start wondering whether you really need everything you’ve set aside money for. And fine art transport services are precisely that kind of cost! So, do you really need professional assistance here?

We’re going to err on the side of caution here and say – yes, absolutely. Because, while shipping art may not be cheap, think about what you stand to lose if you try to do it on your own. Art pieces are quite precious – any damage can be extremely costly. That’s why we recommend hiring professionals to help you with this. And you won’t find more professional services than at Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC!

Brightly colored piece of art depicting flowers, transported via art shipping NYC services.
Art shipping NYC is our specialty!

Why should I pick Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC?

We know just what’s going through your mind right now, trust us. You’ve decided you need professional help with art shipping NYC – but how do you choose the right company? Finding the right one is really important. And why exactly is that Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC? We’re talking about the Big Apple, after all – as with all things, when it comes to moving companies, you’ve got plenty of choices in New York. And yes, shipping services for art are a really specific type of service – but you still have your options. So why choose us?

It’s simple, really – we’re a company you can trust. And those aren’t empty promises either. After all, the reason we’ve developed art handling and art shipping services in the first place is simple: we appreciate art ourselves. Unlike other companies that may treat your valuable art pieces as just another piece of furniture – we know how important this is to you. Art has both immense material and great sentimental value to its owners – and we realize that fully. That’s why our art shipping NYC is the best in the business; we know the job well, and dedicate ourselves fully. When it comes to this, you shouldn’t do it on your own. And why would you want to, when Dorothy and Martha NYC can guarantee:

  • Necessary experience
  • Obligatory equipment
  • The delicacy of the job
A mural of a red flower on a blue background.
Our fine art transport services will leave you more than satisfied!

Transporting art takes skills acquired over time

Unlike our other moving services, shipping art across the country is not something any moving company does on a daily basis. That’s because people generally don’t move art pieces around very often. As any art aficionado would know, pieces of art are best preserved when they’re kept in the same place – which makes the job even riskier.

And that’s why every single art shipping NYC job we do is precious, in terms of skill and experience. And our movers know this better than anyone else! If you hire us, know that you’ll be leaving your art shipping to very skilled hands. Our skills will make sure that your art arrives safely on any destination you require. So don’t even think twice – contact Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC for all of your art shipping needs!

We’ve got the adequate equipment

When it comes to specific moving services, it’s not just about knowing what to do. In practice, you also need to be equipped with all the right materials and tools of the trade. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee the job will go as well as you’ve planned out. And that’s true for any kind of transportation service – but it goes double for art shipping NYC. Really, we cannot overstate how important it is to have the right equipment for this delicate kind of job – and that’s precisely what Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC offers!

Not only are we armed with the knowledge and experience of our movers, but also with our art shipping equipment that is, well – state of the art. No matter what kind of art piece you have, it’s safe with us! Until teleportation is invented, you can be damn sure that Dorothy and Martha NYC is the safest way to transport art across any distance!

We understand how important this job is

As we’ve already mentioned – you’ll find no shortage of appreciation for fine art at Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC. And that’s precisely why you should feel the safest leaving art in our care. Imagine if your art shipping NYC was handled by a company that doesn’t know their Monet from their Manet! On the other hand, you can leave your art transportation to professionals who love it just as much as you! We know how valuable this type of cargo is, and we have every intention to handle it with the utmost care.

A wall painting of tall colorful flowers.
We care about art as much as you do!

Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is there for you!

As you’ve probably realized by now – there’s no better option for art shipping NYC than going with Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC! Our long distance movers Brooklyn have the needed expertise, equipment and dedication to see your art shipping through to a successful conclusion. And also, if you need any other moving services – contact us, and we’ll handle everything else!

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