How to Pack Fine-art Items for the Relocation

Packing fine-art possessions is one of the most perplexing moving tasks. The main reason is they are extremely fragile and thus easily breakable − that’s why handling them with the utmost care is a must. With this in mind, you should leave it to the pros such as Dorothy and Marta Moving as they know how to protect such delicate objects. They are also familiar with common packing supplies and materials which are adequate enough to keep your belongings intact. Does getting specialized packing equipment bug you? What about the overall packing cost? It is of paramount importance to pack your valuable possessions properly despite a tight budget, isn’t it? Given what proves to be the most daunting of all is how to pack fine-art items for the relocation, here are a few answers. Continue reading “How to Pack Fine-art Items for the Relocation”

Long Distance Moving Costs

How Are They Calculated

The day of your moving is getting closer, and the only thing ruining your euphoria is organizing the movers. Should you hire a professional moving company or try your like with local freelance movers? How much money do you need to move your things? While moving a few blocks away is something you can do on your own, long-distance moving requires some planning ahead. Thelong distance moving costs can vary quite a lot, and you want to spare every penny possible. Here are some factors you should consider when moving long-distance.

long distance cost

Most of the long-distance movers charge by the load instead of by the hour

The price of the load goes between 2000-5000$, or .50$ per pound. It means the price of the moving fee won’t depend on how much stuff you have, but on how much they weigh.

Usually, the companies send two movers to your address. In case you have a very large amount of furniture, you should contact the movers. You may require more people, and the costs will be higher.

Truck on The Road Long Distance Moving Costs

One more important thing is the cost of truck and gas mileage

This is the additional fee to pay, not accounted for in the price per load. The truck size will be determined based on the number of boxes and furniture you have, and bigger trucks cost more bucks. It comes in handy if you have a packing service provided by the agency but beware of the extra fee. If you are left on your own, make sure to pack the boxes as tightly as possible. It is clever to start with a list of things you want to pack per box, it will give you some idea on how big of a truck you will need.

Protecting Furniture is One of the Long Distance Moving Costs

If you own bulky pieces of furniture or some fragile items such as a piano or a glass cabinet, you should mention it to the company beforehand. They may require you to pay an additional fee, but it is usually worth it.

Additional fees

When calculating the cost of long-distance moving, you should take into consideration the additional fees movers charge in specific situations. Every moving company has its own practices, and you should ask them whether they charge additional fees and when. Most of them charge fees in the following situations:

Long carry fees – If you don`t have a parking space available for your movers in front of your building, they will charge you for the long carry fees. This is because they need to carry items to the actual place where they parked the moving truck, which requires more time and effort.

No elevator – If the building does not have an elevator, and you live on the higher floors of the building, you may get charged additional fees as well. When the movers have to carry the items down, and up the stairs, they need more effort and time.

Hoisting fees – In case your furniture cannot be taken out through the doors, the movers need to use equipment and take the items out the other way, usually through a window. Measure the doors and the furniture or other bulky items that you have to check whether it can be carried out through the doors.

Tipping movers

When setting up a budget for relocation, most people forget to include tipping movers in it. While tipping is not obligatory, after a long, successful relocation, you have the urge to tip the people who helped you with your belongings. And since you are moving long-distance, it may so happen that you will have two moving crews to tip. Of course, this is optional, but if you do plan to tip movers, you should tip them around $5 per hour.

Tipping the Movers

Needless to say, some things remain out of our control

Should it happen that the moving truck has already departed with all of your things, and you get an unfortunate call from the real-estate agency that your new home is not ready for you to move in, movers got you covered. You can pay for Storage in Transit and have your things safely put in the warehouse. The price depends on the number of things and the time it will spend in the warehouse.

long distance

One last thing, it is advisable to get liability insurance. It may cost a few dollars more, but can you really put a price on all of your life belongings? That way you can rest assured knowing that, one way or another, you will get all of your things to your new home safe and sound.

It may not have occurred to you that there are so many things when it comes to moving estimates. But fear not, if you follow the advice above you are prepared to address any problem that comes your way. Sit back and relax while the movers do all the heavy lifting!

What Are The Average Moving Costs

Without question, one of the few life experiences that affect everyone, despite location or socioeconomic standing, is moving. Millions of Americans relocate around the country each year, according to statistics. Whether you’re moving to another state for a new job, or just changing the apartment, moving your belongings takes time and effort. That’s why hiring a moving company is a great way to make the process less demanding and stressful for you. However, finding out how much movers charge may be tricky and complicated. Before deciding if using movers or a moving service is best for you and your finances, you should do some research. This article explains the most important factors that might impact price as well as what are the average moving costs.

Moving Costs

Important factors in the calculation of moving costs:

The average cost of hiring one of the movers services Brooklyn might change depending on a number of factors. It may also get complicated due to the various costs that some moving services may charge you. There are a few terms you should pay attention to, including base pricing, hourly rate, truck cost, and price per mover. The quantity of your move, whether you’re moving locally or across the state, and the qualities of your belongings might all affect your final cost.

There is no fixed relocation cost because no two houses that are the same. You should be able to obtain a baseline estimate that is later modified for you considering how far you’re moving, the number of movers required, the number of rooms and pieces of furniture you have, and how accessible your items are. As we just covered, a number of factors contribute to the overall cost of your relocation. You probably do have a moving budget, though, and you need a starting point.


For shorter transfers (under 100 miles), you can ask for an estimate based on the number of things being moved. Because the distance is less and it is easier to calculate the costs, some local moving companies provide fixed travel fees rather than charging by the mile.

There are often no set costs for long-distance moves. Moving outside of a 100-mile radius or across state lines will cost more since you will additionally have to pay for the distance traveled, fuel, and travel time.

Distance Affects The Moving Costs

Amount to move

It’s not just the distance of your relocation that will result in a considerable price variation. Moving special things like pianos could result in additional moving costs. Therefore, be on the lookout for any heavy goods you possess and ask your moving company to include them upfront in the free moving estimate to prevent a surprising price in the end.

If you’re moving between already furnished apartments, there won’t be as many items that need heavy lifting by several movers. This might reduce your overall moving costs if you are simply relocating your personal belongings in boxes. Moving the contents of a furnished one-bedroom apartment costs less than moving the contents of a five-bedroom house, depending on the amount of furniture and appliances being relocated.

On the other hand, packing and relocating a more-bedroom house with all of its furnishings takes a lot longer. After all, a significantly larger moving truck is required to transport it all. Following that, the moving company will attempt to estimate the kinds of rooms that will be relocated. Living rooms typically have fragile TVs and big, heavy furnishings. Attics, basements, and garages can have many stored boxes. Bedroom furniture is usually massive and bulky. By evaluating each of these variables, a custom estimate for your relocation will be provided by your chosen moving company.


Moving companies will also consider whether is it difficult or not to access your house or apartment. If there are many steps to climb without an elevator, moving bulky furniture and other goods will take more time and effort. Depending on how difficult it is to reach your home, movers could charge an extra fee. The amount of time it takes the movers to load your items onto the truck determines how long the move will last. We advise arranging as many of your boxes and bags in one location close to the truck. Particularly if your residence has many floors. Additionally, it’s also important to try to pick a moving truck parking spot that is close to the entrance to your home.

Additional fees and relevant factors:

Packing and unpacking

Many people find it more comfortable to leave the packing and unpacking of a home to experienced movers. Thanks to their resources, movers will pack appliances for relocation in no time. You may want to take only a few boxes of your personal stuff and leave the rest at home. Keep in mind that it may cost you an additional several hundred dollars or more to hire movers to pack up your possessions, regardless of how easy it is. If you are willing to pack your own belongings rather than hiring movers, you will save money. Finding old boxes rather than brand-new ones is another way to save money.

Packing Costs Moving

Extra-large or fragile items

Any specialized, delicate, or very large items you may have may cost extra to transport. This might include things like a hot tub, pool table, artworks, etc. The relocation will take longer, and your shipment of items will weigh more as well. Costs can go up as a result of this. As a general rule, moving will cost more the more stuff you need to transport.


The fact that your possessions will be immediately insured by limited liability insurance is one benefit of working with a reputable moving company. Whether movers offer moving insurance or not is one of the best ways to evaluate local moving companies. Also, you should consider buying additional insurance if you possess a lot of pricey items. You should make a request in advance because it might not be available on the day of the relocation.


Okay, people, that’s it! You are now aware of the expense of moving. If you’re prepared to move forward with your plans, hire a professional moving and storage Brooklyn service to assist with this important task. Here, at Dorothy And Martha Moving, we make sure your relocation goes without problems. Just remember to be organized, as you get ready for the big moving day, and don’t forget to give yourself time for breaks.

How To Help Your Movers?

Whether you’re moving for the first time or already have experience on the matter, it’s important to plan and organize the whole process before it starts. Usually, moving consists of several tasks, including packing, loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking all of your belongings. Depending on how big your place is, you’ll need some time to pack and clean the property. This can be very time-consuming. As if all these tasks aren’t tiring enough, moving is ranked as one of the most stressful events you can experience in your lifetime. We are aware that this statement sounds pretentious. But there are too many tasks to think of, especially if you have never dealt with anything similar. One of the ways to make your move easier is to learn how you can help your movers do a better job.

Whether you are moving nearby or you need to prepare for a cross-country move, you’ll need a vast amount of time, money, and energy to take care of the whole process. In addition, there are very important decisions you have to make. One of the most important ones is choosing the right way to conduct your move. There are two ways you can choose from. You can perform the whole move by yourself or hire a professional moving company to take care of the whole thing for you. However, choosing the right movers isn’t an easy job. It will require research and taking enough time to explore all available options. If you’ve decided on the moving company you want to hire and want to learn how to help your movers, check out the following text below.

A Mover And Customer

No Surprises

One of the main things you need to know is that you should avoid surprising your movers. Avoid showing up with a bunch of stuff on a moving day without letting them know. This is one of the common moving-day mistakes to avoid. They must know in advance if they should transport additional items. Let’s say, you’ve already received an estimate, and you add more stuff on top of it. Your movers won’t be prepared to transport a new jacuzzi, bathtub, or a bunch of clothes that can easily fill up half of the moving van. By doing so, you’re risking a higher cost of the move ( and in some cases, a significantly higher cost) or even cancellation.

However, no one is saying you can’t purchase more stuff. But if you decide to do so, inform the movers at least a couple of days before the move. In any case, make sure to inform the movers of any possible changes that might occur. This is the only way they’ll be fully prepared to conduct the move in the best possible manner. So, if there are any changes, like, for instance, changing the time or even the date of the move, contact the desired moving service in a timely manner.

Drinks and Snacks

Even though you are paying movers for the job, they will need a lot of time and energy to move you. If you have many things to transport, chances are the whole process will be tiring, and they will sweat a lot. If you remember to offer them drinks and snacks, the movers will be more than grateful and value your effort. This way you’ll help your movers to perform the move more efficiently. However, when we say drinks and snacks, we’re referring to light snacks and cold drinks. Remember not to overdo it. In any case, a small act of kindness can truly go a long way.

Snacks In A Box

Don’t Get Bossy

We understand that you’re worried about the treatment of your belongings which is completely normal. However, avoid telling movers what to do and let them focus. Let them handle lifting and carrying heavy items. If you have worries about certain items, we highly recommend labeling moving boxes as fragile or hazardous. We’re not saying you shouldn’t point out how to take care of fragile items. It’s just that bossing them around isn’t a good idea since most movers have a hard time working under pressure. In any case, bossing them around isn’t smart and will usually serve them no purpose rather than stressing the movers out. They are perfectly capable to take care of the move in the best possible manner. What matters is that you choose a reputable and reliable moving service.


For items like artwork and jewelry, we advise that you keep them with you. This way, you’re not risking any damage, loss, or even theft of your belongings, which will ease your mind. Besides, it isn’t the movers’ job to take care of your valuable items, meaning that if you don’t sign an insurance agreement, chances are you’ll have no one to hold accountable. However, if you want to help your movers and have a truly hassle-free move, we highly recommend getting insurance in agreement with the desired moving company.

A Jewelry Box

Kids and Pets

If it’s possible, keep your kids and pets entertained to ensure a hassle-free move. By doing so, you’re not only helping the movers but keeping your kids and pets safe and sound. If possible, get a babysitter, or pay for daycare. Injuries and accidents often happen, which is why we advise you to put some thought into keeping your kids occupied. In addition, make sure to clear the path of any possible obstacles to prevent injuries and damage to your belongings.


While your long distance movers Brooklyn take care of your belongings, we advise you to clean out the property. Cleaning out your residential junk before the local move is essential. Not only will you save up a bunch of your time, but you’ll also make sure that the move is performed in a timely manner which in some cases can lower the cost of your move.

5 Steps For Transferring Utilities When Moving

Suppose you`re moving soon and have too much on your plate to worry about. As you probably know, moving is complicated and includes multiple tasks. You’ll have to do all the packing, loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking of your belongings. Transferring utilities when moving is also one of these tasks. In addition, moving is one of the most stressful life events you can experience in your lifetime. Particularly for those that have no prior experience on the subject. However, moving isn`t only about packing, transporting, unpacking, or hiring one of the moving services Brooklyn. It`s also about smaller tasks like transferring your utilities to your new place. Smaller tasks like these might seem trivial when in reality, they`re very important.

The last thing you want to experience when you arrive at your new place is realizing you have no hot water, electricity, or internet. This can be very troubling for those working from home. Now, we understand that this task might seem complicated, but if you follow our advice, you won`t have problems dealing with it. So, if you want to learn about the 5 steps for transferring utilities when moving, check out the following text below.

Switching The Utilities

1. Organization

Like everything in life, proper planning and organization are crucial to conducting any task in the best possible manner. The first thing you need to do regarding the subject is to make a perfect moving checklist and inform yourself of all of your utility service providers. What do utilities usually include? Mostly internet and cable, sewer and water, gas, satellite, electricity, trash, phone, security system, etc. The best way to organize properly is to note all of these monthly service providers. How can you do that? Is it complicated? All you need to do is write down their phone numbers and all important contact information on a list. This way, you can easily contact them when the time is right.

2. Research

Although this article is mostly about transferring utilities from current providers, we highly recommend exploring all available options before making a final decision. What does this mean? Well, moving to a new state or even to a new city means that, in some cases, you`ll have to change utility providers. So, before you move, it is very important to research all available utility service providers in your area to know all the options. Unfortunately, in some cases, you won`t have a choice since only one company is available for that region, so it`s best to be informed of the conditions before moving.

So, make sure to take enough time and do your research at least a couple of weeks in advance. This way, there will be no room for any surprises. Where can you check? We highly recommend asking local experts and Realtors for recommendations. However, if you are moving within the same city or state, you`ll most likely be able to use the same companies. Still, make sure to do your research and check out all available options in a timely manner.

Researching Online

3. Notify

Now that you`ve taken enough time to prepare and organize for the move while exploring all available options and deciding on the best one, it`s time to notify the company about your move at least a couple of weeks in advance. Some utility companies require an installation appointment, meaning it is a good idea to contact them a month in advance just to ensure everything goes in the best possible manner. What are we referring to? Internet, cable, or even security system providers. If you have a couple of providers for different services (which is usually the case), you`ll have to notify each one individually. It`s easy to get lost along the way, which is why we recommended making a list of all the providers.

This way, it will be easier for you to manage and ensure you don`t forget to contact anyone from the list. Now, you need to schedule reconnect and disconnect dates which aren`t as simple as it seems. In fact, we recommend setting a disconnect date a day after your move and reconnecting all the utilities a day before you move into your new place. This way, you`ll be absolutely secure everything will go in the best possible manner.

4. Your Address

Although this one often gets overlooked, changing your address is another necessary step you need to take care of when transferring utilities when moving. When contacting your utility provider, make sure to change your address since this way, you`ll be killing two birds with one stone. By doing so, you`ll receive all overdue and future bills lowering the risk of getting yourself into debt without realizing it. If you aren`t sure whether you`ve already changed your address, we recommend double-checking and contacting all the providers again.

Changing The Address

5. Pay All the Bills

No matter how much fuss you`re in, and we know that moving will take up a lot of your time and energy, remember to pay overdue bills before the actual moving process starts. When contacting your service provider, make sure to ask them whether you have some debt or not. By forgetting to pay any overdue bills, chances are you`ll have a bad impact on your credit score, which can easily prevent the sale of your home if you plan on selling it.

Hire Professionals

Now that we`ve covered all the important steps to transfer your utilities in the best possible manner, it`s time to think about how you want to conduct your move. Suppose you are having trouble completing the move. In that case, we highly recommend considering hiring a professional moving and storage Brooklyn company. Contact your local or long distance movers Brooklyn and they’ll take care of the whole thing for you. Just make sure you choose a trusted and reliable company for the job.

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