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Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to move your art collection? Is your beloved art collection difficult to move, or requires special handling? Have no fear, Dorothy & Martha are here! Look no further for one of the best art crating NYC companies out there. Our love for art has us treat it with extreme care and attention it deserves. After all, the people who understand the importance of handling art the most are other art lovers. Don’t despair over your impending move – unlike non-specialized movers, we understand how fragile artwork is and will treat it with care. You just have to pick the right movers. We are always just a call away.

What is art crating?

You might be wondering, what’s all this fuss about art crating? What does it mean, and what is it? Simply put, that’s the best way to handle moving art out there. It can be difficult to move art collections, especially if you have sculptures or other installations. Just putting your beloved artwork in a cardboard box and hoping for the best just can’t cut it. That’s why you need to contact the best Brooklyn movers and art handlers to help you navigate your move.

A bronze cast of an androgynous person holding a spear - it would be difficult to move without art crating NYC.
Art crating NYC is the best way to transport your sculptures, for collectors and museums alike.

Crating is the process of putting your artwork in wooden crates for that extra layer of protection from breaking. Therefore, the best art handlers will construct custom crates to fit your precious artwork and ensure it’s fitting and not too loose. You don’t want your art crashing around in its crate! Especially if you’re preparing for a long journey, or need to put your art in storage. This is why a proper crate is worth its weight in gold, though you won’t pay its weight in it. If you’re constantly on the move, reusable crates are an option. Although your primary concern should be for the safety of your art, if you’re short on cash experts can discuss economic crating options with you.

What kind of art can benefit from art crating?

Anything that needs to be moved! A custom ordered crate will fit your artwork and will be far sturdier than a simple cardboard box. Of course, sculptures and installations are an obvious candidate for crating, but paintings hugely benefit from the crate treatment too. Even if you’re just shipping it via plane or boat, a wooden crate will stand out and so people will treat it more carefully. A quality, sturdy crate, will help your art immensely. Especially if you order a custom-made crate! While you could do it yourself and just purchase wooden boxes, it’s absolutely a useless endeavor without an expert’s touch. You might be the art expert, but we’re the moving experts.

Why is art crating important?

Because proper art crating is paramount to the survival of your art! A real expert will know exactly what to do. They will construct their crates in such a way that your artwork won’t chip, break, or crumble. Plus, they will construct the crates so the artwork isn’t damaged by any vibration or won’t get any unseemly marks. Real professionals will make sure your art isn’t damaged by water either! The crates would make sure the weather doesn’t affect your art in any way. If you’re interested in preserving your art in the best way you can during your move, give experts a call.

A drawing of an inside of a crate. The best art crating NYC companies will use quality wood!
The best art crating NYC companies will make a custom crate to suit your artwork perfectly.

How do you recognize best moving companies for art crating NYC?

It’s very simple – the best will do their best to ensure your happiness. You won’t have to fear for your art or the quality of the crates – professionals have the best lumber for your purposes. Professionals will construct their own custom crates to fit the measurements of your artwork. Plus, they will deliver your fine art crating NYC with care and speed. How they treat art handling is also very important in an expert. You should look for a mover who is equally passionate for art as well for moving because only other art lovers know how important an artwork collection really is. There is a reason we’re considered the cream of the crop, and it’s because we hit every single one of these check-marks.

A woman standing in front of a gallery.
Museums and galleries alike make use of the best art crating NYC companies.

What can our team offer you?

The best way to transport your art safely, of course! We have perfected art crating to an art, and will certainly be more than happy to protect your masterpieces.

  • We will measure your art to construct a special crate for it. It will fit like a glove and let your art breathe.
  • You won’t regret hiring professionals to do your art crating NYC!
  • We will transport your art to your desired location efficiently and enthusiastically and will handle it with care.
  • Art handling is a specialized branch of moving companies for a reason – Dorothy & Martha NYC are well distinguished on the art scene.
  • So, are you looking for licensed established professionals with a team of highly trained experts? You’re in the right place.
  • We use only the best materials for packing. You won’t need to worry about workers groping blindly through packing peanuts and snapping off a piece of your art.
  • We have no hidden fees to look up for. We pride ourselves on our integrity as seasoned professionals.
  • You can also hire fine art moving services.
  • Our team has a lot of experience and has many a move under their belts. No matter what you have to move, the odds are they’ve seen it all before. Of course, that means that there’s no chance of unpleasant surprises!

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