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As professionals and veterans of the moving industry, we can say this for sure - a relocation isn't an easy chore. When people who don't routinely move picture the process, they generally think about a few people carrying some boxes around or loading them onto a van. But actually, it's much more tricky than that - for starters, you're handling everything someone has that's of value. And sure, that's easy when you're packing and moving some clothes or books. But inevitably, you run into something that's tricky to move. And at the end of the day, that's the main reason people hire professional movers like Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC. As an example, what would happen if you needed to move your antique furniture? With us, you don't have to worry about such details - our antique movers NYC would help you out easily!

Do I really need antique movers, to begin with?

Well, this is a perfectly reasonable question to raise. After all, do you really need to spend money on antique movers NYC? It’s just furniture, right? Why not ring up some of your close friends, carry it down to a rented van, and then have a few beers? Well, it’s not as simple as that. Because antiques aren’t your usual furniture pieces. There are certain aspects of antique furniture that require special care while moving. That’s why hiring pros is a better option than going at it alone.

Antiques are deceptively hefty

Firstly, one of the reasons people hire antique furniture movers NYC is, quite simply – the weight. If you’ve never moved a piece of antique furniture, you probably don’t realize this, but it’s quite heavy to say the least. And furniture is heavy and bulky in general: but antiques tend to be much heavier. That’s because they tend to be produced out of solid wood, with no hollow spaces in the material itself. But you don’t have to handle all that weight on your own! Just call up Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting instead!

Old camera.
Our antique movers NYC will help with your antiques!

Their shape is not easy to maneuver

You’ll see – weight isn’t the only issue by far. There are other aspects of antique furniture to consider as well. For example, it’s often awkwardly shaped for moving through a door frame, or even moving in general. And there are all those ornate designs that you need to be extra careful with. An ordinary piece of furniture is more about function than style, so a small chip or dent here and there isn’t the end of the world. But when you’re moving antiques, any kind of small damage will greatly decrease its value. So you’ll want antique movers NYC who will be careful with your precious pieces – and Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC is nothing if not careful!

Antiques are fragile

On the other hand, even solid wood antiques can be quite fragile. If a piece has been in your family for generations, you can expect it to be very prone to breaking no matter how well it has been maintained. So how should you deal with all of this at once? An item that can be quite heavy, bulky, but also fragile? Well, you really can’t. Not without professional assistance, anyway. But don’t worry – Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC has the best antique movers NYC in the whole business! And we’re happy to help you out!

Our antique movers NYC can help you transport everything.
There are some pieces of great sentimental value – and we will handle them with care!

Why pick Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC?

Yes, right about now we can guess what you’re thinking. Why should you choose us at all? Sure, moving antique furniture is a specific type of service – but we’re talking about New York here! There must be at least dozens of companies out there ready to offer their services. So how to pick the right mover? How do we stand out? We’re happy to tell you! We’ve got principles and a set of traits that make us a cut above the competition, and we’re happy to go over them. Mainly, it’s all about our:

  • Knowledge
  • Carefulness
  • Equipment
  • Agreeable prices

Knowledgeable antique movers NYC

When it comes to moving, there are certain services that almost anyone could provide. Sure, packing services don’t really require that much expertise to do properly. But on the other hand, there are things that only people with the prerequisite knowledge can do well. And trust us – moving antique pieces of furniture is definitely on that list. If you’ve read everything up until this point, you must’ve realized that you don’t want to hire amateurs for this. It’s a risk you shouldn’t take. We’re talking about things of immense both material and sentimental value. So if you’re in need of antique furniture movers NYC – you should definitely contact us!

Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC has the experience to handle any relocation!

The utmost carefulness

As it’s probably clear by now, relocating antique pieces isn’t an easy business. It’s something that’s weighty, big, and valuable – and that’s precisely why our antique movers NYC put great stock in safety and carefulness. We won’t do anything rash or on a whim. In fact, our movers are trained to handle antiques as carefully as they would glass. So if you want to avoid risks and go for a sure thing – call Dorothy and Martha Moving NYC! Our Brooklyn movers and art handlers will take special care with your pieces!

We’ve got prices you can handle

We tend to look at things realistically – this is a business with loads of competition. And we’d be lying if we said others don’t know anything about moving. But what separates us is the sheer quality of our moving services, combined with realistic prices that won’t make your head spin! If you need anything, from art handling to moving antique furniture, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure you walk away from our services satisfied by our pleasant demeanor and professional work!

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