7 Essential Moving Day Tips

Between loading all the moving boxes into the moving truck, checking your property for damage, preparing yourself mentally for a new beginning, and ensuring everything goes smoothly, you may be concerned about how will your moving day go. We all know that moving days are stressful, even for the best of planners. Luckily, there are some simple tricks to help you go through it with ease. Read on to find the top 7 essential moving day tips.

A Man And Woman Are Packing Household Items In Cardboard Boxes

Have a checklist on hand

One of the first essential moving day tips has to do with going through the process like a pro. Complete every single task, no matter how small, and also try not to overlook anything important. To do so, make a perfect moving checklist so you could track your progress and check off tasks one by one. Include everything you need to do on moving day and then decide what has priority. Simply use pen and paper to write your checklist. You can also use a free moving checklist app for your phone or tablet. Whichever way you choose will work just fine, as long as you have all the things included and do a follow-up as you go.

Have some cash on you

A Wallet With Some CashMost people rely on their credit cards and don’t use cash but this is not something you want to go by on your moving day. While you should always pay for moving services with your credit card, it’s necessary to have some cash on hand too, just in case anything goes unplanned. For example, if you’re moving long-distance, you may have two different moving crews, so you’ll want to tip the first one after loading your items into the moving truck. Running to the ATM at this time only to find out it’s out of service is certainly not something you want for this already stressful day. You may also want to get some drinks or snacks or anything else and you may need to use cash for it so make sure you have a sufficient amount, just to be on the safe side.

Keep your “survival kit” close

The next moving day tip is to have your essentials bag ready to go. You can use either a bag or a box to pack all the necessary items like a toothbrush, basic toiletries, fresh bedding, change of clothes, medicines, snacks, etc. Whatever you need for “surviving” those first couple of days after moving in should be in this bag. The reason why you should prepare an essentials bag for your moving day is that you may not have the access to all the necessary items straight away – you may experience delays with your shipment, or you may have a few days between your move-out and move-in day, or you simply may not feel like searching through a pile of packed and sealed moving boxes only to find toothpaste or a clean bed sheet.

Also, you should move your valuable belongings like jewelry or personal documents by yourself and keep them close to you during the entire relocation. While you will definitely benefit from hiring specialized movers to relocate your valuables, it’s a good idea to move personal ones by yourself.

Have some cleaning supplies handy

Once you leave your current home, it only makes sense to leave it nice and tidy for the next resident. Naturally, you’ll clean your house only after all the boxes are out and everything is ready to go, so your last step is getting down to cleaning. But you already packed your cleaning supplies, so now you have to rush to the nearest store to get a few and spend additional few bucks on things you can’t even take with you. To avoid this situation, make sure you separate a few basic cleaning products that will come in handy on your moving day. Instead of packing them for moving, use them to refresh your home before leaving and then just leave them behind.

Home Cleaning Supplies In A Cardboard Box

Dress comfy

If you’re having a DIY move then you’ll have a lot of physical activity going on but even if you hire full-service movers and you don’t have to deal with lifting and carrying boxes, you’ll still be pretty active on your moving day. You will have to coordinate, go in and out multiple times, then you’ll have to travel to your new home, and be somewhat active throughout the day so dressing accordingly is certainly a smart thing to do. For safety reasons, avoid open-toe shoes and clothes that are too loose – opt for closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes are the best choice. Also, make sure you’re prepared for current weather conditions and get your rain gear ready if bad weather is expected, or opt for lightweight natural fabrics if you’re moving during the summer months.

Do a final walkthrough

We all know that annoying feeling – you leave the house and after a while, you wonder if you left something on or if you locked the door. There’s already enough stress going on so thinking about whether everything is in order after leaving is something to be avoided. To make sure you’re good to go, do a walk-through of your property before saying goodbye to it. Check if nothing is left behind, see if there are any damages your overlooked, and get a final glance to confirm everything is nice and tidy as it should be when you’re moving out. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the property too and double-check those less used areas like the attic or basement, just to make sure nothing is left there.

A Couple Is Doing An Apartment Final Check Before Moving

Pick the best mover

The last but not least of the essential moving day tips is to find the best mover. It will make your entire moving experience go smoothly. Your choice of a moving company can make you remember this day as a pleasant event or a nerve-racking experience. You may be wondering how to pick the right mover? To have peace of mind and a stress-free moving day, only hire licensed and reliable Brooklyn movers, and do a thorough background check of Brooklyn moving services before choosing the best one. One of your trusted movers is Dorothy And Martha Moving – we’re at your service and we’ll gladly provide a free quote for your upcoming move.

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