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If you are looking for art handling companies NYC art enthusiasts gladly recommend - you are in the right place! Dorothy & Martha is a professional moving and art handling company that can assist you every step of the way - wherever and whenever you need us to. All you have to do is to give us a call and our experts will take it from there. And once you do - we guarantee you'll be more than happy with your choice!
Art handling isn't as easy as it seems. Nor is it as simple as one might think. That is the main reason why you should consider hiring professionals to take care of this task for you. And who better than Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC? We offer our clients a wide range of options (packing, transporting, handling, unpacking etc.). And that is not all. Everything we do, we do at some of the most affordable rates in NYC. So - wait no more and give us a call right away!

If you’re an art lover or an artist, you know that moving your house is nothing compared to moving the artwork you possess or have created. The concern that comes with art handling and transportation is usually much bigger than any other stress related to moving. This is of course if we only talk about art aficionados. And we are talking specifically about art lovers of New York. And about art handlers NYC.

Let our art handlers help you move your precious art pieces in a professional and safe manner.

For this reason, an art lover will never hire just about any moving company to help them move. And this is where Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC comes in. Art handling is our specialty and our passion. We handle artwork with great knowledge and great care.

Why is art handling so special?

Art handling is a kind of art itself. It takes a lot of forethought and planning and a lot of communication – in order to gather all the necessary information, but also to let the owners know how their artwork is going to be handled. This is one of the biggest strengths we have – we understand. We can relate because we understand it. We will never dismiss any question you want to ask or any of your concerns. Our commitment is to address them all and make sure you understand what we plan to do with your artwork.

Sometimes it’s a long way home and with moving artwork it’s actually most of the times. We help you travel that road with ease and confidence (and leave some relocation guidelines along the way).

Why is art handling so difficult?

Because it’s so delicate.

Because the items are valuable.

Because you care. And we do too.

Art handling is an art for itself.

How to recognize true art handling professionals in NYC?

If you love art, this is not going to be a difficult task. A true art handling expert knows about art and moreover – loves it. They appreciate creativity and admire beauty. A true art handler will never spare an effort to safely transport your artwork to your new home.

They know that less handling is always preferred. So they will go to great lengths to ensure it. That means a lot of planning ahead, but also some inconvenient actions if those will help get rid of one or a few steps of the process. True art handling specialists will not forget to measure or label your artwork and hence they will avoid unnecessary unwrapping and rewrapping. When they are transporting your artwork, they will make sure there are the fewest transfers possible, so that they limit chances for damage.

Your average mover might just grab your precious paintings or statues and toss them into a box. Real art handlers will make sure they use proper wrapping materials and will prepare them ahead of time. They will plan their every move in order to minimize any chances that the item they need to transport gets damaged in any way. They will do that because it just breaks their heart to see any artwork falling down and breaking into pieces. Not because it comes with a price tag.


What’s the safest way to move artwork?

An average mover will have their own opinion about it. A true art handler knows that painting and prints should be moved in display orientation, so they will move them upright. They will not just grab some artwork the way it’s the most convenient for them. They will look for a way that is the most convenient for protecting and preserving that artwork itself.

Another golden rule is that a true art handling professional will use at least two hands to carry an object. Any object. They might even need a hand from a friend (or colleague actually). Not because that particular item is too heavy. But because it’s the safest way to transfer it anywhere.

Why should you only hire the best art handling companies?

Because otherwise, you could damage these items quite easily. One should never lift an object from its rims, lips, handles, arms and similar parts. They should always support the item from the bottom as that’s where things could rarely go wrong. On the other hand, a handle might be a decorative addition only and may prove weak when you least expect it. Even though there are exceptions to this rule, it’s recommended to provide support from the bottom of an object, and reputable art handling experts in NYC will always advise you to do so.

Gentle touch

Art handling is all about gentle touch. And a pair of gloves. Not any gloves. And not one-size-fits-all gloves. True art handlers know what the right gloves for a particular object are and choose to wear them. They do understand how important that is and don’t think it’s just a fancy way to show off.

We love art as much as you do.

True art handling specialists are people who you can trust and rely on. Those who can have the job done by themselves, without you watching their every move. Those who can make it easier for you when moving, not the other way around.

If you live in New York City, there’s a really wide range of art handling companies to choose from. So choose wisely and go for the best art handling professionals – Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC.

Dorothy & Martha are there for you

Our company is specialized in art handling, but also offers many other moving services Brooklyn. We can move both your home and art altogether. Hence we make your life easier and your move far less hectic.

We have all the necessary equipment to move your artwork in the best way possible. We have all the necessary knowledge to do so. On top of this, we have what it takes to be absolutely the best in the field – and it’s passion.

We are true art handling professionals and we’re always happy to help! Contact us today or request a free movign estimate as soon as today and we will already start planning.


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