Tips for Relocating as a Single Parent

As a single parent, we believe that you are familiar with the fact that nothing is easy. And, while relocation can seem like a daunting task even for couples, a single parent often struggles substantially more. However, we believe that it needn’t be so. With some proper informing and preparation, relocating as a single parent can be quick, efficient and stressless. Let us see what is the best way to approach this undertaking in the following few lines. Continue reading “Tips for Relocating as a Single Parent”

What To Do When Movers Are Late For A Local Move?

You are in the process of moving. You have done everything right, you gave your best to have this moving process flawless. Indeed, everything was going smoothly however, sometimes when everything goes right it seems as something will have to go wrong at some point, simply for balance. And that is when it happens. Movers are late. You are getting angry, anxious and start losing your mind. Everything you have been avoiding all this time is happening because movers are late for a local move. It is a local move, why are they late? Do not worry, here we will give you some pointers on how to handle situations like this without feeling the stress. Continue reading “What To Do When Movers Are Late For A Local Move?”

The Best Big Cities to Move to This Year

It`s natural that people`s wishes and preferences change over time, meaning that those living in smaller cities often choose to move to bigger places in search of a new job, higher quality of life, and new opportunities. However, it`s not easy to decide about the best big cities to move to since you need to take care of a couple of factors into consideration, including safety, affordability, schooling, transport, healthcare, etc. Of course, factors depend on your age and whether you plan on moving with your family or by yourself.

Living in a bigger city has numerous advantages. But there are certain aspects you need to consider, especially when it comes to affordability, as cities like New York and Los Angeles are extremely expensive. Still, you can live in a bigger city as long as you do thorough research on the subject, and we`re here to help. So, if you want to learn about the best big cities to move to this year, check out the following text below.

The Best Big Cities to Move to This Year


  • Denver
  • Austin
  • Phoenix
  • Minneapolis
  • Portland
  • San Diego


Denver, with a population of about 716000 residents, is known for being The Mile High City. It offers the best of both worlds. Denver is a place where the urban jungle meets the outdoors. So, if you choose to live here, you`ll have all the amenities of a bigger city with lots of parks and green areas to enjoy. Also, Denver has a great culture, arts, food, music, and especially sports. Another important benefit of moving to Denver is its amazing economy. Compared to New York, it`s affordable as long as you research the neighborhoods and explore all the available options before deciding on the best one.

Denver, CO


Austin, Texas, has a population of about 1000000 residents. It is known for numerous things like the capital of the state. Did you know that this area was inhabited as early as 9000 BC? It means the city has a very rich background. Austin was called Waterloo and attracted more than 20 million residents every year. According to a 2021 study, Austin is the 4th best city in the country for millennials. The weather is very appealing. Austin is famous for its health and wellness culture and possesses lots of parks and green areas. This is very important for sports enthusiasts. The city offers more than 250 gyms, 220 parks, many lakes, 30 swimming holes, and walking and hiking trails.


Phoenix, the seat of Maricopa County, has a population of more than 1600000 residents. It represents a popular destination for all ages and social groups. The city is the capital of Arizona and offers a very affordable cost of living. It also has a rapidly growing infrastructure, many employment opportunities, and a thriving nightlife. In recent years, more and more Californians are moving to Phoenix. This is because of a very appealing housing market and other aforementioned benefits. Plus, another reason why Californians are choosing to settle here is the similar weather.

Phoenix, AZ


Minneapolis is the biggest city in Minnesota and the county seat of Hennepin County. It’s one of the most unique places on our list. Although it`s a big city with a population of more than 400000 residents, the nature here is miraculous and not typical for an urban area.

Minneapolis has stunning blue lakes, a very thriving art scene, towering skyscrapers, cuisine joints, and entertainment. Besides being a very popular metro area is frequently ranked as one of the best and most affordable places on our list. Most areas in Minneapolis are considered very safe. This is a very important factor, especially for young families that are considering moving here. Furthermore, Minneapolis is known for being the home of Mississippi, the very popular Mall of America, and breathtaking St. Anthony falls.

So, if you are looking for an unconventional place that looks miraculous, contact your long distance movers Brooklyn and head straight to Minneapolis.


Portland has a population of more than 650000 residents and is very attractive to new movers. Located in Oregon, it is the biggest city in the state. It is well-known for being a scenic and very vibrant city. Portland has an abundance of green spaces, including mountains, forests, and parks. By driving an hour to the west, you will get to the ocean in no time, while by driving an hour to the east, you`ll be in the mountains. So, you can see that living in Portland allows you to enjoy the diversity and all the perks of a small town even though Portland has more than 500000 residents. People are very welcoming, and you`ll make friends in no time.

Portland is known for lots of artists, cyclists, vegans, hipsters, and eco-activists. It`s a very laid-back city with very good neighborhoods and a small-town feel.

Portland, OR

San Diego

Californians will be very pleased to know that if you consider Los Angeles expensive and overcrowded but don`t want to leave the state, San Diego is your best bet. With a population of 1415000 residents, it is renowned for its idyllic climate and is the second-largest city in the Sunny State.

San Diego represents one of the best cities to move to on the West Coast, with more than 70 miles of coastline. Furthermore, the neighborhoods are very affordable, and the city offers top-notch cuisine, which is very important for food lovers. The crime rate is lower than the national average, making San Diego one of the safest and largest cities in the country, which is very beneficial if you are thinking about hiring your Brooklyn movers and moving with your family to San Diego.

Moving Company or Moving Pods – How to Choose?

There are a couple of ways to conduct the move, including various DIY methods or hiring a professional moving company. Also, you can choose to rent or purchase moving pods which is becoming a more and more popular solution. Keep in mind that although moving is one of the most stressful events, in reality, it doesn’t have to be as long you organize and prepare for the move in the best possible manner. If you are trying to decide whether you want to hire a moving company or obtain moving pods, we are here to help. Both options have various pros and cons, making it easier for you to decide on the best option depending on your needs and preferences. So, if you want to learn how to choose between hiring a moving company and moving pods, check out the following text below.

Moving Company Pros

Lowered Risks

If you choose to hire a moving company, you won’t have to be scared about injuries, especially if you need help with heavy and bulky items like furniture. A professional moving company, such as Dorothy And Martha Moving, will provide you with experts who have enough experience lifting heavy objects. If you have no prior experience on the subject, the situation can even get even more complicated. Now, there is nothing wrong with DIY methods, but if you can’t find help, moving heavy items can be dangerous and result in damage to your belongings and injuries. Also, if you plan on selling your old home, property damage can significantly lower the price, which in cases like this happens quite often.

Moving Company

Moving Supplies

Before you start looking for estimates and moving companies, you need to conduct a budget that will help you organize and prepare for the move. One of the crucial aspects you need to take care of is obtaining moving supplies which can get tricky as there are a lot of things to think about, which can be extremely hard if you have no prior experience on the subject. Without proper moving supplies and moving boxes Brooklyn, you won’t be able to move certain items in a timely manner, meaning that the move can take up more than just your weekend.


As we already mentioned earlier, moving can be extremely stressful, especially if you are planning on moving with your family and work long hours, leaving you little to no time to rest and prepare for the move. You can take care of all the stress by hiring professional Brooklyn movers that accentuate the client’s needs and ensures that the move is performed best.

Moving Company Cons

Less Control

By hiring movers, you will have less control over the move, which in some cases can be a pretty big downside. In most cases, you will not be able to decide how your items are loaded and unloaded, meaning that if you are one of those people that need to have control of every aspect of the situation, avoid hiring movers.


Hiring moving and storage Brooklyn services can be very pricey, especially if you are on a very tight budget. The average cost of the move is more than $1200, which can be quite a big expense, especially since you’ll have to spend a lot of money on other expenses related to moving into your new home. Keep in mind that long-distance moves, especially if you plan on moving cross-country, the cost of the move can get even bigger.


When you choose to hire movers, you will have to give them your maximum trust, meaning that when dealing with rogue movers, there are high chances that complications will occur. The best way to prevent this is to hire reputable moving companies with lots of experience.

Moving Pods Pros


The best description of this benefit is “killing two birds with one stone.” By purchasing a portable moving container, you will grant yourself additional storage. All you need to do is to arrange transportation by hiring a moving company which is quite cheap, as long as you hire a professional moving company.

Moving Pods

Your Own Terms

Moving pod companies charge their customer monthly, meaning that if you need an extra month to take care of their belongings, they can do it with the moving container meaning that you’ll have more control over the process.


When compared to professional movers, renting moving pods is a far cheaper option. A long-distance move of more than $1500 miles while using a moving pod will cost you about $3000 while hiring a moving company for the same distance can cost you more than $5000. So, you can see that the price difference is pretty big, which can be very important for those moving on a tight budget. However, you need to know that these costs can vary depending on the company and your own preferences.

Moving Pods Cons


A DIY move is exactly that: a do-it-yourself move. By using moving pods, you are deciding to conduct the whole move by yourself, which can be quite hard, especially if you have no prior experience on the subject. Without the help of professionals, you’ll have to pack, load, and unload by yourself, and if you have no one to turn to for help, the whole situation can get even more dangerous. If you can’t get friends, family, and colleagues for help, the risk of injuries and damage to your property is pretty high, making it a pretty big downside.


As we mentioned earlier, proper planning and organization are crucial, especially if you plan on storing the moving container before, during, or after the move. You absolutely need to reserve the spot, and if you forget to do so, you’re risking the prolongation of the move and, inevitably, a significant loss of money.


While you take care of loading and unloading, you’ll definitely need a place to park in front of your old and your new home, meaning that you can come across various complications, especially if you are dealing with unfriendly neighbors.

How To Help Your Parents Relocate?

Taking care of aging parents is both rewarding and difficult, and it’s especially challenging when it’s time to relocate them. Whether you’re relocating your senior loved ones across the state, or to a senior facility, the process can be difficult. Many scenarios would necessitate relocating a senior parent from their own home, and their adult children will want to make sure the transition is as painless as possible, taking care of their best interests. It’s important to understand all of your alternatives before selecting whether or not to transfer your aging parents. The moving process may not be simple once you’ve made the final choice. Here are a few suggestions to help your parents relocate:

Elderly Parents Are Relocating

Communicate openly

Seniors can be emotionally attached to the house they’re leaving, and it’s natural for them to feel sad and anxious about the transition. Allowing your aging parent time to grieve the change and talking about where they will be living and why they are relocating will help make the move easier. When seniors are requested to leave their long-term residences, one of the most common sources of distress is a sense of loss of control, so give your loved one as much power as possible as they plan and execute the transfer. Your parents could want to be in charge of every detail of the transfer, or they might choose to stay out of it entirely. However, it is up to them to make that decision.

Plan carefully

It’s difficult to move, especially for elderly parents who aren’t used to such drastic changes. Show them images or plans of their new house once you’ve located a spot for them to dwell. This will assist them in becoming acquainted with their living circumstances before the relocation.

Measure all of your furniture ahead of time to ensure that everything will fit. Walk through each area and make a list of everything your parents will need. Following that, you should have a better notion of what not to carry on the move.

It will be helpful for families to get a vision of what they are getting into before they begin the sorting and arranging process. Allow your elderly parent to recollect while you assist them to sort out their items, respecting their emotional relationship with them. Remember, you’re not simply transferring items; you’re dealing with memories. Also, especially if this was your childhood home, be receptive to your own feelings.


Check the new place to discover what furnishings it has, so you don’t end up with duplicates. Relocation is an excellent opportunity to get rid of excess items. It’s time for a new beginning—one with fewer belongings. It will make it much easier for you to relocate your elderly parents.

A Son Is Helping A Parent Declutter And Relocate

Assist your parents in getting rid of any items they may no longer require. Donate whatever you don’t need to charity, and toss anything you can’t use. If your parents have relatives or friends nearby, they might even give gifts to them. This way, they’ll know that their possessions continue to bring joy to others.

They’ll be free of the tension and fear that comes with relocating after they’ve settled into their new home, and it’ll be simpler for them to say goodbye to non-essential belongings.

Ask family to help

There are a lot of moving aspects to deal with when you want to help your parents relocate. But you don’t have to do it alone. Enlist the support of friends and family members to do errands, assist with packing and unpacking, and help your parents with the move. This will be a big job, so seek the assistance of your family. Encourage your siblings or other close relatives to take a few days off work. Even kids and younger family members are welcome to join in. Surrounding your elderly parents with loving and encouraging loved ones may also assist to reduce the emotional burden of moving as well.

Rent a storage unit

Perhaps your loved ones are hesitant to part with specific possessions. Alternatively, maybe they want to pass them on to future generations. Whatever the case may be, you may need to contact a moving and storage Brooklyn company and rent a storage unit to keep some of their stuff. For people who require a safe, accessible, and easy-to-access temporary storage facility while relocating, rented storage units are a great solution.

You may also assist them in deciding what will be placed in a storage locker. It is great for storing old picture albums, sporting equipment, and other precious items that your parents won’t need right away. Even if the reasons aren’t obvious to you, your parents will have their motives for wanting to preserve some stuff. While you are free to make recommendations, these decisions should be made by your parents.

Hire a reliable moving company

Now is the time to talk about the most efficient method to accomplish your parents’ successful move. The last thing you want to worry about as you help your parents relocate is transferring all of their stuff. You won’t be as efficient as professional movers even with the aid of friends and family.

Professional Movers Are Moving House Items

Professional Brooklyn movers will provide you peace of mind on your big day, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most. Hiring competent movers can not only make moving a lifetime’s worth of possessions easier, but it will also ensure that those goods arrive securely at their new location. Most professional moving companies include packing and unpacking services in addition to loading and unloading the truck, so make sure to ask about the costs of these services as well. Here, at Dorothy And Martha Moving, you’ll also get packing and moving tips for seniors, and free moving quotes Brooklyn for moving your parents. It’s a good idea to look for specialized NYC art movers since a company that’s doing shipping art across country is usually more careful during the whole moving process. And having careful movers help your parents relocate is crucial.


There’s no doubt that the relocation of your parents is an emotional and difficult experience. However, by preparing yourself and your parents and following these instructions, you may make things a lot simpler. We hope that these suggestions will assist you in better planning and executing your senior loved one’s next steps. They should have a lot smoother transition if you adequately prepare for the transfer. Wishing you the best of luck and a smooth move!

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