Top Moving Destinations for Foodies

Delicious and savory, food does make people happy. That is why you should choose to move to a city in which you can enjoy divine recipes and taste only the best. We will present you with the top moving destinations for foodies that we know you will love. If you are moving to a different country or a city it is vital that you start with the preparations on time, so that you can enjoy culture, food and everything else your destination has to offer. Hiring reliable movers, throwing a goodbye party, canceling your membership at the gym should all be on your moving away checklist.

San Francisco

San Francisco Moving Destination for Foodies

San Francisco is one of the cities with rich cuisine that will leave you breathless. Your taste buddies can enjoy themselves at the restaurants with Micheline stars, or at street food vendors, as everything here is so flavorful. In San Francisco, you can really have it all, as here the Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Japanese food is made by skillful chefs that know what they are doing. San Francisco is also using all the local ingredients for its cuisine. Everything comes from the farms nearby, and there is a movement called the farm-to-table movement.

New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans

If you decided to move to Orleans, take the word diet out of your dictionary. You will be amazed by the food here, and enjoy yourself every step of the way. Creole and Cajun cuisines are the most popular in New Orleans. If you were wondering whose cuisines are these, they are actually a mixture of African, French, Spanish, and Italian cuisines. Jambalaya, gumbo, and beignets are waiting for you to taste them. The great thing is that there are affordable restaurants all over the city so that you can enjoy them every day. Eateries, creperies, and coffee shops are waiting for you in New Orleans.


Chicago Moving Destination for Foodies

In Chicago, there is a variety of different foods that locals like to eat, but three meals stand out. Those are steak, pizza, and a hot dog. If you love these, moving to Chicago will be an excellent experience as they make them fantastic. Pizza usually comes with a thick crust that can withstand all the toppings that you can imagine. Locals do not like a simple hot dog, they enjoy placing pickles, peppers, salt, tomatoes, and onions on it. It is quite different than a regular hot dog with mustard, you can agree. If you move to Chicago, you must try the Italian beef sandwich invented by one of the Italian immigrants that will make you ask for another serving.

Los Angeles

Relocation to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is also one of the top moving destinations for foodies. You will eat the best sushi you have ever tasted, as well as the most delicious Mexican food. Los Angeles also prides on having state-of-the-art breweries. If you move to California and you are a beer lover, you will find everything that you like here and taste something new as well. The city of Angels will not disappoint you when it comes to food, although the restaurants tend to be pricier than usual. However, there are good chances that you will eat next to a celebrity, as restaurants are that good.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is the city in which you can taste the most delicious food and pair it with equally tasteful wine. California is known as the country of wine, and Napa Valley is no different. Ask for a wine recommendation that you will have with your dinner, and enjoy the rest of your life here. Once you move to Napa Valley, you will never want to leave. Chicken, ribs, pasta, steaks, and everything that you can imagine turn into an explosion of flavors when paired with the appropriate wine.

And if you move somewhere between March and May, or August to October, you will avoid the tourist season and have a couple of months to enjoy Napa Valley without the crowds.

Charleston, South Carolina

Bridge in Charleston

If you need to move to Charleston, you will be really happy to hear that the food here is truly divine. Anything from eggrolls, chicken ribs, oysters, coffee, wine, beer will delight you and charm you so that you simply cannot stop eating. This place prides in rich local cuisine and they even offer food tours. For around $65 you can go on a two-and-a-half-hour tour where they will show you what are the best places for dining. On this tour, you will have some free food and beverages that are not alcoholic.



Moving to Portland is the right choice for food lovers. Portlanders use fresh, local ingredients on an everyday basis to make their dishes even tastier. The culinary scene of Portland can be explored for days and months, so we recommend that you take the food tour again as they are available here. Additionally, there are beer tours, as there are more than a dozen breweries throughout the city. There are over 600 food trucks all over the city, so you will have plenty of dishes to try and enjoy.

Also, Portland prides on having the best Spanish, French, and Mexican dishes, and judging by the satisfied customers, it is true. While living in Portland, make sure to start your day with the best local coffee, and you can finish it with a drink every now and then.

Move stress-free

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events in our lives. If we have not moved so far, we tend to become anxious and not to enjoy the experience. When you start with the preparations on time and just go with the flow sometimes, you find out that moving is not that stressful. We have seen the top moving destinations for foodies, and if you are moving to any of these cities we know that you will have an excellent time trying different food each day. Remember to have fun and explore different food options in your destination city.


Where to Donate Old Furniture Before You Move?

Moving is the time of revision of all the items that you own. From the smallest sentimental clutter to the largest items such as furniture and appliances, it is important to decide what to do with them. When you are preparing for a move, you are faced with an inevitable question about what to do with unwanted items and old furniture. If it is not broken, stained or torn you can donate old furniture to charity. Most of the time they will come and assess the condition of the items and arrange a free pick-up. And you will do a good deed before you move elsewhere.

Why should you donate furniture?

There are dozens of charities where you can donate furniture and almost as much good causes for which they are working. Helping homeless people, addicts, the military, and unemployed people is truly remarkable. So, as we already mentioned doing a good deed is truly the main purpose of the donation. And all you have to do is make a few phone calls. Furthermore, when you donate the furniture to a charity you can have the money deducted from your tax at the end of the year. Plus, you won`t have to pay for moving heavy items, which significantly improves your finances.


Goodwill Donation Center

With more than 3000 stores across the U.S., there are pretty big chances that there is a store of theirs near your home. Once you donate your old furniture to Goodwill they sell it and use the money for educating people. If you make a donation to Goodwill, you will help fund employment training and new job opportunities. Last year alone they funded trainings of over 240,000 people. They accept old furniture, but also dishes, cars, electronics, and accessories.

Habitat for Humanity

If you want to help in building new homes for people in need, Habitat for Humanity is the right organization where you should donate your old furniture. They will come and pick up the furniture for free, as well. Habitat for Humanity resells the furniture and other items such as building materials, accessories, appliances, cars, and motorcycles and builds new homes or repair the old ones. You can find them in 50 countries across the U.S, so this is a great opportunity to help build someone`s new home.

Pick up Please

This organization accepts the donation of many items, except large furniture. If you want to donate smaller pieces of furniture such as nightstands, chairs or similar, they are an excellent choice. Their mission is to help Vietnam Veterans of America. If you are not sure whether they can accept your furniture always call beforehand to confirm. If everything is alright, within 24 hours someone will come to pick up all the items that you have prepared. They will leave you a receipt for a tax deduction as well.

Furniture Banks

Furniture Banks is the association that helps people in need have proper furniture. Immigrants, unemployed people, people that work but are poor, or the homeless are all groups that this association is helping every day. They offer free pick-up as well. If you have furniture that is in good condition but will not fit into the interior of your new house, donate it to Furniture Banks. It will go directly into the hands of people in need. Helping others by donating is the most beautiful thing that you can do before the move. It will help ease the moving stress because you will know that you made someone happy.

The Arc

The Arc is continuously helping people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. With a free pick-up option, they will sell your old furniture in their stores and use the money to help people in need. They also accept donations in clothing, shoes, electronics, kitchen appliances, books, and other things. If you choose to make a donation to any of these nonprofit organizations, make a phone call and ask what do they accept. You can even choose to donate different items to different organizations to support various causes.

Homeless shelters

Homeless Shelter

Are there any of the homeless shelters near your home? Donating to homeless shelters is very noble and let us say necessary. Go online and check whether there is a shelter near you and see if they will accept your items. They usually sell the items that are donated in order to provide for food, shelter, shower and other things for the homeless.

Download the Nextdoor app

If you haven`t already, download this app and get in touch with your neighbors. Maybe some of your neighbors are in need and would like a new piece of furniture. You will be able to easily arrange for this donation as the app will connect you to people living in your immediate vicinity.

Theater organizations

Theatres often need different pieces of furniture in order to create the sets for their plays. And, since the money can be an issue more often than not, your donation would mean a lot to them. You can google amateur theatres in your area, and contact them. They would appreciate any piece of furniture. While they may not offer free-pickup for the items, you will know that you have helped culture grow even a little bit.

If the organizations do not accept the furniture that you have


Usually, non-functional pieces of furniture will not be accepted, or items with stains and odors. However, even if you cannot donate, there is no reason why you should not do a good deed. This is the situation in which you can go green, and support the planet. Take your furniture to the nearest recycling center and they will know how to deal with it.

Leaving furniture outside your home, or in some dumpster is not a viable solution. When there is a possibility to help someone or do the right thing, you should always opt for it. Whatever organization or charity that you choose, you will know that you helped someone in need.

Best Weekend Getaways from New York City

Thinking about the weekend, imagining oasis of time made for leisure, perfect to rewind, recoup and relax. If you are living in New York, chances are that your week is quite busy. Why not make the end of it special and start planning a trip?

Planning the upcoming mini-vacation might make your working days go smoother, as having something to look forward to will keep the spirits high. It has been proven that a balance between professional and private life is crucial to keep your mental health and productivity at a high level. So why not use your free time to get away physically along with mentally?

If you have a prolonged weekend and you don’t mind a short plane ride, destinations to visit across the USA and further are countless. You might want to explore some exotic areas like the Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii, or even go to another continent and head to Iceland (flight is 5 hours, 45 minutes).

For the time when your job schedule allows only a brief recovery, a quick change of scenery and a new surrounding, here are 5 destinations for your weekend getaway:

1. In the mood for city – Philadelphia

Weekend Getaway - Philadelphia

If you still want to remain in the urban surrounding, but you need some laid-back, slow pace energy and the charm of a small town, Philadelphia is the right place. The city that loves you back is famous for its history and quirkiness. Start with taking a stroll around the magnificent Old City, rich with eye-pleasing architecture and seductive flavors coming from numerous restaurants. Skip the public transport by renting a bike, and ride through one of the largest parks in the country, which is packed with public art like statues and historic houses.

Make sure not to miss famous Philadelphia cheesesteak (the city broke the world record for the world’s largest cheesesteak). For keeping the volume up, you will find a variety of entertainment at night hours, choosing between all music genres. Some clubs even serve food during early morning hours, so you can have a snack after dancing the night away.

How long it takes to get there by car: Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes

2. In the mood for nature & luxury – Mohonk mountain house

Weekend Getaway from New York City - Mohonk Mountain House

Hudson Valley’s most iconic resort offers a variety of activities all conveniently placed together. Surrounded by mesmerizing colors of nature, it’s ideal for a guided hiking tour, kayaking, swimming in the lake, or simply soaking in all the beauty and fresh air. If you are a foodie, you will be more than happy to know that here you will find farm-to-table cuisine. After the delicious meal, if you happen to crave a marvelous spa experience, an extravagant award-winning spa is just a step away.

If you are traveling with kids, Mohonk took care of it by providing a Complimentary kid’s club. For a luxury experience, rest your head in one of the Victorian era commodities, and in case you want to makes the whole experience feel even more lavishing- some Victorian rooms have a private wood-burning fireplace. Rest assure that amenities are up to date so that you can get the best of both worlds.

How long it takes to get there by car: Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes

3. In the mood for silence – Bedford

Friday night is finding you cozy in front of the fire-place in a quaint little town just a blink away from Manhattan. This place is known for welcoming celebrities when they want to retreat and enjoy all the perks that high-end hospitality has to offer. In addition to top-tier service, spoil yourself with haute cuisine at least for two days. Hidden in this rural and comforting surrounding, one of the finest upscale French cuisine restaurants is opening its doors to you. Gold standard dining, cracking sound of the fire, and a bit of quiet time are all that a busy New Yorker needs sometimes.

How long it takes to get there by car: Approximately 1 hour

4. In the mood for beach – Newport

Newport Beach

Historic ground with mansions and home to one of the oldest taverns in the country dating back to 1673., breathtaking 3.5-mile cliff walk, sailing boats in the distance, and delicious dish made from the local farm groceries are just a beginning of this wondrous place and it nautical vibes. Newport is sometimes referred to as The sailing capital of the world, and if you like to be active during the weekend, go ahead and engage in one of the water sports like sailing, surfing or paddle boarding. If your ideal weekend requires more resting, then warm sand of the beach and sea breeze will do just fine. Ready for a Monday morning with revived energy and sun-kissed cheeks.

How long it takes to get there by car: Approximately 3.5 hours

5. In the mood for mingling – The Hamptons

Any getaway list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning The Hamptons. One of the most popular vacation destinations, it’s known for attracting flocks of New Yorkers, including many celebrities. If you are in the mood for socializing and exclusive beaches, this will be just the right choice. It’s worth mentioning that parties here can easily last until the morning hours. However, don’t let the popularity of this place mislead you, as the famous getaway is way more than only parties with its rich with culture, entertainment, and sophisticated art scene.

How long it takes to get there by car: Approximately 1.5 hours

Here are some suggestions for inexpensive weekend getaways from New York City recommended by Dorothy and Martha movers NYC. Grab your bags, and enjoy the upcoming weekend!

8 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Unless we moved already in the past, we have so many questions that we want to ask before hiring a moving company. It is really important to know the details of the move and to find out everything that you want to know. Otherwise, you might end up hiring a fraudulent moving company, or a moving company that will charge you more than necessary. It is a great idea to compare the costs of at least three moving companies to get a clearer picture of how they function.

Hand Shaking

1. What type of moving insurance do they offer?

This is a very important question that you should ask your movers before hiring them. There are two types of moving insurance that they can offer you. Here they are:

Limited-value moving insurance – the limited-value moving insurance means that the moving company will pay you up to 60 cents per kilo for your damaged items. This type of insurance is typically free and most moving companies offer them. But, if you are moving costly items such as your new TV or a pool table, this compensation will not do you any good.

Full-value protection moving insurance – this is the type of insurance where you will have to pay for getting your items insured, but it is absolutely worth it. In this way, you will not have to worry about the items that have great value, as in case of an accident, you will be either fully reimbursed or get the same item from your moving company.

2. What is their USDOT number?

Ask your movers for the USDOT number of their moving agency. This is the way to find out whether your movers are licensed. You can easily check this information on the site of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If your movers are not licensed, find another moving company that is, as chances are they are either frauds or amateurs. Needless to say, you do not want such a moving company relocating your items.

3. What is their cancellation policy?

In the case that you will not be moving after all, or you will not be using the services of a certain moving company, you will have to cancel the move. But, before hiring a moving company, ask them what their cancellation policy is. It is typically free of charge to cancel two weeks before the move, but the cancellation fees increase as the moving day gets closer.

4. What is their physical address and can you meet them in person?

This is another thing that distinguishes professional moving companies and fraudulent ones. If you do not see a physical address on site, ask them what it is. Arrange for a meeting in person. If they say no, then you will be saving yourself from a potential scam. If they say yes, then you will have a perfect opportunity to ask them all of these questions face to face, which is always a great option.

5. Do they offer any discounts?

White Piggy Bank

Some moving companies will offer a discount based on a referral, so if you know someone who has moved with that moving company, it is worth of try. If there is any possibility to lower the expenses of your move, then you should go for it. Also, bear in mind that moving companies charge less if you are moving out of peak season which is from May to September. Working days and the middle of the month are also great days for moving at a lower cost, and if it is suitable for you, you should definitely move then.

6. What type of estimates do they offer?

This is a question that you need to know the answer to before hiring a moving company. The more options they offer, the better as then you are free to decide what suits your move the most. There are three basic types of moving cost estimates that you can choose from.

Calculate Your Moving Costs
The best moving company in Brooklyn will not hesitate to give you a precise estimate

Non-binding estimate – this type of estimate is just an estimate which does not guarantee that you will pay a certain amount of money for the weight of your items. The cost is estimated based on the weight, but if the weight is bigger than originally stated, you will pay the full amount. This is the type of estimate that you should avoid unless you do not have a lot of items to move.

Binding estimate – this is a better solution. In case that the weight is higher you will only pay for the shipping services, for example. However, in case that the weight is smaller, you will still pay the original amount.

Binding not-to-exceed estimate – if you have less items than originally estimated, you will not have to pay the full price of estimated cost. If your items weigh more, you will not have to pay for that. But, in case you want to add a few items on a moving day, you will need to make a new type of estimate on spot.

7. Who will handle the unpacking and other after-move services in your destination country?

Ask your movers whether they have representatives in the country that you are moving to. It is important to know whether the same company or the subcontractor will perform unpacking, furniture assembling, and other services. Once you find out who the subcontractor is, you will be able to find out whether they are reliable as well.

8. What additional fees do they have?

Again, it is important to know whether you will be charged extra and in exactly which situations. Furthermore, you should ask them to write everything clearly in the written form, so that you have everything you need in writing. Additional fees are usually charged when there is no elevator in the building or when there is no parking space in front of your home so the items have to be carried longer than necessary.


How to deal with homesickness after moving?

Moving away from your home, usually leaving your parents and friends behind is not an easy thing to do. There are various reasons why people move, and the most common ones are definitely going away for college, better job opportunities or moving in with your significant other. Whatever the reason may be, you are perfectly allowed to feel homesickness and eventually overcome it. The older people get the more they think that they should not even feel homesick, but it is very important to deal with it.

Homesickness After Moving

Recognize homesickness

Homesickness usually does not hit you on the very first day or weeks after the move. On the contrary, months can go by in your new surrounding without you feeling down and missing your old home. There is a good explanation for this, and it is that everything is so new to you and you simply do not have time to relax and monitor your emotions up close. You focus on the events of tomorrow. However, when you start feeling anxious almost all the time, or sad without any specific reason and have a feeling that you are missing something, you are feeling homesick.

Homesickness can come in different forms as we have seen, and it is important to recognize it and deal with it in peaceful surroundings.

Do not try to ignore it

The more we resist a feeling that we have, the more it comes back to haunt us. Or at least it seems that way. If you are feeling down, one way of dealing with it is to let yourself feel down for a moment. Accept that you are feeling homesick and just take it all in. After we accept something, it always gets better because it was not that bad in the first place. Our minds can make us believe that the situation is much worse than it actually is.

Remind yourself of why you are here in the first place

When we start thinking about our old home, our friends, and family, there is a good chance that people regret making the move at all. But, do not worry, this is absolutely normal. If you start doubting yourself and your decisions, just remind yourself why you came here. Before the move, you made so many plans for your new life and you wanted it more than anything. So, take a deep breath and start remembering all the things that you wanted to do when you move. You will soon feel much better and calmer.

Do not idealize your old life

A Woman Looking Through Window

When you start idealizing your old life, tell yourself to stop. There is no ideal life in all of its forms. What now seems like a perfect life was a life where you also felt anxious sometimes, or down. People may seem friendlier to you at your old place, and the things were a lot easier, but the truth is, it all depends on your point of view. In time, you will feel secure and positive about your new life, and you can achieve this by not idealizing your old life and focusing on the present and future ahead of you.

Go out

We cannot stress this enough. One of the best ways to deal with nostalgia is to go out and make new memories. You are a tourist in your new place, which means that you have countless places to visit. Museums, coffee shops, art galleries, parks, cinemas, restaurants, and countless events are waiting for you. Do not stay inside your house any longer than you need to sleep and eat. Immerse yourself into your new environment, and soon it will become familiar to you just like at your old home.

Make new friends

Two Women Drink Coffee

This is easier said than done, of course. People may feel shy, or simply not in the mood for making new friends. However, if you are up to, making new friends will help you deal with homesickness and nostalgia and overcome it faster. Call the people that you know and ask them for a cup of coffee. They can introduce you to some of their friends, and once this begins it never stops. You will meet new people, go to different places and create new memories that you will cherish. Also, use the meeting apps to meet people with the same preferences as you.

Stay connected to your old life

One of the reasons why people feel homesickness is because they think that their old way of living is over. While in a way that is true, remember that you can always go and visit your friends and family. The world has become so much smaller with countless discounts, cheap flight tickets, buses, trains and there is no reason why you should not come and visit. Also, video calls and texting have become an integral part of our life and they are perfect for dealing with homesickness. After all, your dearests are healthy and happy and able to Skype.

Create new routines to overcome homesickness

When you start looking forward to the next day in your new place without looking back to your old life with sadness, it is over. And the best way to achieve this is to make new small routines that will make you feel like you are at home. It does not have to be anything big; the simplest things are always the most effective. Pick out a day for buying groceries; find your new favorite coffee place where you will drink coffee in the morning. Try to enjoy as much as you can in the little things that every new day has to offer.

There is absolutely no reason why you should deny, avoid or ignore feeling homesickness. It is only after you recognized it and pushed through it that it will diminish and eventually go away. Take each day as it comes, and make new memories as often as possible. Dorothy and Martha movers wish you good luck!

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