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Is there something more beautiful than a well-organized art exhibit? Especially if you’re living in New York – you’ve got access to some of the most interesting exhibitions on the entire East Coast – and even the entire country! But have you ever wondered about the logistics of setting up an art exhibit? And how is all of the art actually transported to the location of the exhibit? That type of thing is usually handled by professional art exhibit movers NYC – and Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is one such expert company! So contact us for all of your relocation needs.

Why do I need art exhibit movers NYC?

Of course, let’s deal with the most obvious question first – does anyone really need art exhibit movers NYC? And what do they do, that a gallery or museum manager can’t do with their own staff? Well, if we’re being honest – quite a lot. Here at Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC, you’ll find that we love the art world immensely – and we respect it as much. But as professional as most people who run art institutions are in preserving their precious pieces; we’re talking about completely different kinds of preservation.

Because it’s one thing to preserve art in a gallery, or in a museum exhibit – and a completely different one to do it mid-transport. That is a completely separate ordeal, which requires the expertize of seasoned art handlers in NYC. And the movers at Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC are just that! So if you need the pieces for your art exhibit relocated professionally and safely – you definitely know who to call.

Statues and busts in an exhibit, as an example of what art exhibit movers NYC relocate.
If you need an art exhibit relocated – Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is the right address!

Is Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC the company to hire?

Of course, once you start looking for art exhibit movers NYC, there’s one question left – is Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC the right door to knock on? Or should you look somewhere else instead? Well, we’re definitely want to dissuade you of any such notions – because our movers can handle any kind of art relocation out there! We’ve got plenty of experience in any sort of specialized relocation – and you’ll find that moving with us guarantees:

  • Agreeable prices
  • Professional art exhibit movers NYC
  • Punctuality and accuracy
  • All the right equipment
  • Dedication to our clients

You’ll find our fees more than agreeable

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you know that it can turn out to be quite a cost; which is why people attempt to do even complicated relocations on their own. But we’re certain that you won’t have such qualms with us. Because, especially when we consider the delicate nature of art relocation – we’ve got some extremely attractive prices. Feel free to shop around – but you’ll find no-one who offers this level of professionalism and quality at these rates in New York City. So why even bother? Just go with the finest art exhibit movers NYC has to offer right away – and call Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC! We’ll be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Our art exhibit movers NYC are masters of their craft

Of course, the special nature of relocating an art exhibit means that you can’t hire any moving company for the job. No, with this type of thing – you need only the most experienced art exhibit movers NYC doing the heavy lifting. And that’s the kind of movers Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC exclusively hires – the utmost professionals. Our many successfully completed relocations of popular art galleries speak to the way we do business; from the first phone call to the last unloaded item. We are transparent, trustworthy, and tireless – and we will get your art exhibit to wherever it needs to go. So why not give us a call, and rid yourself of all the worries?

A skeleton of a museum creature.
There is no exhibition piece too fragile for our careful art exhibit movers NYC!

You can count on us being efficient

Speaking of the way we do business – we fully intend to dazzle you with the relocation methods we employ. Our staff goes through a lot of training, and is ready to complete any moving job with the most efficiency you could expect out of anyone. We do not waste anyone’s time – especially not our clients’. But on the other hand, we are not hasty and careless; we take every single security measure and precaution to make sure your pieces of art arrive on destination safely. So if you want to just sit back and watch expert art exhibit movers NYC do their magic – contact Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC!

We have all the materials and equipment you need

Of course, having the best staff is not always enough. While a simple residential relocation may be performed on skill and experience alone – specialized moving jobs such as art handling require additional equipment. And as you’ll surely be pleased to learn – Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC does not lack anything in this regard either. We use only the highest-quality cutting-edge crates, containers and boxes; as well as all the packing protection your art needs. Trust us – you don’t want someone who won’t be able to guarantee the safety of your art exhibition in transit. What you want is only the best.

A statue.
We’ve got the expertise and equipment – and the dedication!

We devote ourselves to our customers fully

At the end of the day, when you hire art exhibit movers NYC; you want to be sure you’ll be able to cooperate with them without any issues. And that’s something you’re guaranteed to enjoy while working with Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC! All of our staff is at your disposal, in order to help you complete your art relocation from start to the very finish. Whether it’s a museum job or an art gallery – we’re there to help. We want you to have someone to assist you at every step of the way – and we want that someone to be us! All that remains is for you to want the same – and give us a call!

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