How To Move Your Gardening Equipment?

Moving doesn`t need to be so stressful as long as you prepare and organize properly. It is inevitable that you`ll have to take enough time to prepare for the whole move. We recommend thinking about preparation at least a couple of weeks in advance. The whole issue can get even more complicated if you have children. You`ll have to decide whether you want to perform the whole move by yourself or hire professional movers. This usually depends on your budget. So, it is understandable why you need to take enough time to conduct a budget. Remember, this is crucial as the last thing you want to experience is realizing in the middle of the move that you don`t have enough money to finish the process in the best possible manner. Things are pretty much the same when you need to move your gardening equipment.

Make sure to find help, especially when dealing with big and bulky items like furniture. Usually, when talking about moving, people refer to moving their household items, rarely about gardening equipment and similar objects. So, it`s natural that not many people are informed on how to move your gardening equipment. If that`s the case, check out the following text below.

Garden Tools

The Basics

Before we start talking about the direct steps, you should know the basics of moving your gardening equipment. This will help you perform the move in the best possible manner. The most important basic things you should know about include:

  • Think about decluttering, especially when talking about things that aren`t in the best shape or are damaged. Make sure to declutter if purchasing a new item is cheaper than fixing the old one. Decluttering is important because it is a perfect way to cut expenses. You`ll already have to help a hefty amount of money on the move. The last thing you need is to spend money on a thing that can easily be replaced.
  • The same goes for items you rarely use. There is no need to transport something you don`t use often or at all.
  • If you have multiple same items, we recommend leaving some of them behind. Particularly if you are hiring movers that charge an hourly rate. The more things you need to transport, the bigger the expense.

There are many benefits of decluttering a home before the move, and the same goes for a garden and gardening equipment. When it comes to decluttering, there are a couple of ways to do it. They include throwing anything you don`t need away, donating to charities and unprofitable organizations, or even throwing a garage sale to make some money. Remember that decluttering can save you a lot of money, especially if you have a lot of gardening equipment.

Moving Equipment

Now that you`ve decluttered and decided to proceed with the moving process, it`s time to talk about the moving equipment you`ll need to perform the move. Since gardening equipment has odd dimensions and is usually large in size, it is a good idea to gather some moving equipment that will help you carry the items. Ask movers you trust what the ultimate packing supplies list should contain and let them get you some quality packing supplies, like moving boxes Brooklyn for oddly shaped items, packing tape, various protectors, wrappers, etc. Anyways, you’ll need various packing and moving supplies, including:

  • You can carry smaller tools by using an apron or an organizer belt. This will leave your hands free, while secateurs can be carried in some kind of holster.
  • A rubber bucket that should be flexible with two handles can be used to carry debris, tools, or cuttings. The main reason why a rubber bucket is a must is that it is very easy to carry. It can fit a vast amount of items without anything getting damaged in the process.
  • A garden cart (typically with an aluminum frame) will allow you to carry hand tools and long tools with smaller items in a tray. A twin-wheeled metal barrow with a handle can be very helpful if you have problems with strength, bending, or using one hand.
  • A sack trolley/folding hand truck or a moving dolly for moving very heavy objects if you have any with minimum possible strain.

A Moving Dolly For Transporting Heavy Items

It`s a Must

Let`s take a look at all the equipment that is considered a must when it comes to moving gardening equipment:

  • A garden gripper is useful for picking up any small pieces of debris left in the garden and usually has wide jaws and a litter picker.
  • As we mentioned earlier, a rubber bucket is also considered a must. It’s because of its soft texture and versatility in use.
  • Make sure to get your hands on a tub mover, a specifically designed light trolley used to transport plastic tubs. Two wheels will give you good stability. And the bar-style handle can be used with one hand in case you already have your hands full.
  • When it comes to sacking wheels and a truck, both of these products can be used to save you from bending.

Hire Professionals

Moving your gardening equipment isn`t an easy task, especially if you are a first-time mover, meaning that in some cases, it might be a good idea to ask professional Brooklyn movers for help and when we say professionals, we mean highly trained, reliable, and educated movers. Keep in mind that there are numerous shady companies out there posing as legit firms which might mishandle your belongings or even damage them in the process. That`s why it is important to find a reliable moving company that has enough experience in dealing with gardening equipment.

Here, at Dorothy and Martha Moving, you’ll find all the professional help you need for moving your gardening equipment. Starting from free moving quotes Brooklyn, to advisory services, to the actual moving of your garden equipment to your new address. In any case, best of luck with the move and make sure to follow our advice mentioned above to ensure that the move goes in the best possible manner.

How To Disassemble A Couch When Moving?

Everyone experiences tension while moving. Packing and moving delicate furniture is a big issue for people who are relocating, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Before you begin loading the truck or moving van, disassembling your furniture is one of the best ways of making your move simple. The same goes if you have to disassemble a couch when moving.

You might not realize how difficult it can be to move a couch to a different house. Of course, the first thing to do is to determine if the couch is really worth the work. The time and money required to disassemble heavy furniture for movement, pack the individual pieces for safe transit, and move the piece to a new location are all directly related to transporting heavy furniture. Because of this, taking your large, heavy couch with you inevitably necessitates disassembling the furniture item for safety reasons.

The problem is that moving large furniture pieces intact—without first dismantling them—increases the likelihood of severe personal injury and expensive property damage. So, it’s crucial to know how to disassemble furniture when moving.

Couch Disassembled

Reasons why you should disassemble a couch when moving

Here are a few reasons why it’s generally a good idea to disassemble your couch before transporting it:

Easy transport

The couch will be easier to transport outside of the house and put into the truck if it is partially disassembled. And by doing this, you’ll safeguard both you and your workers from the serious injuries that frequently result from heavy lifting, including back strains, herniated disks, pinched nerves, and muscle injuries

Protecting walls and floors

If your couch is partially dismantled, you can leave the house without worrying about scratching the floor or walls. The elimination of any protruding components that may touch the walls or the floor and result in any kind of property damage is the primary factor contributing to a higher degree of safety. Also, when the couch is disassembled, it will be able to pass through all small openings and tight areas, like doorways, narrow and long hallways, sharp curves, and staircases much faster.

The tools you’ll need

Although each piece of furniture is unique, you’ll likely need some or all of the following tools before you start:

  • a screwdriver with flathead and Phillips heads
  • you’ll need a wrench or Allen key
  • a staple remover
  • pliers
  • a clawed hammer for removing nails

Let’s begin the disassembling now that you have all tools in your hands.

Hand Tool For Couch Disassembling

Take out all the furnishing

Remove the cushions and back if your couch has them. To prevent unintentional disposal, place the small pillows and couch cushions in plastic bags and mark them. The entire frame’s upholstery must be taken off as a first step. This applies to any glued-in fabric components, such as pillows, arm coverings, cushions, and so on. In order to prevent damage from boxes resting on them during transport, it is advisable to pack these things last. Before putting them on your moving truck, we advise putting them in zip-top bags to prevent anything from getting lost during transport.

Keep any mattresses or furnishings you want to reuse

This step kind of goes without saying because it’s basically the reverse of what you have just done. To save money, you may preserve any cushions or upholstery that are in good shape and use them on your new couch.

Take the couch’s arms and legs off

Unscrew the couch legs, or remove the screws holding most couch legs to the frame. Now that the couch’s legs have been removed, you may be able to fit it through your entryway and elevator.

If it’s still big, the arms of your couch should now be removed. In most cases, staples are used to secure the couch upholstery. Pull out the staples holding the couch’s upholstery using the staple remover or a flathead screwdriver. Remove the staples securing the upholstery on the arms after revealing the couch frame. Roll the cloth back until you can see where the couch’s base meets the arms. There are often two screws or bolts on each side that you should remove. Remove the arms while keeping the upholstery safe. Once both arms have been taken off, place them somewhere they won’t become forgotten or dirty until later in the procedure.

Disassembling A Couch

Remove the seat’s frame from the seat

The seat’s frame should be separated from the seat itself. All of the screws holding the frame and back support of your couch together should be removed using a screwdriver. When removing them, take caution not to press any buttons too hard because they are often fastened with tiny metal tabs that are easily broken. After removing all screws (usually three on each side), flip the couch over and stand it up on its front side. Make sure you replaced any loose or damaged screws during assembling if it won’t disassemble.

Get rid of the removed cushioning or upholstery materials

After you disassemble a couch for moving, getting rid of the cushioning is the last step! The best course of action for this is to take the items to your neighborhood recycling center for appropriate disposal unless they are still in excellent condition. There are also designated pick-up days in some places, where you may bring these goods out for collection.

Give yourself enough time to complete the task

Usually, tenants don’t realize they need to disassemble a couch before the moving day. It’s advisable to take measurements in advance. Depending on how the couch is built, disassembling it might take anything from 30 minutes to several hours. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to take on this duty while your goods are loaded into the truck. It all contributes to the stress of moving day.

Your couch shouldn’t be too difficult to disassemble for transportation. However, if you run into trouble and are unsure of how to continue, don’t be afraid to call in professional Brooklyn movers who will assist you when you need it the most. If you lack the necessary time or skill, or moving long-distance, let the expert long distance movers Brooklyn handle it for you and ensure that everything goes smoothly when you move. The antique furniture movers NYC will also assist you in disassembling and protecting other big and heavy pieces of furniture in your home. You want it to look wonderful in your new place, after all!

Understanding How Moving Companies In NYC Work?

Usually, moving is a timely and complicated process that will require your full attention, especially if you`re a first-time mover or plan on moving with your family. However, you can’t perform a DIY move without help. Particularly when dealing with big and bulky items. It requires a lot of money, time, and energy. So, usually, people opt for going DIY instead of hiring professional movers. The whole issue can get even more complicated if you plan to move to New York, as it is a huge city with numerous options when it comes to movers. If you have no experience with moving, it can last for days. It is vital to understand how moving companies in NYC work. So, if you want to learn more about it, check out the following text below.

Understanding a Few Things

Before you even think about moving, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration, including:

  • How many items do you plan on moving?
  • Is your timeline flexible, a.k.a. how fast do you want to move?
  • Do you need storage services?
  • Are you currently living in an urban area that has certain parking restrictions?
  • Do you need art shipping NYC services?
  • Decide whether you want to perform the whole by yourself or hire professional movers for the job.
  • What`s your moving budget, meaning you should think about your ideal moving budget and the maximum budget?

This list can go on and on, meaning that every individual should take different aspects of the move into consideration, so we recommend taking a week or two to carefully think thru about all the things you should consider before starting to prepare for the move.

Make A Decision

Luckily, when it comes to moving, there are various options available that are suited for every budget. We`ll mention a few below:

  • Going for a DIY move which is only possible if you own a moving vehicle, enough help.
  • Hiring professional movers for the job, including packing, loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking.
  • Renting or buying a moving vehicle.
  • Storage and moving container service.
  • A combo of other options from the above.

In any case, it is important to conduct a budget before choosing the appropriate option, especially if you have no prior experience on the subject.

Conduct a Budget

In order to fully understand how certain moving companies in NYC work, it is very important to conduct your budget first simply because a different price range means different work ethics. For example, moving to Brooklyn on a budget is possible but not always the best option. First, you should know what are the most expensive items to move. Then consider your options depending on your moving inventory. Wait, you never heard of a moving inventory before? Making a home inventory for moving is one of the most important things you need to do. Expensive moving companies work in a very timely and effective manner meaning that all you need to do is pay for the move.

On the other hand, the cheapest moving companies usually only transport your belongings, and to be honest, they usually don`t do it with much care, and that`s why property damage happens very often. So, in order to perform the move in the best possible manner, we recommend conducting your budget first.

Make Contact

In order to get to know the company by yourself, it is needed for you to get in contact with them. And when we say get in contact with them, we`re referring to a few companies meaning that you shouldn`t depend on one firm. Instead, get a couple of estimates and ask the company any question that comes to your mind. Also, keep in mind that there are many shady companies posing as legit firms, so it`s best to perform a background check just to make sure you`re dealing with a legit moving company. The best way to do so is to check out online reviews from previous clients. Although some of them are fake, this is one of the best options to compare local movers. If you aren`t sure about the company, contact them and ask them any possible question that comes to your mind.

Some warning signs that you`re dealing with shady movers include:

  • Not a definite answer when you ask about the price
  • Being late for the estimate
  • Rude or slow behavior
  • Misleading answers

It`s always best to ask friends and family for opinions, especially if you are young and have no experience in dealing with movers.

Best Tips

Now that we`ve covered the most crucial parts of the move before you even hire Brooklyn movers, it`s time to share the most common tips that can greatly ease the whole moving process:

Since NYC is a unique city which is true even if you are moving in and out of place, so let`s talk about the most common tips:

  • In some cases, your building or landlord may require from the mover a certificate of insurance before they can start moving anything in or out of the building. We recommend checking with your landlord whether that`s the case before the moving process starts.
  • Parking rules in NYC can be very, very tricky, so check out the rules for your particular part of the street.
  • There are some limits and rules about what items the NYC department will take off your hands alongside the trash.

We hope our article about how moving companies in NYC work will help you understand the subject better and pick the right mover for your needs. The most important tip we can give you is to take at least a couple of weeks to plan and organize properly and consider making an inventory and a perfect moving checklist. In any case, best of luck with your move.

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