Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brooklyn

Are you planning to live in Brooklyn and are in search of the best neighborhood to live in? You are in the right place, as we have created a list of some of the best neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has plenty to offer and everyone can find a perfect place to live here. In order to make a stress-free relocation, we strongly suggest that you find reliable movers. With the right Brooklyn movers, you will have plenty of time to decide on what is the best neighborhood for you and your family. Let us see which neighborhoods stand out.

Aerial View Of Downtown Brooklyn

The list of best neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn


Known as Little Berlin, Williamsburg is high among the best neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn. It has earned this nickname due to its rich hipster culture, as well as an abundant nightlife. Williamsburg is definitely a neighborhood that does not sleep. Although it is not on the list of the safest Brooklyn neighborhoods it has a low rate of violent crime.

Williamsburg is expensive, though

The only downside to this neighborhood is that it is really expensive to live here. For example, the median home value is $903, 500, and is expected to rise even more. However, you get to live in a beautiful, peaceful, and culturally rich neighborhood with a lot of green space, and a great walkability score. You will never be bored here, that is for sure, and if you are moving in with your family, rest assured that you have made a great decision.

Park Slope

Park Slope is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn
Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn known for its outdoor eateries, parks and picturesque streets

Next on our list of the very best neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn is definitely Park Slope. It has many qualities that make it the best neighborhood to raise a family here. A great schooling system, with excellent public schools, but also private schools is very appealing. Plus, there are a lot of green spaces here where you can spend quality time with your children. However, if you are not moving to Park Slope with your family, you will also find Park Slope a great place to live.

Park Slope has everything that you might need

Excellent restaurants, wine bars, rich nightlife, and of course great job opportunities are waiting for you. The only downside is that just like Williamsburg, it is expensive to live here. But, the low crime rates and more than excellent living conditions are certainly worth every penny.

Bay Ridge

Previously called Yellow Hook, this neighborhood is home to fierce residents who stand firmly against skyscrapers. This is the reason why you won`t be able to see any in this neighborhood. However, you will be able to enjoy beautiful waterfronts and a lot of parks. It has plenty of detached and semi-detached houses. Couples who are planning to have children love this, because they can have a backyard, and spend quality time with their children for less than $1 million dollars.

Transportation used to be the problem here

The main problem with this neighborhood used to be the distance from downtown Manhattan, which could take at least 45 minutes. Now, with the introduction of the South Brooklyn NYC ferry route this trip has been minimized. You can also use the R train, as well as the rapid transit buses available.

Brooklyn Heights

It was the very first neighborhood included in the New York City`s 1965 Landmark Preservation Law. If you love cobblestone streets, rowhouses that are restored perfectly, and a small-town vibe, you are in the right spot. A lot of parks and green areas, as well as a wonderful waterfront, will make you want to walk around Brooklyn Heights for hours. If your job is located in Manhattan, you will have absolutely no issues getting there, as there is a subway operating there, as well as a ferry. What you are also going to love here, is the fact that the crime rates are really low. You will be able to raise your family, or just walk around here with absolutely no fear of crime on the streets.

What should you do before you move to Brooklyn?

Moving to Brooklyn is a great thing, and we have no doubts that your decision is the right one. Before you move, however, there are a few things that you should definitely do, that will make your relocation easier.

Save money

White Piggy Bank
If you want to move to one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, you need to save enough money

As we have seen, most of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn are in fact, quite expensive. So, in order to have a stress-free relocation and adjustment to new surroundings. The best way to do this is to start saving money at least a few months in advance. Take into consideration that you will need money for the deposit, rent, food, and utility bills. If you still haven`t found a job, we strongly recommend that you start searching for it before your relocation takes place.


The fewer items you relocate, the lower your final relocation cost will be. So, make a decision which items you will relocate with you. The best thing to do is only to relocate the items that you truly use on an everyday basis. All the old, broken, non-functional items should not find their way to your new, dream house. Don`t hesitate to throw away, or donate your old furniture if possible. You can also sell them online and earn a few bucks as well. The point is to get rid of absolutely everything that is not serving you anymore.

Make a goodbye party

Group of People Tossing Wine Glass
Having a goodbye party is a great way to say “Until our next meeting” to your friends

Before you move to any of the excellent Brooklyn neighborhoods, throw a goodbye party. Although relocations tend to be hectic and stressful, you can always find a bit of time to say goodbye to your friends. Invite them over for a pizza or a cake, or go to your favorite bar and just have fun. It is important to say goodbye before you start a brand-new chapter of your life. You will not lose a lot of time, and you will have memories that will last for a lifetime. Dorothy and Martha movers wish you good luck!

How to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn?

Let’s just tell it like it is – moving is a big deal. People often don’t realize this, but it’s a very complicated process. After all, that’s why we hire moving companies for relocations in the first place. Really, we can’t overstate this enough – choosing the right moving company is important. And it’s not just about getting the best service at affordable prices either. While most moving companies are there to help you, you should be aware that there are real scammers out there. We’re talking about fraudulent moving companies, that don’t deal with you in good faith and just want your money. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you – here are some tips on how to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn.

The basic moving scams

Unfortunately, in every profession, there are people who just abhor doing an honest day’s work. Instead, such people resort to doing shady deals and scams. And let’s not kid ourselves – the moving industry is no different. We know what you’re thinking now – sure, that’s all fine and good, but how we protect ourselves when browsing for moving firms? Well, it really comes down to one most important thing – you need to know what a basic moving scam in Brooklyn looks like if you want to hire professional movers:

Additional costs 

When you’re looking for a moving company, you’ll come across good deals and bad deals. And then, once in a while, you’ll stumble upon an impossibly low price. We’re talking ridiculously low. Really, how can you give this a pass? And that’s the classic hook. However, once the job is done, you’ll be hassled with ridiculously large ‘additional costs’ you’ll be asked to pay.

Hostage goods 

Here’s another classic play – the “movers” load your thing onto their trucks, as any moving company would. But then they proceed to basically hold your property hostage. They will refuse to move the truck or unload it without you paying additional money.

Grey area moving 

We should mention a different sort of scam. These are movers that aren’t really scamming you per se, but you’re still at risk. Basically, we’re talking about movers that don’t work for registered, reputable and legal moving firms. Instead, they choose to work outside the law, without an actual company or registration. While they may do the job right, you’re at risk. Not only are you not guaranteed any quality, but if these illegal movers are prosecuted, your things may be kept as evidence!

Telltale signs of a moving scam in Brooklyn

Okay, so now you’ve got the basic idea of how moving scammers operate. But, it’s even more important to know how to spot a moving scam early on. After all, knowing about scams won’t do you much good after the fact, right? Yeah, you know it makes sense. So let’s talk about one of the most surefire ways to spot moving frauds. When you start researching, you will see that it is quite simple to notice mistakes that the fraud movers have made.

You must know your rights and responsibilities

As we’ve already mentioned, the moving companies, much like any other business, are subject to some industry regulations. Yeah, we know, legal technicalities aren’t exactly fun – but trust us, this is in your interest to learn. Basically, all legitimate and legal moving companies out there are obligated to provide you with something. And that something is a pamphlet about your rights and responsibilities when you move. This contains most of the important information you need to know about the moving process, from a legal point of view. So, if a moving company you’re doing business with doesn’t provide you with this, chances are that something isn’t right. And fraudulent moving companies probably won’t be rushing to give you information that might expose their shady dealings.

Money Saving on Your Long Distance Move
If you want to save your money from scammers, you’ll need to be careful!

Do your due diligence

Okay, by now you’ve probably fully realized just how bad a moving scam can get. That’s why it’s extremely important that you do your proper research before hiring reliable Brooklyn movers. Think about it – really, a relocation is a very personal ordeal. It involves all of your things and family members. And your personal property and really valuable items are all supposed to be moved. That’s why you need to hire professionals you can actually trust. And in order to find these respectable movers, you will need to do some thorough research.

Reliable Movers
You’ll need to do your research on moving companies if you want to avoid a scam!

You’ll need to do your research on moving companies if you want to avoid a scam!

Get recommendations

Recommendations are an excellent way to find the right moving company. If you have friends or family members, or even acquaintances who have recently moved, great. Ask them about their moving experience. They can tell you all about whether the pricing was affordable, how did the movers behave, were they professional, etc. But, most importantly, you will know for sure that the movers in question are not rouge movers.

Compare several moving companies

The best way not to become a victim of a scam is to know exactly what is out there. Compare at least five moving companies, and let the best one win. After researching the sites, get moving quotes, talk to the employees, it will be quite easy for you to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn. For example, if your moving company does not have a physical address on site, you may start looking for a different company. Always ask as many questions as possible, and talk to the moving crew in person in order to get a sense of their reliability.

Ask the moving company for their USDOT number

A USDOT number is the identification number that you can use to check whether your moving company is licensed. The FMCSA site is the place where you can find out a lot about your moving company. How many vehicles they have, what are their moving reviews, do they have any disputes, etc. It is important to get to know your moving company as much as possible, because it is the best way to avoid scams. A mover who has a license is not likely to be a scammer, so always ask for the USDOT number.

The devil is in the details

As we’ve already said, getting a good offer from a moving firm is just fine. But if you come across an offer that’s just ridiculously low, stay alert. We’re not saying you should avoid a good price – just make sure you pay attention and you’ll avoid a moving scam in Brooklyn. You want to make sure that the moving company in question has their license, for example. Really, you don’t want to put your personal items into the care of an unlicensed firm, trust us on that. Also, if a moving company is ready to give you an estimate during a phone call, without checking your home visually, that’s an alarm bell that should go off.

Read the contract

If there’s one piece of advice that’s applicable to every business transaction on the planet, it’s this. Whether you’re selling a herd of goats in Sri Lanka, or hiring a moving company in Brooklyn for art handling services – read the contract. And read it carefully. If you’re not particularly law-savvy, have a lawyer read it. And on moving day, movers will also present you with something called the Bill of Lading. Basically, this contains all the info about your move, most importantly the delivery dates and the prices. Read all of this carefully, and the chance of being scammed goes down considerably.

Keep the most valuable items within your hand reach

No matter how certain you are that you will not fall victim to a moving scam in Brooklyn, it is important to keep some things by your side. Your most valuable items, such as jewelry, money, credit cards, important documents, passports, etc. must always be within your hand reach. Even the best of movers can have accidents and lose some of your items. So, make sure that your most important documents, and of course, money, are never in a moving box inside the moving truck.

What should you do in case your movers turn out to be scammers?

If you have already chosen a moving company, and they just disappeared with your belongings, you need to react fast. As soon as you notice that something is wrong with the moving company, we suggest that you call the local police. Also, you need to write a complaint to the moving company, and leave a negative report on the Better Business Bureau platform. There is also an agency called that you can contact immediately. Whatever you do, remember to remain calm and never pursue the scammers on your own.

Signing a Contract with Reliable Movers
Make sure you read everything thoroughly before signing a contract!

We hope our guide will help you with recognizing a moving scam in Brooklyn. If you remain alert, do your research well, and be attentive, there’s really nothing to be afraid of – you’ll find the right local movers Brooklyn in no time!

7 Tips for Moving Safely During COVID 19

Covid 19 is something that nobody expected to happen in 2020. Hitting and breaking our daily routine and lives as an asteroid, this will be a year to remember even though we would like to forget and delete it as soon as possible. Moving is not an easy job generally, but moving during the time of pandemic is making things much more difficult. However, life is going on, and we need to adjust to new situations that are coming across. If you are planning relocation during this time, carry on reading to find 7 tips for moving safely during Covid-19.

Choose your moving company wisely

Moving Safely During Covid 19 - Movers With Masks

COVID 19 is spreading very fast, and taking all precautions is the number one priority in these times. Guidelines and restrictions vary from state to state. For that reason, check with the moving company which measures they are taking to stop the spreading of the virus and do not compromise you, your family, and their employees.

Buy all supplies at once for moving safely during COVID 19

When it comes to providing all the essential supplies you need for a move, buying online is one of the best choices during this time. Also, you can write on the list of all supplies that you need (bubble wrap, packing paper, moving boxes Brooklyn, tape) and buy them at once to avoid unnecessary exposure in crowded places. One small tip, COVID 19 may survive on cardboard boxes. Therefore, you should buy new boxes or use those that you already have at your home.

Clean as you pack

Moving is the perfect way to separate items you want to keep from the stuff you do not need anymore. One more advantage in this pandemic time is that you will need to clean and disinfect all your furniture, electronics, etc. which you will carry with you. For sanitizing and disinfection, you may use products as:

  • Alcohol-based wipes and sprays which contain at least 70% alcohol to disinfect touch screens, remote and other electronics.
  • Using a detergent or soap may help you to disinfect your furniture and another surface in the house.

Finish packing at least 24h before moving

One of the serious reasons why COVID 19 is too complicated is because of the way it transmissions. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus may stay a long time on the surface. Some researches show the virus can remain up to 72 hours on stainless steel or plastic and 24 hours on cardboard boxes. Thereby, when starting to pack your belongings wash your hands often and finish with packing at least 24h before movers come to pick up your stuff. Indeed they will be wearing gloves, but it is never enough precaution in these situations.

Provide hygiene products for your movers

Hygiene Products for Moving Safely During Covid 19

Support your movers to follow necessary protocols to stay healthy and safe during a move, be sure to provide them hygiene products that they can use when packing your belongings in the truck. Place hand sanitizer on the door they will enter or leaving through, as well as an accessible bathroom where they can wash their hands with soap and dry with a reusable paper towel next to the sink.

Feeling symptoms before movers arrive

If you feel sick or some of your family members have Covid symptoms like fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty of breathing, the new loss of taste or smell, nausea, or vomiting, inform your Brooklyn movers immediately. Every agency has its own rules for cancelation. Most contracts are non-binding, which means you are not under any agreement with a moving agency, and there is no need to pay any penalty but to make thing clear, check about the cancelation period with your agency before hiring them.

If you need to travel to another place, take all measures of precaution to move safely

After COVID 19 outbreak in March 2020 and the chaos that these pandemic caused, everything is trying to go back to normal now, but the situation is still not safe. If you need to travel to another town, state, or country during COVID 19, first, you should check about all guidelines and regulations for that particular area. When visiting the CDC website, you will find health departments in all 50 states showing all details of what is required to reach the land and how many cases they had in the last 7 Days. In some countries, a negative PCR test and 14 days of quarantine are necessary if you want to enter the country. However, before leaving your home, take with you a face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, and wash your hands as often as possible.

A quick reminder about the pandemic

What is COVID 19?

During this pandemic time, it is nearly impossible that someone didn’t hear for covid 19, but yet here are more details about it.

According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) is one infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. COVID 19 is not the first coronavirus in the group, but it is slightly different from others because the virus circulates among both animals and humans, which makes transmission easier.

The COVID 19 spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes near other persons. For that reason, social distancing is one of the most crucial methods of defense against COVID 19.

The best preventive, social distancing?

Social distancing or physical distancing is one of the most recommended preventive methods especially for moving safely during COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains social distancing as:

  • Avoiding mass gathering and crowded areas
  • Stay 6 feet (about two arms lengths) from other people
  • Some people without symptoms may spread the virus. Be aware of, especially if you are one with a higher risk of getting very sick.

What do you need to protect yourself from COVID 19?

Hand Sanitizer

One of the most recommended items which may use to protect yourself is a face mask and gloves. Washing your hands often and implementing social distancing will help to keep yourself and others safe and healthy during the travel to your new place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Moving is not something that you do every day, so it is only natural that you want to do it in the best way possible. There are dozens of questions that pop up to you every day even before you begin with the preparations. This is exactly why we have created this simple guide on frequently asked questions about moving, that will help you relocate stress-free. The most important thing when relocating is to be organized and to learn as much as you can about the process itself. And everything will become much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

1. Should you hire movers for your relocation?

The first question that most people ask is whether or not to hire movers for their relocation. The truth is that only you can answer this question based on your individual needs. There are several factors that can influence your decision. A small, local move usually does not require professional help. If possible, you can ask your friends to help you with the relocation. On the other hand, a long-distance move can be nearly impossible to pull off without the pros. So, we highly recommend that you hire long distance movers Brooklyn to assist you with such a task.

Two Movers Carrying Cardboard Boxes Down the Stairs

2. How to find reputable movers?

If you decided to hire professional movers, you have a task to find reputable movers who will make your relocation easier. It is very important to avoid rogue movers, especially nowadays when they have all the resources available to deceive you. Here is how you can make sure your movers are worthy of hiring:

  • Recommendation – Ask your friends and family members who have recently moved for a recommendation. This is definitely one of the safest ways to find a good moving company.
  • Check their USDOT number – Ask your moving company to provide you with the USDOT number. You will use this number to find out more about your movers on the FMCSA site, and check if they have a license.
  • Compare several moving companies – In order to make sure that you will receive great service at an affordable price, you should compare at least 5 moving companies.

3. Should you tip your movers?

Tipping movers has become a common practice after the relocation has been successful. Of course, you are not obliged in any way to tip them. If you want to tip your movers, they will certainly be grateful. The average amount of money for tipping is $5 an hour per mover for a local move. And for a long-distance move, you should tip your movers between $6 and $8 per hour.

One of the Frequently Asked Questions About Moving is Should You Tip Your Movers

4. What types of moving insurance are there?

When you are about to relocate all of your belongings it is extremely important that you have moving insurance. In this way, you will be compensated if any of the items get lost or damaged by your movers. Here are the moving insurance types you can choose from:

  • Released value protection – With this type of moving insurance, you will receive approximately 0.60 cents per pound for any item lost or damaged. Of course, this is not much, and we do not recommend it for more expensive items.
  • Full value protection – In this case, you would get compensation equal to the current marketplace value of the item. You need to contact your moving company and ask them how much is the premium that you need to pay upfront for this moving insurance.
  • Items worth more than $100 per pound – You need to declare if you have such items before the relocation begins. If you do not do this, the moving company can reserve the right not to compensate you. The insurance policy is a bit different in this case, but all you need to do is to talk directly to your movers.

Signing a Moving Insurance

5. How can you save money on your relocation?

You have probably heard already that it costs way too much to relocate. And it is partly true, a relocation can certainly cost a lot, depending on the size and distance. However, there are a lot of ways in which you can save money during the process, and decrease the final bill.-

  • Packing supplies – Find free moving boxes at the Craigslist platform, or at your office. Use your old blankets, towels, and newspaper as protection instead of moving blankets, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Find all of your bags and suitcases and use them for packing, and pay extra attention when packing fragile items.
  • Get your friends to help you – Packing, loading, and unloading items can be done with the help of your friends easily. Just make sure that they will show up when agreed.
  • Only relocate the items you actually use – Get rid of all the items that you haven`t used in a while, it will significantly reduce your moving costs.

6. What to do with items you don`t want to relocate?

Think of moving as a perfect opportunity to get rid of everything you don`t need anymore. Clothes, kitchen appliances, old furniture, coffee mugs, etc. If you don`t like it, don`t use it, or if it does not function anymore, you should not relocate it. Here is what you can do with these items:

  • Donate – There are numerous charities where you can donate old furniture before you move. You will make someone happy, and you will feel better as well.
  • Sell – You can sell your items online, or make a garage sale. Whichever suits your needs best. Who would have thought that you could earn some money as well while relocating?
  • Throw away – Never feel guilty or sorry when you are about to throw the items away. They have served their purpose.

Organize a Garage Sale before You Hire Movers

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions when moving. Take each day at a time, and focus only on the things you can control. There is no need to worry, overthink, or stress out because things always work out in the end. Feel free to contact us for moving quotes Brooklyn anytime and, of course, good luck!

Relocate your family long-distance with ease

We are all well aware of all the difficulties moving brings. But it makes sense that some types of relocation are just more complicated than others. And long-distance moving is certainly both stressful and difficult. Especially if you are trying to move with your entire family. Long distance movers Brooklyn is who people usually turn to in situations such as this one. However, you can relocate your family long-distance more easily if you try to follow some of our simple tips and tricks. Hopefully, by doing so you’ll make the relocation process easier for both you and your entire family. So let’s see what you can do in order to prepare for this adventure!
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