6 Tips for Choosing a Truck Rental Company

Finding the best truck rental company requires some research and a thoughtful approach. If you’re looking for an affordable rental truck but you’re not quite sure where to start, this guide will help you – we’ll cover some basic info and a few important questions you must ask in order to have a smooth experience. Read on to find simple tips for choosing a truck rental company.

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Compare truck rental companies’ costs

The first important thing to do when you’re looking for a truck rental is to figure out your budget. This doesn’t have to be an exact amount but you must know what’s your limit or how what’s the maximum you’re willing to spend. You must also know if you have to pay for other services, such as professional packing services, moving labor (in case you can’t find any friends to help you out), etc. You should also reach out to several different rental companies and ask for free quotes – this will help you compare their prices, choose the one that suits you most, and calculate the costs of renting a moving truck for your relocation.

Figuring Out the Budget When Choosing a Truck Renal Company

While you’re at it, you’ll also want to compare equipment – is there A/C in trucks, what are some safety features, is there a built-in ramp, how many drivers the truck fits, do you need diesel or unleaded, etc. In order to make the most out of it and get the correct type of vehicle, you’ll want to check out the following tips too.

Check truck rental companies’ policies

Whenever you’re getting services of any kind, it’s advisable you check policies and regulations. The first thing regarding the contract you’ll want to pay attention to is the cancellation policy. You must know what will happen in case your cancel for any reason – there may be a cancellation fee so you want to make sure you’re covered in this case. Also, when you’re traveling with a rental truck, there is always a chance that it will break down and you must also know what to expect in this case. Will your service provider cover repairs, do they require you to use service stations, do they have specific stations and how easy it is to find one – these are only some of the questions you must get answers to before you hire a truck.

Book your truck rental company early

When you’re planning a move, there are many things you must take care of in advance and that also includes planning your rental ahead. Booking a rental truck early is important for several reasons – you’ll get lower fees because providers won’t be fully booked, you’ll be sure that your truck is available when you need it, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have nothing to worry about when the moving day comes. It’s important to note that peak season is extremely busy for most moving service providers so your moving company and your rental company may not be available if you wait to book last minute.

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On the other hand, even if they are available during busy months, they’ll probably have much higher rates and you’ll end up spending more than you have to so it’s a much better idea to book far enough in advance. Only by doing your research ahead and reaching out in time, you’ll get to find the best rental company in your area.

Get the right type of moving truck

When you reach out to a rental company, you’ll have to have some details figured out in order to get the correct quote and have the best possible outcome. First, you’ll want to get the appropriate size of a truck and you’ll figure that out by accessing the size of your shipment. There’s no reason to hire the biggest and most expensive truck if you’re moving the studio apartment and vice versa – don’t go for the smallest moving van if you’re moving the three-bedroom house. This is why you should declutter before moving and decide which items you’ll leave behind – only then you’ll be able to correctly access the size of the shipment.

Consider the distance

Another extremely important thing you should pay attention to is the distance when choosing a truck rental company. Rental companies usually have a different way of charging local and long-distance moves. For example, if you’re moving to another country, it doesn’t make sense to go for a per-mile charge – you’ll want to go for a flat flee instead. Of course, if you go for a flat fee, you should consider the gas money too and your service provider will likely be able to help you figure out an approximate cost. Also, make sure you find the shortest route before your trip so you wouldn’t spend extra gas money.

Finding the shortest route and planning your trip is pretty simple. But, it may save you some cash so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Also, don’t forget to include fees for toll roads, especially if you’re moving to another city or state.

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Consider extra equipment

When you’re renting a moving truck, you may benefit from renting additional professional tools, supplies, and equipment so do consider if you need them and whether you can afford some or all of them. If you’re moving heavy or bulky items, you will definitely benefit from having a moving dolly, furniture pads, moving straps, etc. You should also keep in mind that you’ll need packing supplies such as moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. Be careful about pricing in case you’re getting these types of items from your rental service. It’s not uncommon that low rental costs come at the expense of extra high fees for other pieces of equipment.

As you can see, renting a moving truck requires a little bit of research and a bit of your time but if you follow the tips above, you should have no trouble when choosing a truck rental company for your move. In case you decide to leave the job to moving experts, go ahead and contact Dorothy and Martha to get your free moving quotes Brooklyn.

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